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Rose and Eleven
This is a list of my master lists of my Doctor Who stories that appear in my livejournal account. I am working on updating this to create a complete listing.

Guardians of the Universe Series

The Blonde Girl Master List
Title: The Blonde Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: All it took to change the universe was one little alteration to the time line of Rose Tyler when she was eleven years old.  Confronted with a shape changing alien preying on children, Rose meets a remarkable man who calls himself the Doctor. Suddenly her childhood is full of adventure, aliens and lots of running that will change the course of her life. Three full adventures. First in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Defender of the Earth Master List
Title: Defender of the Earth
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: Sequel to The Blonde Girl. Rose Tyler has survived three alien encounters before her sixteenth birthday, but with UNIT knocking at her door will she make it through what is ahead of her? Guest starring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Doctor/Rose romance will start in this story. Second in the Guardians of the Universe series.

The Companion Connection Master List
Title: The Companion Connection
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Lethbridge-Stewart and others.
Summary: Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth and Star Knight has saved the world and the universe enough times to impress even the Doctor.  Now she is a student at Cambridge, but with UNIT on campus and alien plots around the corner, her adventures have only just begun. Thirteen full episodes. Third in the Guardians of the Universe Series.

Time and the Trickster Master List
Title: Time and the Trickster
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: In Progress
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Alister Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith and others.
Summary: Sequel to The Companion Connection. Rose Tyler is the Defender of Earth in her own right and the girlfriend of the Doctor in a temporally complicated relationship. Now with her second year at university starting she knows that life isn't going to be calm or easy, but even Rose has no idea what is in store. Thirteen adventures and fourth in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Legacy of the Bad Wolf Series

Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master List
Title: Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf First Story
Characters: Doctor/Rose, John Smith/Rose Tyler, Martha Jone, Timothy
Summary: Rose Tyler has been living in her alternate world for five years until she encounters the weeping angels who send her back to November 1, 1913. The thing Rose doesn't know is that she is now before the split of the universes and that a certain human John Smith is only miles away with dangerous aliens on his trail.

Survivors of Gallifrey Master List
Title: Survivors of Gallifrey
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf Second Story
Characters: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Saxon Master and Timothy
Summary: Sequel of Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink. The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Timothy Latimer continue their travels together in the TARDIS, but something is looming over the horizon. An old enemy will rise and threaten the fragile life the Doctor and Rose had rebuilt. Retelling of Utopia, Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lord with Rose and Timothy.

Timey Wimey.... Stuff Series

To the Past From the Future Master List
Title: To the Past From the Future
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: First in the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and Torchwood
Summary: Picks up right after Martha leaves the TARDIS as the Doctor prepares to leave Earth someone very special walks into the TARDIS to change his life and future. In the future the Doctor and Rose seek her younger self in the alternate world. Rose/Ten reunion and family story.

Sugar Rush: All Ages
Halloween with the Doctor, Rose and their family both in the past and the future. Fluff alert

Building Blocks: All Ages
The Doctor just loves these little toys. Officially part of the Timey Wimey. Stuff series, but it can be read alone.

Twin Time: All Ages
A look at the future and present of the twins Alex and Abby with their parents. Family time with Rose/Doctor. Part of the Timey Wimey series.

Human Holidays Master List
Title: Human Holidays
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler and others
Summary:The Christmas Special of the Timey Wimey Stuff series. Rose and the Doctor celebrate Christmas at different points in their lives together.

Since We're Here Master List
Title: Since We're Here
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tegan Jovanka, Tenth Doctor, Fifth Doctor and Turlough
Summary: An encounter between the Tenth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor leaves the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Tegan babysitting a four-year-old Time Lord by the name of Sammy.

Multi-Chapter Stories

The Doctor's Secret Army Master List
Title: The Doctor's Secret Army
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: What if Wilf had kept a hidden webcam and Rose was able to join the others in their planning. Will it be enough to save the Earth and the Doctor. Fix it story for Journey's End.

Wolf Signal Master List
Title: Wolf Signal
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Jenny, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Gwen and Ianto
Summary: Jenny has crashed on a distant planet while on her adventures and has crossed paths with a very odd woman who fell from the night sky without injury. Rose Tyler has enjoyed a long human life with her husband John Noble, but on her death bed something happens that offers her another chance at another life.

Unexpected Girl Master List
Title: Unexpected Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: All Ages
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Donna, Jack, Martha, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: Post Doomsday. The Doctor meets an odd girl in an alien marketplace, but she isn't who he was expecting. She does however hold the key to the Doctor's entire future.

One Shots

Don't Imagine: All Ages
"The Doctor didn't want to imagine the feel of her lips against his, something he had only felt once in this body if you counted Cassandra. He didn't want to guess how many times his other self felt her kiss every day."

Going to Have to Hurt: All Ages
There would come a day when he didn't turn to look for her every time he stepped into the TARDIS. There would be a day when he didn't reach for her hand when he started to run. There would be a day when he didn't look for her when he heard his name.

Series of Moments: All Ages
The story of Rose and the Doctor is a series of moments that wove together to form a journey. Rose/Ten reunion

Gallifrey: All Ages
The universe called her Gallifrey, but the Time Lords called her home. Written before End of Time.

Ten: All Ages
"Really I'm Rose Tyler," Rose lowered her hand and softened her smile, "I just wanted to meet you and say thank you Martha Jones." A late celebration, but hey it's time travel.

Should Have Kissed Him: All Ages
Rose knew she should have kissed him, but maybe she'll get another shot at it.

Surprising Phone Call: All Ages
The day is January 17, 2008 and Martha Jones phones up the Doctor, but isn't the one who answers the phone. Rose/Ten fun with lots of room for your imagination.

Do You Really Think?: All Ages
The Bad Wolf thinks of the Doctor after Doomsday and smiles.

There They Will Be: All Ages
The Doctor and Rose will be there for each other, even if the time lines cross for them to do it. Serious tissue warning.

Hands Off the Blonde: All Ages
Rose has a new tee shirt, compliments of Jack Harkness. Could be either Nine or Ten.

Time and the Trickster Chapter 57
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Bride of the Silver Lord: Suspicions

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Here’s another chapter, thanks for all the support and your great reviews. I’ll keep updating as often as I can.

Rose barely held back a yawn, rolling her tense shoulders as she looked up at the arrival board. Ace’s flight from New York was running a little late due to a delay in their takeoff, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Sipping at a bottle of water, Rose dug out another migraine pill and quickly swallowed it.  She moved away from the people moving through the arrival terminal and found a seat where she could keep an eye on the board.  The gate wasn’t too far away so she’d be able to get there in plenty of time, even if Ace was in first class.

Lowering her head slightly, Rose rubbed at the side of her face in an attempt to ease the constant headache that’d she’d been fighting with lately. She’d gone to see a neurologist despite Richard’s insistence that it was only stress, but the doctor had agreed with her fiancé.  At least he’d given her some despite pills that made her feel normal most of the time, but Rose couldn’t understand why the headaches were getting worse. At this rate she was starting to worry about her ability to function at her own wedding. She’d barely been able to eat anything for dinner before heading off the airport, at least her mum hadn’t noticed or had chalked it up to wedding nerves or something.

An announcement that mentioned Ace’s flight number made Rose look up sharply. The board changed right before her eyes and despite the pain in her head, Rose grinned and climbed to her feet. She double checked that she had her shoulder bag before she wove her way through the people. The gate fed into the large main section with a long line of metal railings to separate passengers and the crowd. Already a crowd was gathering with drivers holding signs and kids straining over the rail. Rose found a spot near the middle where she could see the first passengers departing.

Dorothy McShane, better known as Ace sighed in relief as she stepped out of the plane and into the gate area. She loved travel, but years of traveling in the TARDIS had definitely spoiled her and made airplanes feel slow in comparison. She chuckled softly as she tightened her grip on the bag slung over her shoulder, at least turbulence didn’t bother her due to how often the TARDIS got thrown around. Still, she didn’t understand why Tegan had even wanted to make a living flying on the damned things. As she rounded the corner, Ace shook her head, still amazed that little Rose Tyler was getting married and wondering how she had misread things so badly when Roe came to visit last summer.

The brown haired woman was tired after the long flight despite having come in first class, but a wide smile took over her face when she spotted Rose waiting.  Pulling her rolling bag after her, Ace quickly moved around the railings that blocked passengers from waiting family, friends or drivers.  Rose rocked on her feet with an excited smile of her own and moved down the railings to meet Ace at the opening. Ace kept one hand on her bag, but accepted an eager hug from Rose.

“Hi there kiddo,” Ace greeted warmly, ignoring the strands of Rose’s blonde hair in her face.

“Hey Ace,” Rose greeted in return. “Thanks for coming.”

“You’re getting married,” Ace replied as Rose let go of her and stepped back. “How could I not come for your wedding.”

Rose noticed an odd look on Ace’s face as the older woman glanced over her. “You’ve lost weight,” Ace observed with a  slight frown.

Nodding, Rose shrugged. “Just some muscle,” she explained. “I’ve been busy with the wedding and I’ve been having migraines lately.”

“Migraines?” Ace repeated with a hint of alarm. “All of a sudden?”

“There was this alien at Richard’s office the day he asked me to marry him. We think it’s just a residual side effect.”

“That’s a pretty serious side effect,” Ace complained sharply as she followed Rose towards the main doors, talking loudly over the crowds packing Heathrow.

“I’m fine,” Rose promised loudly.

“So is the Doctor coming?” Ace asked once they stepped outside into the cold night air. “Does he know you’re getting married?”

“Probably,” Rose replied with a shrug as she dug out her keys and started heading for her jeep. “He always seems to know what’s going on. But I’m not expecting him. My phone was destroyed so I haven’t heard from him.” Rose frowned and added, “And I haven’t heard from Eve either because of that. I know I can’t call her because of the phone, but I’m a bit surprised I haven’t gotten a letter from her.”

The statement made Ace frown slightly. She’d heard enough about Rose’s adventures to know that the Doctor tended to drop after her superphone was destroyed to replace it, in fact it was something that had fueled Ace’s suspicions. She’d heard about Eve’s letters as well and it didn’t sound like Rose’s old friend to stay out of contact when such a major event in Rose’s life was happening.

As they walked through the airport, Ace stopped when she heard an almost familiar grinding noise and a breeze blew through the terminal. Looking around, Ace waited for the TADIS to appear before realizing that the grinding was too harsh and almost pained. Rose hadn’t noticed and had pulled ahead of her. Ace’s frown deepened as the grinding and slight breeze vanished. Shaking her head, she quickened her pace to catch up with Rose and caught a few of Rose’s words about the upcoming wedding, but Ace couldn’t focus on it as questions started nagging at her.

The drive into town was quiet with Ace fighting to stay awake. She hadn’t slept much the day before in preparation for switching back to London time. It wasn’t that late, but if she went to bed at a reasonable time she’d been switched over come morning. But as they hit the city limits of London proper and turned towards Ealing, she couldn’t take the silence anymore.

“So Rose, tell me about Richard,” Ace suggested with a wide smile.

“Uh… I told you all about him when I let you know I was engaged,” Rose replied giving Ace a glance out of the corner of her eye.

“I know, but more details,” Ace pressed. “Come on, it’s just us girls.”

“Okay… so what do you want to know?” Rose questioned slowly, blinking her eyes.

“What do you like best about him?” Ace asked, trying to draw out some more information.

Flashes of different smiles went through Rose’s head at the question. “His smiles,” she answered with a grin before shaking her head and correcting herself. “I mean his smile. Although he does have a couple. There’s his I’m brilliant smile, his I love you smile, his I’m about to do something utterly mad smile, his you’re brilliant and wonderful smile…”

Ace found herself smiling at Rose’s cheerfulness and let Rose go on for a few more moments before asking a new question. “What drives you crazy about him?”


“I mean any habits you don’t like?” Ace clarified, leaning back so she could watch Rose’s face.

“Well it depends…” Again Rose experiences some strange images that made no sense to her running through her head. “It would probably be that he can be a bit harsh in his views. They’re different from mine in some weird ways,” she said slowly, a frown creeping over her face. “Sometimes he can be really closed to counter arguments… but later on he’s better at listening to me.”

“You mean now he’s better at listening to you, right?” Ace asked, surprised by the odd word choice.

“Yeah,” Rose agreed with a nod. “That’s what I meant.”

Ace frowned, watching Rose as the girl blinked rapidly, fighting off a headache and trying to stay focused on the road. Normally she’d have suggested that Rose pulled over and let her takeover to be safe, but between her own exhaustion and the sudden spinning of worry in her head it never crossed her mind. Instead, Ace fought the urge to keep asking questions or call Ian and find out what Rose had told him. She supposed that with it being summer, the male Chesterton probably had seen much of Rose. But as far as Ace knew he was the only one of the companions who had shared her suspicions.

They turned onto Bannerman Road, Rose giving a small sigh of relief and Ace straightening up slightly in her seat as Rose’s home came into view. She looked over at Sarah Jane’s house, noting that a few lights were on, but quickly decided that talking to Sarah Jane could wait.

“Oh Sharon and Shireen are here,” Rose noted as she pulled into the drive next to a small blue car. “Or at least Shireen is.”

“Great,” Ace cheered, smirking slightly. Maybe she could get some answers. “Why are they here?”

“Probably going over details with Mum,” Rose responded with a shrug. “They’ve been around a lot lately.” She grinned at Ace. “I’m wondering if they’re worried I’ll forget them once I marry Richard and move in with him.”

“Right… you’re still living with you Mum,” Ace said slowly as she climbed out of the car. “Rather traditional isn’t it.”

“Mum was pregnant with me when she married Dad,” Rose explained as she opened the back and retrieved Ace’s suitcase and Ace grabbed her shoulder bag. “She gave heavy hints that we should avoid that.”

“Do you want kids?” Ace asked and Rose stopped.

“I don’t think we can,” Rose answered with a frown. “I’m pretty sure that Richard has mentioned something… genetically incompatible.”

“Genetically incompatible?” Ace repeated as Rose headed for the front door. “But- you’re both human. If he had a genetic disease that he didn’t want to pass on that would be one thing, but genetically incompatible?!”

Rose shrugged and reached for the doorknob only to have Sharon pulled it open with a forced smile.

“Hi Rose,” Sharon greeted, looking past Rose to Ace. “Welcome back to London Ace.”

“Good to see you,” Ace answered with a nod as Sharon stepped to the side to let them into the house.

“Mum around?” Rose asked as she set Ace’s suitcase down.

“Already in bed,” Sharon replied, nodding towards the stairs. “Rita Anne’s been in bed for a couple of hours. Kept complaining about all the wedding prep being exhausting and needing rest.”

“She’s old,” Rose answered with a huff. “And I do want to her rested up for the wedding.”

“Rita-Anne still seems unhappy with the marriage,” Sharon offered, glancing quickly towards Ace.

“That’s just her being upset that Mickey and I didn’t end up together,” Rose replied as she headed for the living room where Shireen was sitting with stacks of paper and an open laptop.

Ace watched as Rose hugged her two friends and both girls quickly greeted her. They seemed very on edge and uncomfortable around Rose which made her more concerned.

“Mickey isn’t happy either,” Shireen added with a shake of her head. “But he has finally rsvped.”

“I don’t know what his problem is,” Rose huffed as she sank into an armchair. “Richard protected me from the blast that almost killed mickey.”

“Yeah, but it was the Doctor who saved Mickey. I guess Mickey just always expected-” Sharon started to say.

“Anyway, we’ve got the final guest list sorted and the table assignments done now,” Shireen said quickly, cutting Sharon off.

“Oh you two are saints,” Rose cheered with a wide smile as she accepted the papers from Shireen. “Honestly, I can’t focus enough right now for this stuff so thank you.”

“What are friends for but to help you plan your wedding,” Shireen replied with a forced smile. “Or to help you escape it.”

Rose chuckled and shook her head just before there was a knock on the door. Jumping up, Rose walked past Ace towards the front door leaving Ace, Sharon and Shireen all watching each other. The door opened down the hall and a moment later they heard Rose’s voice.

“Richard? What are you doing here so late?”

Sharon and Shireen both flinched and tensed up making Ace narrow her eyes.

“You left this at my place,” a smooth male voice answered. “I wasn’t sure if it was important.”

“My notebook,” Rose sighed. “I was wondering. It has a bunch of my notes. I think we have everything written down elsewhere by now, but thank you. I just don’t know where my mind has been lately.”

“Of course sweetheart,” Richard answered and there was a pause that made Sharon and Shireen both make faces, leading ace to assume they were kissing. “Sorry if I interrupted something.”

“No trouble,” Rose rushed to assure him. “I just got back from picking up my friend Ace from the airport. Come on and meet her.”

Sharon and Shireen both jumped to their feet and Ace straightened up in response as Rose reentered the living room with her fiancé.

Richard Becket was a tall, attractive man with bright blue eyes and a charming smile. As his eyes moved to Sharon and Shireen, his smile turned to a smirk behind Rose’s back which made Ace narrow her eyes slightly. But as he turned to Ace, his charming smile was back. He wrapped one arm around Rose’s waist and held his free hand out towards her.

“Richard Becket,” he greeted warmly. “I’ve heard a lot about you Ace. I’m so glad that you’ll be able to attend our wedding.”

“I’d never miss Rose’s wedding,” Ace replied smoothly, calling on all her experiences running A Charitable Earth to stay calm and present a charming smile of her own.

Richard held her hand a moment too long and gripped it a little too tightly before finally letting it go.  Looking down at Rose, Richard asked her about her day and how the dress fitting went, seemingly completely at ease.

Sharon straightened up as she noticed the frown on Ace’s face deepen. The older woman’s brown eyes were cold and flashing with suspicion, a sight that made Sharon want to cheer loudly. It was only the Silver Lord’s presence that stopped her from grabbing Shireen and Ace and vanishing around the corner to plot against him. Instead, Sharon kept a forced smile on her face and noticed Shireen glancing hopefully towards Ace.

Finally Richard kissed Rose, a sight that made Sharon squirm, and said his goodnights to Rose’s three friends.  Rose followed him to the door to see him off and Ace shook her head. Sitting down on the sofa, Ace reached for her wine glass, her frown replaced with a thoughtful expression.

“What is it?” Shireen asked gently, sitting down in the nearby overstuffed chair that was Jackie’s favorite.

“He’s just…” Ace shook her head and made a force laugh that was almost painful to hear. “I just thought Rose was… never mind.”

“Dating the Doctor?” Sharon asked, stepping closer to Ace and sitting down next to her. “Rose told us that you hinted your suspicions last summer.”

“Yeah,” Ace agreed carefully as she looked at the two young women. “It was silly, but I did think she was involved with him. Ian did as well, I haven’t talked with him since before Rose said she was engaged. I guess we’re both feeling a bit silly now.”

Shireen glanced towards the front door, listening to it close. Leaning towards Ace, she whispered in a rush. “Except that you were right, Rose was dating the Doctor. The Tenth incarnation to be exact until this guy did something to her mind.”

“He’s the Silver Lord,” Sharon added, glancing frantically towards the living room doorway. “He planted mind control into Rose’s head at Sarah Jane’s wedding and has been building on it every time they’ve met since. Now he’s got control of her.”

“He told us himself that he’s going this to get back at the Guardians and he’s allied with the Trickster-” Shireen informed Ace as they listened to Rose pick up Ace’s suitcase from the entry and start to carry it upstairs.

“Someone who hates the Doctor and met Rose before,” Sharon cut in to explain quickly.

“We don’t know what to do,” Shireen whispered as Rose began to descend the staircase. “We’re out of our depth. At first we didn’t want to risk triggering mental damage to Rose, but now just fighting the compulsions he put in her head is causing blackouts and bad migraines.”

“And we don’t’ know what will happen if she does marry him,” Sharon added.

“And we can’t get ahold of the Doctor or the other people who could help. Astra isn’t answering her phone,” Shireen continued.

“And Rose’s superphone with the TARDIS number and Captain Jack’s number was destroyed the day he did this,” Sharon finished in whispered rush just before Rose moved into the doorway.

She gave her friends a tried smile, not noticing Ace schooling her features into a neutral mask.

“You look exhausted kiddo,” Ace commented as she stood up from the sofa with a wide smile. “I think it’s time for you to get to bed.”

“But-” Rose protested as her eyes swept over them.

“But nothing,” Ace huffed, moving around the coffee table. “We’re your friends Rose, we don’t need you to play hostess. In fact I’m staying with you to help remember. Otherwise I’d be in a hotel like the others will be. The girls and I will just cover review a few details and call it a night.”  Ace took Rose’s arm and steered her towards the staircase. “Now go on and get some rest. I’ll kick Sharon and Shireen out myself,” Ace added with a wink.

Nodding weakly, Rose gave Ace a small smile and started climbing up the stairs. Ace remained at the bottom of the staircase until she heard Rose’s bedroom door close. Spinning around, Ace marched back into the living room and loomed over Sharon and Shireen.

“Tell me everything, from the beginning this time.”

Time and the Trickster Chapter 56
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Six: Bride of the Silver Lord: Chips

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I know I’m evil, but I’m giving you a fast update! I’m just replicating the really evil series finals that we got in the RT Davis era.

The long white wedding dress fit Rose beautifully, highlighting her toned curves while still appearing ladylike. It took all of Sharon’s self-control not to remark that the embroidery that Rose had chosen it for was TARDIS blue.  She stayed silent as Rose turned to the seamstress and thanked for finishing the alternations on such a tight schedule.  Pulling out her phone, Sharon scrolled down to Astra’s number and tried calling the girl again. There was only a few days left till Rose married the Silver Lord in disguise, but all attempts to contact Astra had failed.

“These headaches are going to kill me,” Rose muttered as she moved towards the changing room, rubbing her forehead.  “You know that I haven’t even been able to have sex with Richard since we got engaged because of them?”

That news made Sharon perk up and she barely contained a grin. “Really?” she asked, trying to sound sympathetic.

“Yeah,” Rose groaned as Sharon closed the changing room door behind them and started gently undoing the back of Rose’s dress. “I mean we’ve tried a few times, but I nearly black out from the headaches. The doctors don’t know what’s going on. The migraine pills don’t seem to be doing any good.”

“Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something,” Sharon offered, leaning forward eagerly. She gasped softly as the diamond ring on Rose’s hand flashed in the light and Rose stiffened.

“It’s just nerves,” Rose replied a moment later in a tense pained voice. “That’s all, it will all be fine once we’re married. Just four days to go.”

“Yeah,” Sharon muttered as she stared at the ring. “Just four days to go.”

She hung up the dress as Rose changed into back into her street clothes. The temptation to rip up the dress or damage it just a little more was nearly painful, but Sharon resisted. So far all attempts to remind Rose that something was wrong had failed, but the fear of Rose ejecting her and Shireen from her life stayed their hand when it came to more drastic measures.  If they weren’t nearby, they couldn’t help her at all.

“Let’s go and get some chips,” Rose said with a grin as she turned back around and looked at the wedding dress. Her smile dimmed for a moment and Rose blinked her eyes as her body tensed up. In the last month and a half, Sharon had come to recognize this as a sign that Rose was experiencing more pain. As a medical student it bothered her profoundly, but Shireen had suggested that it was Rose’s mind fighting against whatever compulsions that the Silver Lord had shoved into her head.

“Chips sound great,” Sharon replied gently with a forced smile, slowly taking her hand off the wedding dress. “When do the companions arrive?”

“Ace gets here tonight,” Rose nearly cheered, “Jo’s having to take a long series of weird transportation so she’d not supposed to get here until the night before. Tegan, the Jacksons, Mel and Victoria all come in at various times tomorrow.” Rose chuckled and shook her head. “It’s a good thing we could do this today, I’m going to be at Heathrow at lot tomorrow.”

“Pity they couldn’t just use the TARDIS,” Sharon suggested, watching Rose’s reaction carefully.

Rose teased up again, but nodded in agreement. “And too bad your superphone was destroyed,” Sharon added with a soft sigh. “Then the Doctor could have come.”

“What to give me away?” Rose asked playfully, but her tone was pained. “Mum was so pleased when I asked her. Otherwise I probably would have asked Ian or Benton.”

“Yeah,” Sharon replied weakly as they stepped out of the changing room.

The attendant moved past them to recover the dress and Rose watched as the wedding dress was carefully wrapped in a protective cover. Stepping forward, Sharon took it from thee attendant with a smile and headed for the door, leaving Rose to finish up with the attendant.  There was puddle outside just past the curb and Sharon had to force herself not to toss the wedding dress in the puddle. Given it was wrapped in plastic, she probably could have gotten away with dipping it in the puddle, but instead she unlocked Rose’s jeep and hung the dress up in the back.  With a sigh, Sharon studied the dress as it hung mocking her. It really was a nice dress and the color of the embroidered beads would have been perfect under other circumstances.

Rose came out of the dress shop a few moments later, talking on the new mobile phone she’d purchased two days after her engagement. Sharon thought this might have been the longest period Rose had ever gone without a superphone, but the Doctor was nowhere to be seen. With a  grin, Rose hung up the phone and slipped it into the pocket of her jeans.

“Shireen’s going to meet us for chips,” Rose informed Sharon cheerfully as she walked to the driver’s side door. She stopped when she was the dress hanging in the back and a strange expression crossed her face. “This is really happening,” Rose breathed before shaking her head. “I didn’t figure I’d get married so young.”

“I figured you wouldn’t get married unless you dated the guy for years,” Sharon said, trying to sound like she was teased even as she sought to poke at the Silver Lord’s control.

Rose climbed into the jeep and Sharon rushed to climb into the passenger’s seat.

“It feels like I’ve known Richard for years,” Rose assured her, a wide smile replacing the pervious odd expression. “And Sarah Jane and Ian didn’t date the long before they married.”

“Yeah, but they didn’t feel the need for any secrets,” Sharon pointed out, her anger rising. “How have the others taken the mysterious boyfriend thing?”

“Oh Jo had no problems with it,” Rose replied with a shrug as she pulled out in traffic. “After all, she ran off and married a guy she’d only just met and that’s worked great for them. The others were a bit hurt I never told them, but…” Rose trailed off with a shrug and turned on some music, ending the conversation.

Slumping in her seat, Sharon tried to think of something else they could do. She felt over her head and the constant worry about Rose’s health wasn’t helping things.  Shireen was worrying about the impact having her brain hacked would have on Rose even if they saved her from this and Sharon had to admit it was a valid concern to.  Out of the corner of her eye, Sharon checked Rose over. Her friend had lost some weight which Sharon didn’t think she could afford to loss. Rose was as trim as ever, keeping up her kickboxing training for exercise, but there was a gauntness creeping into her face.  For once, she’d hold off the teasing about Rose’s chip obsession.

The silence in the jeep felt oppressive to Sharon, but Rose just hummed softly to the music, completely aware of it. Sharon had to wonder what else the Silver Lord had ‘hacked’ in her friends’ brain. If anything Rose had always been the most observant and socially aware of the three of them. Finally, the pulled off the main road and parked the jeep down the street from Rose’s favorite chip shop in the area. Climbing out of the passenger seat, Sharon glanced around as a large bus pulled up to the curb. Shireen stepped off the bus a few moments later, spotting them quickly and giving them a tired wave.  She looked exhausted by happy with her bun of brown hair beginning to fall around her face.

“Hi Shireen,” Rose greeted, walking to meet the other girl halfway and giving her a hug. “You look beat.”

“I am,” Shireen agreed with a forced smile. “But this internship is good for school,” she glanced over at Sharon. “You’re working on getting an internship right? Medical school requires it.”

“I am,” Sharon promised calmly. “I’ve been thinking about sending a message to Benton’s office. I can’t imagine UNIT usually takes interns, but maybe they’d make an exception.”

“Given that you both are probably on the recruitment list, they probably would,” Rose offered with a bright smile. She grabbed their hands and tugged them towards the door of the chip shop. She didn’t notice Sharon and Shireen exchanging a glance behind her. Rose released their hands so she could pull open the door, sending a strong burst of chip smell in the faces.

“Gorgeous,” Rose sighed happily before vanishing inside.

“I’m sorry you had to do the wedding dress solo,” Shireen apologized quickly.

“I want to dunk the thing in mud,” Sharon growled.

A strange grinding sound echoed around them as the wind kicked up. Sharon and Shireen glanced around hopefully, but the wheezing tone was slow and sluggish. It sounded like metal grinding on metal, like gears slipping in and out of place.

“Is that-” Sharon started to ask, but the noise died down just as quickly as it had started. There was nothing new around them, certainly not the TARDIS.

“No,” Shireen sighed, her shoulders slumping. “I guess not.”

“Come on you two!” Rose called as she opened the door and gave them an impatient look. “Or I won’t save you any!”

Exchanging another look, Sharon and Shireen followed Rose into the small chip shop. It was noisy with the employees behind the counter talking loudly to each other over the hiss of the cooking oil. The front of the store had a small collection of tables, about half of which had people sitting there.

“Our timing is perfect,” Rose declared as they moved up to the counter. “They’ve started fresh batches for the lunch rush, but we’ve beaten them.”

“Nice to see her chip thing hasn’t changed,” Sharon muttered under the breath to Shireen.

Chuckling, Shireen nodded in agreement, hanging back with Sharon as Rose placed an order for all three of them and paid for the chips.  They didn’t have to wait more than a minute before a steaming basket lined with paper with a small cup of vinegar was slid over the counter to Rose’s waiting hands. Turning to face them, Rose grinned and led them over to a small table in the corner where they crowded around over the basket of chips.

“So how was the dress fitting?” Shireen asked calmly with a friendly smile.

“It’s look great,” Rose replied cheerfully. “I really love the embroidery, it makes it stand out.” Rose shrugged, “You know me, I was never too interested in the whole white wedding thing, but Mum would kill me if we tried to elope. And then Jo and Barbara would kill me.”   

“The embroidery is blue right,” Shireen pressed, “Did you pick it because its like the color of the TARDIS?”

Rose laughed, but then shrugged. “I like blue,” she said simply. “But the TARDIS may be part of the reason I like that shade of blue. You’re the one studying psychology, you tell me what that means,” Rose teased.

“So…” Sharon asked slowly. “Any other wedding news?”

“You two are my maids of honor, you know everything I know.” Rose huffed, “Of course that may change as soon as I get home. Mum is on super wedding mode. It makes me glad that we picked the same building Sarah Jane got married in, it limits how many people she can talk us into.”

“How bad is the guest list?” Shireen asked.

“Not bad, it’s mostly the companions and the people Richard and I know from UNIT plus you two.” Rose shook her head, “Given how Sarah Jane’s wedding went, I really don’t expect my wedding to occur smoothly.”

“Alien body snatchers,” Sharon suggested with a laugh. “No, wait, a ship landing right outside to ask for directions.”

“Or the return of Thane,” Rose sighed dramatically, “With the Judoon on his heels.” Rose paused and frowned, “Something is going to happen, I just know it.” Her frown deepened, “Things have felt… off lately, I don’t know what it is. Mum says it’s just nerves. It doesn’t feel like cold feet or anything like that, there’s just this sense…” Rose flinched slightly and closed her eyes as a spike of pain when through her head. “I probably just need a get a good night’s sleep.”

Her expression softened and she was smiling widely again. Standing up, Rose excused herself to the loo and navigated smoothly around the clutter of tables. Sharon and Shireen were both silent for several moments.

“How’s she really doing?” Shireen asked in a low voice.

“Not good,” Sharon answered with a shake of her head. “She mentioned that she’d fainting from the migraines whenever Richard tries to be physical with her.”

“That’s both a relief and very worrying,” Shireen muttered with a shake of her head. “The Doctor is going to kill us.”

“What can we do?” Sharon hissed, sounding stressed and defeated. “Rose doesn’t remember the truth and we’re the only ones who know it. We can’t get ahold of Astra, there haven’t been any letters from Eve, the superphone has been destroyed so we can’t call the Doctor and none of the companions knew that Rose was really with the Doctor. She’s being impaled on her own secretive sword.”

“Speaking of sword,” Shireen mummed as she sat up a little straighter, “Is Rose’s sword still working?”

“Why?” Sharon asked, blinking in confusion.

“Well, if it wasn’t, that might prove to Rose that something in her head is different,” Shireen replied thoughtfully, slowly picking up a chip. “We just need to find a weak point in the armor and story he’s given her.”

“There’s nothing,” Sharon sighed, slumping in the booth. “You just saw the same thing I did. Whenever she starts to think like that, she suffers a headache and everything snaps back to how the Silver Lord wants it. She doesn’t even see this marriage as conflicting with any of her plans to protect Earth.”

“Of course not,” Shireen answered with a nod. “Richard is playing the perfect Prince Charming. He’s even got Jackie impressed and floating on air over him.”

“Wonder what she’d think of the Doctor?” Sharon asked with a shake of her head.

“Probably would depend on the body,” Shireen answered. “The Silver Lord’s got us in a corner; I’ll admit that, but come on. If being Rose’s friend has taught me anything, it’s that even when you’re caught in a corner there is always a window to dive through.”

“What are you thinking?” Sharon asked, a look of hope slowly dawning on her face.

“If Rose doesn’t have doubts then we’ll look to the companions, Ace gets here tonight so we go with Rose to pick her up. Rose said that she thought Ace suspected her relationship with the Doctor. If we can convince a few of them to help us then we have more ideas and maybe Rose will listen.”

“What about your worry about the damage it could do to her mind?” Sharon asked, leaning forward with a deep frown.

“I’m starting to get more worried about what will happen if Rose says I do.”

Chapter Fifty-Seven

Time and the Trickster Chapter 55
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Five: Dancing Lights: Maids of Honor

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Warning this episode is the first in the three episode season arc so there will be no shouting at me when this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Rose’s forced smile was beginning to ache as her mother gushed about wedding arrangements, where to buy her dress and what kind of flowers Rose wanted.  Jackie’s stream of thought was so fast that Rose couldn’t keep up with her.  All she’d gotten thus far was that Jackie wanted a serious celebration with all the traditions checked off and Rose had the distinct impression that she was looking to make up for her own rushed wedding.  Next to her, Richard had a lazy smile on his face and was holding her hand gently. Every time Jackie jumped topics with a sharp noise of delight, he squeezed Rose’s hand.

The pain in her head was lessening a little and she tried to relax fully.  Her mother’s reaction had been much… smoother than Rose had hoped for and she once again wondered why she had been so concerned about telling her.  Richard was handling her mum like a champion, guiding the conversation and politely answering all of her mother’s questions about his history and their dates.  Another twinge of pain made Rose tense up as she thought about their dates. There had been a picnic, somewhere very beautiful. It had been a garden, but she couldn’t remember the name of the park. Richard was sure to remember, Rose assured herself and she was just tired.

Breathing slowly, Rose leaned her head against Richard’s shoulder, ignoring the soft sound her mother made at the sight of them. Her thoughts turned to Sharon and Shireen who had reacted so strangely, they’d be here any moment. The thing was, Rose had a feeling that they had known about Richard so why the weird reaction?

Outside there was the sound of gravel flying in the drive. Smiling at her mother and Richard, Rose stood up and walked to the entrance hall. The door banged open before Rose even had time to grasp the knob revealing a flustered looking Sharon and Shireen.

“Hi girls,” Rose said a little uncomfortably.

“Rose,” Sharon greeted as her eyes swept over her friend. “What is going on?” she asked in a low voice. “Is this some kind of weird plan?”

Chuckling, Rose shook her head and stepped back to let her friends join her inside. Shireen came in first and glanced around, she tensed up when she saw Richard sitting in the living room.

“Let’s talk upstairs,” Shireen suggested giving Rose a wide smile.

She didn’t give Rose time to agree or disagree, grabbing her hand and tugging her firmly towards the stairs. Behind her, Sharon said a quick greeting to Jackie and gave the excuse of girl talk before rushing after them. Once they had Rose in her room, Shireen closed the door behind them and shared a worried expression with Sharon.

“Okay Rose,” Sharon asked slowly, “What is going on?”

“Look I get it,” Rose said gently, “This seems quick and a bit sudden, but Richard is great girls. He’s smart, charming and knows about my job with UNIT.”

“But Rose he’s not your boyfriend, he’s never been your boyfriend!” Sharon snapped with wide eyes.

“We just wanted to keep it quiet for awhile that’s all,” Rose huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Plus you know how weird the companions can be, I just wanted to be sure it was a serious first. But I told you two months ago about him.”

“You told us about meeting him,” Shireen replied with a  frown. “Rose honey, where is your phone?”

“My phone?” Rose repeated with a frown. “It got destroyed by an alien today at Richard’s lab. What does that have to do with anything anyway?”

Shireen’s frown deepened at the mention of the destroyed superphone and she shared a look with Sharon.  Stepping forward, Shireen met Rose’s eyes and took a deep breath. “Rose!” Shireen said carefully. “You haven’t been dating Richard; you’ve been dating the Doctor!”

“The Doctor,” Rose repeated slowly, raising an eyebrow.

“You remember the Doctor right?” Sharon asked, her eyes widening with a hint of panic.

Rose laughed and smiled warmly at her friends. “Of course I know who the Doctor is, but he’s just a friend. I mean sure he’s one of my best mates and he’s taught me so much, but I don’t understand why you’d think he was the guy I was dating.”

A giggle escaped Rose and she shook her head at her two friends. Shireen opened her mouth to say something, but a shout from Jackie made Rose hold her hand up to stop her friend.

“Sorry girls,” she apologized quickly. “Mum is a very odd mood now, I’d better go and protect my fiancé.” Rose stumbled over the word and shook her head. “That’s going to take some getting used to.” She beamed at them, “Of course you two will be my maids of honor!”

Sharon stuttered for something to say, but Rose turned and breezed out of her bedroom, leaving her two best friends standing stunned in the center of her room.

“Bloody hell,” Shireen growled, looking around the room. She stomped over to the bookshelves and began to search it, pushing things aside roughly in her haste.

“What are you looking for?” Sharon asked, walking over to join Shireen, but keeping her distance.

“Rose’s diary!” Shireen snapped before making a small cry of triumph as she picked up the leather volume with an embossed rose on the cover. “I know that she’s written about the Doctor in this. It’s there story after all.”

“Excellent,” Sharon sighed in relief, peering over Shireen’s shoulder as she opened the book.

Both gasped, the pages were blank. Flipping through it desperately, Shireen muttered to herself as they discovered that everything was gone from the diary.

“What the-” Shireen gasped just before Sharon pulled the book out of her hands and frantically turned the pages. “How is it blank?”

“He did something,” Sharon growled. “That bastard!”

Shireen bit her lip before digging into her pocket and pulling out her mobile. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she scrolled through her contacts.

“What are you doing?” Sharon asked, closing the diary and slipping it back onto the shelf.

“Astra,” Shireen answered as she raised the phone to her ear. “Maybe she can help.”

Sharon grinned and stepped closer to the phone so she could hear. It rang and rang before a voicemail picked up.

“Astra,” Shireen said urgently. “Something is going wrong. Rose just got engaged to some strange guy that she’s only mentioned a couple of times and her diary is blank. She doesn’t remember ever dating the Doctor. Call me!”

“Now what?” Sharon asked when Shireen put her mobile away. “I mean Astra’s phone still being around is good right, that means she hasn’t faded away.”

“I don’t know,” Shireen confessed, shifting nervously. “I don’t understand the complexity of time travel. I don’t know how long it would take her to fade away or if we’d still remember her if she did.”

“We probably wouldn’t,” Sharon answered with a frown. “How could we remember someone we never met.”

“So in theory Rose could have another kid that we have met and who has already faded away,” Shireen observed with a horrified expression.

“Calm down,” Sharon ordered even as she gulped herself. “Let’s not panic. Rule one is don’t panic.”

“Right,” Shireen agreed, taking in a deep breath. “So Rose remembers the Doctor, but her romantic experiences seen to have been… reassigned to Richard.”

“Who is probably the Silver Lord,” Sharon added, “Rose said that last time they met he did something to her head that bothered the Doctors and asked a lot of personal questions.”

“Gathering information which would let him pretend to be her boyfriend,” Shireen concluded. “After all, he can fool Rose with what he did to her brain, but he has to convince Jackie and the companions. They’re experienced and would notice if something was clearly wrong so he’s got to put on a show.”

Clapping at the doorway made both girls jump and spin to find Richard leaning against the doorframe of Rose’s room. He was smirking at them both, blue eyes sparkling with glee.

“I can see why Rose likes the two of you,” he observed lazily, not seeming at all concerned. “You’re quite clever. You may not run off saving the world on your own, but you’re both definitely clever.”

“What have you done to her?” Sharon demanded, taking step forward and glaring at him. “What happened today?”

“You think this has just started?” Richard asked, stepping closer to Sharon and Shireen. Both young woman stayed in position, refusing to back away which only made his smile widened. “I’ll give you a hint little girls. I planted the seed for this at Sarah Jane’s wedding.”

“But that was-”

“A year ago. It’s been there in her mind, at the very back. Hidden and subtle, giving me a way in and since then I’ve built on it each time.  The human mind fights so hard, but with patience and planning you can circumvent all the natural defenses.”

“Rose can fight you,” Shireen hissed.

“She is,” Richard agreed with a smirk. “She’s fighting me so hard, but it is causing her pain. Sooner or later the migraines will force her to stop poking at altered memories and feelings. She’s already accepted the alternations I’ve made.  As far as Rose Tyler knows, I’m her lover and she’s going to marry me.”

“The Doctor-”

“Ah yes the Doctor,” Richard intoned, “I was wondering how long it would take you to bring that up, but my dears I’m not in this alone. There are others who want to make sure that Rose Tyler never leaves Earth with that Time Lord, want to make sure that their precious little love story never comes to pass.” Richard grinned, his eyes gleaming and taking on a greater hint of silver. “There is a temporal field surrounding Earth that can and will keep the TARDIS out for about four months.”

“It won’t matter if she’s legally married to you,” Sharon argued, clenching her fists. “The Doctor will get Rose back!”

“Oh it will matter,” Richard teased. “Rose has already consented once and once she consents again then… well,” he shrugged and trailed off. “I don’t want to give away the surprise.”

“Consent…” Shireen frowned, “That sounds familiar.”

“It should,” Richard agreed, tilting his head. “He offered Rose a deal once before that she rudely turned down. Once someone gives him consent they are his.”

“We’ll stop this,” Sharon huffed, looking past Richard at Rose.

“Oh will you?” He teased, “I’ve been in Rose’s head three times Sharon. I’ve already changed it around so she connects her emotions for the Doctor to me instead. You should be worried about what else I put in there.” His expression darkened. “Migraines can be deadly, they are overload the brain and heightened the risk of strokes.” The Silver Lord stepped even closer to them, his eyes flashing dangerously. “This plan allows me to have some fun, punish the Guardians and the Trickster gets to torment the Doctor, but there are other ways to get what I want. I will rip her apart and I hold control of her mind.”

Both women were silent, her limbs heavy and their hearts pounding.

“The others will know,” Shireen whispered. “They’ll know something is wrong.”

“The companions who suspect Rose had a hidden boyfriend, they’re about to be proven right. Rose has hidden her relationship with the Doctor from them and the only other being on this planet that knows is the Xylock. He’s been ordered to never tell and the only person who can counter that order is Rose.” Richard glanced between the two of them and laughed. “Really girls, don’t make Rose lose her maids of honor because they are afraid the new husband will take her away from them. She’s values your friendship so very much.” He chuckled and brushed a speck of dust from the sleeve of his shirt.

Stepped back from them, Richard gave them one last smirk and winked before he strode back inside. Shireen darted after him, reaching the doorway just in time to see him pull Rose against him and snog her. Jackie chuckled in the background while Richard moved a hand down to squeeze Rose’s bum. Flinching back, Shireen shuddered and turned to Sharon who had a shocked and frightened expression on her face.

“What can we do?” Shireen asked, walking back to her friend.

“I don’t know,” Sharon admitted, wrapping her arms around herself. She looked up at the sky as the stars began to come out and swallowed. “I really don’t know.”

…..Coming Soon……

The long white wedding dress fit Rose beautifully, highlighting her toned curves while still appearing ladylike. It took all of Sharon’s self-control not to remark that the embroidery that Rose had chosen it for was TARDIS blue.  She stayed silent as Rose turned to the seamstress and thanked for finishing the alternations on such a tight schedule.  Pulling out her phone, Sharon scrolled down to Astra’s number and tried calling the girl again. There was only a few days left till Rose married the Silver Lord in disguise, but all attempts to contact Astra had failed.

“These headaches are going to kill me,” Rose muttered as she moved towards the changing room, rubbing her forehead.

Chapter Fifty-Six

Time and the Trickster Chapter 54
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Four: Dancing Lights: Good Tidings

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Hello everyone! I hope all my readers are doing well. I recently finished the first draft of my first novel manuscript so while I’m still working on finding a new job, I’m in a happy place. Enjoy the chapter and I’m hopeful that the season will be done by mid-May.

Rose blinked, but tried not to move as the UNIT doctor shined a light into her eye.  She was very tempted to point out to him that strange lights were the origin point of her symptoms, but kept her temper.  They were in the foyer of Richard’s office with Rose sitting on one of the reception area sofas and the doctor sitting on a table.  In the distance she could hear Richard speaking with Colonel Mace about what had happened. Grand scheme of things it had been very minor, Rose decided. There weren’t even any real signs that there had been a problem beyond the electrical surges that had ruined some equipment.

Doctor Griffin checked her reflexes by tapping her knee, making Rose sigh and looked over towards Richard.  Her mood improved as she spotted Lt. Colonel Frost walking over to her. The older woman smiled in greeting and nodded to the doctor to silently assure him a salute wasn’t needed.

“How are you feeling?” Elizabeth asked Rose gently, her eyes checking Rose over quickly.

“Fine,” Rose answered with a small shrug. “It seems to have passed. I’ve got a bit of headache still, but I feel fine.”

“Richard reported that you lost consciousness twice,” Elizabeth replied with a frown.

“Yeah,” Rose reached up behind her ear and pulled off her translator. “I’m wondering if my reaction has to do with crossed signals, making that beings energy was creating backlash in my brain.”

“If that is the case then you need an MRI,” the doctor interrupted with a frown. “I don’t see any problem with moving you.” He climbed to his feet and nodded to the Lt. Colonel. “I’ll call our hospital and schedule it.”

“I doubt that’s necessary,” Richard said as he walked up to them. “If Rose is right then exposing to an MRI machine might make things worse.”

Doctor Griffin, huffed and frowned at Richard, not persuaded by his charming smile. “Not checking her could lead to serious medical issues.”

“So could exposing her to more stimulus,” Richard countered smoothly, stepping closer to Rose. He sat down on the sofa next to her and gently took her hand, his thumb brushing the ring. “Let’s give Rose the night to rest and see how she is feeling. I’m leaning towards her theory being right and if that’s the case then letting the brain settle and return to normal levels of stimulus is a better idea.”

Doctor Griffin looked torn and turned his attention back to Rose. “Miss Tyler?”

Richard’s hand was warm and she glanced down at it. The diamond ring that was placed on her right hand ring finger glistened in the light. Her head still hurt, but it wasn’t as bad now.

“I really think I just need rest,” Rose told Doctor Griffin with a small smile. “I’ll keep you informed tonight and tomorrow.”

“Longer than that,” Griffin countered. “I want updates on your status at least every five hours for the next week.”

“Agreed,” Richard said quickly with a nod.

“And congratulations,” Doctor griffin added, looking down at the ring. “I wasn’t even aware you were seeing someone Miss Tyler.”

“Indeed,” Frost added with a  raised eyebrow. “There were rumors- but I wasn’t aware you two knew each other.”

“We kept it a secret,” Richard admitted with a smile. “If things didn’t work out we didn’t want to potential jeopardize our working relationship within UNIT.” Richard squeezed Rose’s hand and grinned at her. “Speaking of which sweetheart, I’ll take you home. It’ll be a good time for us to tell your mother and I can keep an eye on you for Doctor Griffin.”

“But my bike-”

“I’ll arrange it to be returned to your home,” Frost promised. “But after a potential head injury you absolutely shouldn’t be driving.” She gave Rose and nod and gestured for Doctor Griffin to follow her.

“It really is time that I met your mother,” Richard told Rose gently. “After all we’re going to be married soon.”

“Soon?” Rose questioned with a small frown.

“I don’t want to wait long,” Richard replied cheerfully. “How about August, that way we can be married and back from the honeymoon before you need to return to university.”

It was reasonable, Rose acknowledged. It only gave her the rest of June and July to plan, but it did make sense when it came to her schedule. Another jolt of pain made Rose inhale sharply and Richard instantly leaned closer.

“It’s alright sweetheart, it will pass soon,” he promised in a low voice before kissing her cheek. Standing up, Richard held out his hand to her. “UNIT can take it from here, I’ve had enough of the office today.”

Nodding, Rose took his hand and let him pull her up. Joining their fingers, Richard grinned and led Rose towards the main doors and outside to his car.

Staring up at her house, Rose took in a slow breath and tried to calm down. A sense of dread had settled in her stomach at the thought of speaking with her mother. Things were still tense between them and introducing her secret boy- fiancé probably wouldn’t help. Rose had a strange thought about her mother messing up timelines, but she quickly dismissed it since it made no sense.

“It will be fine sweetheart,” Richard promised from the driver’s seat, looking over at her with a smile.

“You don’t know my mother,” Rose grumbled as she unbuckled her seat belt.

“Most mothers would be thrilled by their daughter being home a millionaire inventor who already knows their daughter’s dark secrets and still wants to marry her home.”

Rose nearly flinched at the description and fought back the strange sense that something was very wrong. It was just nerves, she told herself as she climbed out of the car and waited for Richard to do the same.  He stayed by the car and straightened his shirt, rolling the sleeves down and rebuttoning them.

“Presentable?” he asked, looking at Rose.

“You’ll do,” Rose tried to tease back, but her voice was flat and the headache was returning. She was half considering telling Richard she needed to go to the UNIT medical hospital to escape this conversation, but told herself to stop being a coward.

Rose could hear the telly as she unlocked the door and stepped into the entrance. At least things were clean, she half sighed as she led Richard towards the television.  Jackie Tyler did a double take when Richard followed Rose inside and the dismissive look on her face vanished. She sat up a little straighter and set her plate on the table before jumping to her feet. Rose nearly sighed when her mother tried to straightened her blue tracksuit, but kept a small smile fixed to her face for Richard’s sake.

“Mum,” Rose started, ignoring the throbbing that was spreading through her head. “This is Richard Becket.” Rose gestured to Richard with her right hand and her mother gasped as the diamond ring caught the light.

“Rose!” Jackie gasped, surging forward faster than Rose had ever seen her move to capture her hand.

“Uh…” Rose trailed off uncertainly as her mother twisted her hand to study the ring. “Yeah, Richard proposed today,” Rose managed.

Jackie’s head shot up and she turned her attention to the man who was smiling next to Rose.

“How long have you two been dating?” Jackie demanded, a touch of hysteria in her voice.

“Since February,” Richard supplied smoothly. “We met through work.”

Jackie’s eyes widened even further and she repeated the word work, looking towards Rose who nodded.

“That’s why we didn’t make our relationship public,” Richard explained, wrapping an arm around Rose’s waist. “I had to verify that UNIT had no policies against non-military staff becoming involved with each other and then we didn’t want to make things awkward if it didn’t work out.”

“You’re engaged,” Jackie said slowly, looking at Rose. A smile broke over her face. “You’re engaged.”

Arms were thrown around Rose and she was nearly knocked back against the doorframe. She couldn’t make out her mother’s excited hysterics, but caught sight of Richard laughing with a wide smile. Then her mother suddenly released her and turned to hug Richard, startling him and making Rose laugh.

“Oh sit down,” Jackie told them when she released Richard. “We have so much to talk about! When are you thinking to have the wedding?”

“We’re hoping to be ready by mid-August,” Richard informed Jackie as he sat down on the sofa, tugging Rose do next to him. “That way we don’t interfere with Rose’s university program.”

Jackie nodded before sweeping her eyes over to Rose. “You’re not pregnant are you?”

“No!” Rose responded quickly, she felt the urge to add that it was impossible, but couldn’t remember why. Was Richard sterile? Was that were the thought that they weren’t genetically compatible had come from?

“Good,” Jackie replied with a huff of relief. “Trust me dear, it’s easier to avoid that when getting married.”

Rose nodded at the reminder of her parents own rush to the alter, but was still trying to understand her response.  Richard was completely calm and sat next to Rose, still holding her hand and calmly answering her mother’s questions.  Trying to calm down, Rose listened to Richard’s explanation of his rise as an inventor to having a firm of his own in London. For some reason the story was only vaguely familiar and Rose didn’t remember hearing it before. Her mother was listening with wide eager eyes, damn near drooling over Richard herself which oddly didn’t bother Rose much. She found it a bit irritating, but it wasn’t really bothersome.  Frowning, she felt another jolt of pain in her head and breathed slowly, trying to track the source.

There was a small knot near the middle of her skull that was sending out the little jolts of pain. It was weird, the pain was strongest when she was thinking about Richard, Rose realized with a small frown. He squeezed her hand and the pain eased as his thumb brushed over the back of her hand. Relaxing slightly, Rose forced a smile for her mother as she looked at Rose.

“I’m afraid that Rose and I have an exciting afternoon,” Richard explained with a charming smile to Jackie. “Rose hit her head,” he offered simply.

Biting her lip, Jackie glanced between them before seemingly coming to a decision. Turning to Rose, she asked, “Are you going to keep doing all that once you’re married.”

“Of course,” Rose replied without thinking about it and beside her Richard nodded.

“I don’t think Rose would be happy otherwise,” Richard told Jackie while turning to smile at Rose. “And I don’t know what Earth would do without its Defender.”

“But it’s not safe,” Jackie pressed Richard with a frown, clearly seeking him as an ally.

“Asking Rose to change that much would do more harm than good,” Richard countered. “She’ll be on Earth with us and able to call for backup when needed.”

Rose felt a weight around her neck, it was the TARDIS key. A memory of promising the Doctor to travel with him flew to the front of her mind. She’d have to talk with Richard, maybe they could work out a schedule for her to occasionally go off for a little while with the Doctor. Maybe the Doctor would even let him come along. The thought should have made her happy, but Rose felt a strange blend of emotions that were churning too quickly for her to properly identify and understand.

“We have so much to do,” her mother half sighed, but she was smiling widely. “Any idea where you want the wedding.”

“Didn’t you like the place where Sarah Jane got married?” Richard asked Rose. She couldn’t remember ever mentioning that, but she nodded. “Let see if they have an opening for us. You already know the layout just in case an alien tries to crash our wedding,” Richard joked. “And you’ll have to talk with all your friends, I know you’ll want them there.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed with a small nod, a feeling of doubt creeping up on her. “There’s a lot to do for August.”

Smiling at her, Richard squeezed her hand again, his thumb brushing her ring and the doubts vanished in an instant. Rose kissed him quickly, as a startling burst of affection for the man rushed through her. In the background she heard her mother coo happily and reached for her phone only to find it gone. She remembered her superphone blowing up and sighed.

“We’ll get you a new phone,” Richard promised. “But go on and call Sharon and Shireen, I know you want to.”

He had a strange smile on his face as Rose stood up and headed for the kitchen. Behind her, Rose heard her mother resume asking him all kinds of questions as she reached for the handset that her mother used for the house. As she dialed Shireen’s number, she heard Richard excuse himself and blinked in confusion when he headed upstairs rather using the ground floor loo. When her best friend answered the phone, Rose dismissed the thought and grinned.

“Hi Shireen, is Sharon with you?” Rose asked before her grin widened. “Great, speakerphone, I’ve got big news. I’ve been dating Richard Becket and he asked me to marry him today. I said yes.”

Rose flinched as two loud shouts of “WHAT?!” echoed through the phone and nearly made her drop it. Rose had barely recovered when Shireen informed her that they would be over within the hour and hung up leaving Rose holding the phone with a very confused expression.

Chapter Fifty-Five

Time and the Trickster Chapter 53
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Three: Dancing Lights: Big Questions

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Sorry this is late, I had a really busy week and weekend that made keeping a writing schedule really difficult. This is a shorter chapter, but the episode isn’t over yet. More to come soon.


A sudden crash from above and the lights overhead flickering out made them both look up in alarm as the ceiling began to glow with beams of multicolored lights.

Reaching forward, Richard grabbed her hand and pulled Rose sharply towards the stairs again.  The lights above them were flickering as they both rushed down the stairwell. Up ahead, the locking system by the door was sparking slightly, but Richard pulled out his key card and swiped it.  There was a high pitched whine, but it was followed by a loud click as the door unlocked.

“Thanks for that,” Richard muttered as he tugged open the door and gestured Rose inside.

They stumbled into the long stark corridors of the lower level science labs. Richard glanced around the corridor before pointing down the hallway.

“This way,” he told Rose, pulling her along behind him as he broke into a run.

Sliding to a halt, Richard caught Rose around the waist and pointed at the laboratory right next to them. He pushed her gently through the doorway before following her inside himself. Rose took in the lab quickly, noting the standard equipment held on metal shelves on two of the walls.  In the center was a long metal table that dominated the space. Normally it would have been covered with bits and pieces of machines, but today there was only a large open sphere with two halves linked together with an alien metal hinge.

“This is it?” Rose asked as she stepped closer and examined it.

The outside was a smooth metal shell with a few small lights on it that were dark. There were no markings that Rose could see, no identification or warning for the contents.  She felt a surge of irritation which helped to clear her headache and let her think more clearly.

“Any ideas for reserving this?” Rose questioned, giving Richard a sharp look.

“One,” Richard admitted as she unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and rolled it up to his elbows. “But it is a longshot.”

“Try,” Rose ordered as she glanced towards the door and wall that separted them from the corridor. Stalking over, she looked out into the corridor and then back at Richard. “What’s the plan?”

“Reverse the system that I think we activated when we scanned it,” Richard explained with a small shrug. “Like I said a longshot.”

Rose frowned, that sounded too simple, almost cartoony. Something wasn’t fitting properly, but she couldn’t put her finger on what the problem was. Instead just trying sent another jolt of pain through her head. She released a long slow breath to regain control and fight the pain. When they got out of this, she have to see the Doctor.

Shaking her head at the thought, Roe amended it quickly to a doctor. She was always happy to see her friend, but it wasn’t like he swung by for medical checkups. The idea was absurd and Rose snorted softly.  Glancing at Richard, Rose wondered if she should introduce them. The Doctor was a good friend and Richard was her boyfriend, but then again her other friends didn’t even known about them dating. Her mum who was always hinting Rose needed a boyfriend had no idea.

The smell of the air suddenly changed, pulling Rose sharply from her thoughts. Her skin tingled uncomfortably and she looked over at Richard to see him focused completely on the device in front of him.  Rose glanced out in the corridor, blinking and struggling to keep her eyes focused as the mass of lights moved towards them slowly. Behind her she could hear Richard cursing softly under his breath as he struggled with the device.

“It’s almost here,” Rose whispered, leaning back into the laboratory and glancing over her shoulder at him.

The sphere was laying open, blinking lights forming a semi-circle on its inner frames. Richard had pulled open a small hatch and was fiddling with a small bundle of wires. With side eyes he looked up at Rose and then towards the wall that separated them from the being.

“Sonic pen?” he whispered, holding out his hand.

Rose nodded, pulling it out and gently tossing it to him. A jolt of pain in her head nearly knocked her down, but she clutched at the doorframe and cautiously glanced out towards the being.  It had stopped in the middle of the corridor, not seeming to be bothered as the lights all around it flickered and sparked. Behind her, Rose heard the whirl of the sonic pen as Richard activated it.

The being howled, causing all the lights around it to exploded in a shower of sparks, metal and glass. Flinching back into the room, Rose looked back at Richard.

“That did something,” she shouted to be heard over the wail in the hall. It soon became unbearable and Rose covered her ears.

Falling back against the wall, Rose struggled to remain on her feet as she watched Richard stumble to the side of the room to grab ear protection. Slipping one over his own head, he tossed one to Rose before quickly moving back to the device.

The wall next to Rose began to glow with swirls of color. Pushing away from it, Rose stepped closer to Richard, her eyes darting between the wall and the device. Her boyfriend tugged another section open and rearranged a few cable. Rose frowned in confusion, not understanding his action, but hoping that he had some kind of a plan.  Her skin tingled and felt itchy as the being came closer, joining them in the lab as a wailing blast of color and white energy.

Someone grabbed her hand and tugged hard, pulling her off her feet and down onto her knees. Turning Rose saw Richard moving under the large metal table and followed him. A moment later there was a blinding flash of light and Richard pulled Rose against him. Her eyes slammed shut and her gripped his shoulders tightly as the air was knocked from her lungs.  The wailing grew louder and louder before everything went silent and still.

Opening her eyes slowly, Rose found the room colored red and realized with a sigh of relief that the emergency lighting was coming on. Carefully, she let go of Richard and slid out from underneath the table. Her legs were shaking slightly, but her stood up and looked around. On top of the table, the sphere had closed shut, reforming its original sphere shape.  Richard stood up next to her and carefully touch the sphere, watching as lights danced on the surface before fading away. Slowly, he pulled off his ear protection and Rose did the same.

“Well,” Richard huffed, “That wasn’t too bad.”

“Not compared to some,” Rose offered, tossing her ear protection on the table and taking her sonic pen from Richard’s hand. “At least this didn’t explode,” she remarked with a smile. “I doubt I could ever convince the Doctor to get me another.”

“Ah, he’s one of your best friends,” Richard teased with a widening smile. “I’m sure you could convince him, just use that big brown eyes of yours.”

“Those only work on you,” Rose replied, ignoring another spike of pain in her head.

Laughing, Richard pulled Rose against him and sealed his lips over hers. Rose groaned as the pain spiked in her head again which turned into a moan as Richard deepened the kiss. His hands explored her body, slipping under her shirt to caress her hip bone and massaging her neck gently.  Sighing, Rose pushed her body tighter against him only to shiver as another strange feeling went through her.

A moment later, Richard’s hands tangled in her hair, both of his thumbs resting above her ears. Her body tensed as she felt a strange push against her head, but it passed just as quickly and Richard nibbled at her lip, distracting her deliciously.  Her hands were at a loss of what to do, one tangling in his hair and the other reaching towards his neck, but settling uncertainly over his collar.  She had a feeling that he usually wore a tie, that sounded right and her fingers itched to grab it. Or was it a bow tie….. Rose’s head began to ache and she whimpered softly.

Richard pulled back, beaming at her and brushed back some hair from her face. “I still owe you dinner,” he told her.  He reached into his pocket and knelt down on one knee, bringing his hand up with a small black box. “But this feels like the right time to ask this question.”

“Oh my god,” Rose gasped as he opened the box, revealing a beautiful diamond ring that glistened in the red emergency lighting.

“Will you marry me?” Richard asked with a wide, but nervous smile. “I know we haven’t been dating that long, but I can’t fathom ever meeting someone as exciting, brilliant and fun as you. I want you with me always.”

Rose’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. It was difficult to breath, difficult to think as it felt like sparks were lighting off all over her brain.

“Sweetheart,” Richard called gently. “I sort of need an answer here.” The ring glinted in the light, almost glowing now with gentle pulses. “I promise that I’ll make you happy,” Richard told her. “We’ll have a good life together, working on alien technology. You’ll be the Defender of Earth and we’ll be happy.”

Something felt off, but Rose didn’t understand what it was. She stared at Richard, taking in his beautiful eyes, hopeful smile and great hair. He was intelligent, successful, knew all about her adventures with aliens and he loved her.  They were perfect together. Sure she hadn’t told her friends that she was seeing him and her mum didn’t know, but that had been her being silly.  Why hadn’t she wanted them to know? Why would she be ashamed or worried about dating Richard. He was… fantastic, that word sent a jolt of pain through Rose’s head making her flinch.

“Rose,” Richard cloaked, “Sweetheart, please say yes.”

She loved him. Rose knew that she loved him, she could feel the pulse of warmth, affection and nearly overwhelming joy that she had around him.  Her heart almost felt ready to explode from the feeling so why was it so hard.  Wetting her lips, Rose swallowed and looked into Richard’s eyes, ignoring the strange thought that they were the wrong shade of blue. She loved him and he loved her.

“Yes,” Rose managed to say around the headache. “Yes I’ll marry you.”

Richard gave Rose a blinding smile and slipped the ring onto her finger. The pain in her head suddenly eased and Rose took a deep shaky breath. Standing up, Richard wrapped his arms around her and sealed their lips together. With the headache easing, Rose relaxed against Richard, letting him deepen the kiss.  She barely noticed a lightheaded feeling creeping over her until her legs suddenly gave out. The last thing she felt was Richard catching her and hearing him say, “It’s alright sweetheart, I’ve got you now.”

Chapter Fifty-Four

Time and the Trickster Chapter 52
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-Two: Dancing Lights: Pain and Light

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Next chapter I hope you all enjoy and ….. don’t hurt me.


Lights danced across Rose’s eyes as she began to come back to herself.  The first thing she was aware of was the chill of the tiled floor against her cheek and the cold that was spreading through her body.  She was laying awkwardly sprawled on the floor and her muscles were aching. But the pounding in her head was the worst, causing the lights to flash brightly behind her closed lids and pulse like they were heartbeats.

Rose felt her body being shifted and the pain in her head increased for a moment before a warm hand brushed gently over her forehead. It felt familiar, comforting and so warm. There was a soft voice speaking quietly to her, in a low enough voice that her headache didn’t get any worse. She couldn’t put the words together just yet, but managed to focus on the fingers carding through her hair in long slow strokes.  A name tickled at the back of her mind, someone she cared about, but it wouldn’t come forward. That realization caused a bolt of fear to strike Rose’s heart and she jerked.

“Easy,” a worried voice warned her. “Move slowly.”

The source of the voice helped Rose roll over onto her back and ease herself up onto her elbows.  It was  a struggle to open her eyes, but she finally managed it. Rose looked up into dark blue eyes, wide with worry as the man leaned over her.  His hand drooped to her face and stroked her cheek gently. “Easy,” he said again gently, “God Rose you scared me half to death.” He shook his head and swallowed, “I was so worried that….”

“Richard,” Rose muttered as the name finally materialized on her tongue. “Your name is Richard.”

“Rose….” He trailed off even as he nodded, “Are you alright sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart?” Rose blinked at the term of endearment. It felt both right and awkward, but a sudden burst of pain in her head distracted Rose from the confusing thought.

“Rose!” Richard cried, helping her sit up and shifting an arm tightly around her waist. She released a small whimper of pain as her head pounded and felt herself being shifted into his lap.  Curling against his chest, Rose tried to burrow into the warmth of his body which caused the pain in her head to ease. “Sweetheart,” Richard mummed as he brought both of his arms around her. “What’s wrong?”

“My head,” Rose managed, “God I’ve got a headache.”

“Must be a side effect of the lights,” Richard explained gently. “I just tried calling UNIT again, but my phone isn’t working right. I think whatever is causing the lights is messing with the communications.”

Right, Rose remembered, Richard had called her over because of the lights and he couldn’t reach UNIT. She frowned and shifted in his arms, moving to stand.

“Just stay still for a bit longer,” Richard protested, tightening his arms and pulling Rose back against his chest.

“But-” Rose started to argue.

“Please,” Richard implored sharply before sighing and adding, “Rose you just froze up and then tumbled to the ground. You weren’t responsive for over five minutes. God sweetheart, I was-”

“I’m sorry,” Rose apologized quickly, dropped her eyes. “I’m sorry I sacred you.”

Richard sighed above her, loosening one of his arms and bringing his hand up to cup Rose’s cheek. He tilted her chin up and leaned forward. Rose’s entire body flinched as the pain in her head roared back full force, but Richard pressed his lips against hers.  She tensed, unable to move or breath. The warmth of his lips was wonderful against her chilled ones, his hand on her cheek was comforting and a sense of rightness was pushing forward in her body. But there was a twisting in her gut, a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Richard’s tongue darted out and licked at her lips before he nibbled on her bottom one quickly. Rose gasped slightly and that was all the opportunity Richard needed to sweep his tongue into her mouth. Moaning, he pulled her closer and angled her head to kiss her deeper. Rose shivered, shifting against Richard as another bolt of pain went through her head even as her body pressed closer to Richard. His fingers tangled in her hair, deepening the kiss and groaning into her mouth as his free hand caressed her back, squeezing her bum before shifting under her shirt. As his warm fingers massaged bare skin, Rose moaned and raised her hand to tangle her fingers in his brown hair. The texture surprised her, it felt different than she remembered from the last time she’d kissed him, but Richard pulled away from her lips. Gasping for air, Rose groaned as Richard peppered kisses along her neck and bit at the junction of her neck and shoulders.

“Richard,” she moaned only to have an even stronger flash of pain rush through her skull. All her pleasure vanished and Rose nearly collapsed on top of him, breathing hard and clutching her head.

“Sweetheart,” Richard called, shifting around her carefully. “Come on, let’s get you upstairs and away from the lights.”

“But they could be signs of aliens,” Rose reminded him sharply.

“And we’ll deal with it,” Richard promised as he helped Rose stand up, leaning her against him and tangling their fingers. “Together.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed even as she fought the urge to pull her hand away. Somehow it didn’t feel quite right.  “I think…” Rose trailed off. “I think there is something wrong with me.” Rose confessed, “Something feels wrong.”

“Wrong?” Richard questioned as he helped her into the lift and reclaimed his hand in order to press a button. The pain in Rose’s head eased with her hand free and she shifted it to avoid him retaking it, feeling a twitch of guilt. “What kind of wrong?”

“I’m not sure,” Rose admitted, “But it feels like I’ve forgotten something important, when I woke up, I couldn’t think of your name.”

“But you knew it was me,” Richard reminded her. “You don’t usually wake up that slowly with other people. You knew my touch.”

Rose blushed at the implications of the words and felt a rush of dread, which only confused her further.  This was her lover, her significant other… why did the idea of them being together seem so…. After all they had been snogging in the middle of a hallway, which upon reflection had a been a very dangerous and foolish thing to do.

“The lights knocked you out Rose,” Richard told her, “And they caused hallucinations with the staff. It makes sense that you’re disoriented.”

The lift seemed to be moving at a crawl and Rose leaned weakly against Richard as shivers still racked her body as she tried to think.  His explanation made perfect sense of course, but the feeling of wrongness remained.  She decided that it had to be the loss of normal communications and her hand went to her phone.

“We could use my superphone,” Rose suggested as the lift opened and Richard helped her out. She realized that they weren’t on the main floor, but had gone up a few levels more. Richard quickly unlocked his office and Rose stumbled inside, sinking into a large plush chair in front of Richard’s desk. Her eyes were drawn to a framed photo placed behind his desk on the credenza of the two of them smiling widely at the camera, his arms around her.  Frowning, Rose tried to remember when it was taken only to have another burst of pain go through her head.

“And call Benton,” Richard finished with a nod. He held out his hand for the phone and Rose hesitated only a moment before she handed the phone over.  A flash of pain went through her head and Rose closed her eyes, leaning forward and breathing deeply to ease the ache.  She heard a few small noises from her phone which seemed horribly loud.

Hearing Richard gasp, Rose looked up sharply to see the walls of the office beginning to glow with the strange beams of light. They flowed over the white walls and over the hung pictures like water, shining brightly and flashing with different colors. Standing slowly from her seat, Rose glanced back over at Richard her was staring at the light with a mixture of fear and awe.

Gasping softly, Rose watched as the streams of light shifted together, forming a small floating being of vague humanoid shape in the air before them. It was concentrated light with darker spaces where its eyes and mouth were located on the face.  Floating closer, the being released a soft cooing sound like a gentle song that floated on the air. Rose’s head felt heavy and her eyes were drawn to the multi-colored beams of light still dancing on the walls of Richard’s office.

“I’m not getting through to Benton,” Richard said softly behind Rose. “I think there is something wrong.”

The being turned towards Richard sharply and hissed, its song becoming a sharp ear piercing ring that made Rose cover her ears. Turning slightly, she looked back at him only to see the superphone spark and flash in his hand before crumbling to the ground in pieces.  Rose jumped away from the creature and the other electronics in the room began to spark and crumble as the screaming of the alien continued. Richard lunged forward, grabbing Rose’s hand and tugging her out of the room. He made a move towards the lift, but Roes came back to herself in time to pull him towards the stairs.

Behind them she heard the lift start to spark and creak as she shoved the heavy door open and they rushed into the concert stairwell. The chill in the space helped ease Rose’s headache and the adrenaline rush was letting her think more clearly.  Above their heads, the lights began to flicker before switching off. A moment later the emergency power kicked on.

“Richard, what were you working on?” Rose demanded as she heard him following her down the stairs.

“It was just an object from the vaults that had never been fully examined. A prototype for energy production since it was giving off subtle energy levels,” Richard informed Rose quickly. “They weren’t expecting any trouble with it.”

“And what did you do with it?” Rose asked, pulling open the door to the ground floor.

“X-rayed it to see what was inside. It looked like a sphere,” Richard explained quickly, “But it registered as hollow so we did an MRI yesterday to verify.  This morning they were just doing some other tests before I would let them open it.”

“Did you open it?” Rose questioned as they skidded to a halt in the main foyer and she turned to look at him.

“Yes,” Richard answered with a nod. “It was opened this morning, but the effects didn’t start for hours.”

“Any chance of getting downstairs to see it?” Rose asked before she quickly shook her head. “No, no we have to contact UNIT first.”

“The phones aren’t working and it just blew up your phone. I’m sorry about that,” Richard added with an apologetic smile.

“That’s alright,” Rose answered as she glanced back towards the stairwell. “It doesn’t seem to be following us.”

“Not yet at least,” Richard muttered.

“You should leave and try to get to a working phone,” Rose suggested quickly with a glance at the main doors. “Maybe I can communicate with it.”

“Did your translator pick up anything when it screamed?” Richard questioned with a frown.

“No, but I don’t think it was trying to communicate,” Rose informed him as she started moving towards the main doors. “Besides I think it was scared. If that being was in the item then it probably wasn’t expecting to wake up.”

“But Rose that thing could have been a prison, this thing could be a criminal. It could hurt you,” Richard argued. “Just come with me.”

“But it could go out into the city,” Rose reminded him as she glanced up when the lights began to flicker.

“We don’t know that walls will hold it here!” Richard retorted, reaching for Rose and grabbing her hand. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Rose felt both a chill and a burst of warmth at Richard’s touch, even as she head began to pound again. Richard moved forward and pressed his lips against Rose’s in a quick, but passionate kiss. When he broke the kiss, Richard stepped over to the main doors and put his hand on the push lever.

“Promise you’ll be careful,” he insisted, swallowing uncertainly.

“I will be,” Rose promised with a forced smile.

Nodding, Richard turned and pushed on the door, but it remained firmly in place. He shoved his weight against it, but the door did not move.

“Richard?” Rose questioned with a frown. “What is going on?”

“It’s in lockdown,” Richard hissed as he pushed against the door again. “It shouldn’t be, but somehow it is. That thing,” Richard groaned turning back to Rose, “it sealed the building.”

“Can you smash the glass?” Rose questioned only to get a look from Richard.

“Rose this is a state of the art facility that handles alien research. The windows don’t smash.” Richard glanced back at the doors. “Were Sharona dn Shireen with you when I called?”

“No,” Rose confessed with a frown of her own. “They weren’t. They don’t know I’m here.”

“Great,” Richard muttered, reaching for Rose’s hand. “We’re trapped with a potential hostile alien that blows electronics up.” Richard chuckled and squeezed Rose’s hand. “At least it isn’t Thane, that was a hell of a first date wasn’t it.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed weakly as her skull throbbed. “But you knew how to impress a girl.”

“Yes, that was the whole reason for pulling you out of the way and shielding you. Getting your phone number and a dinner date.” Richard huffed and looked back at Rose. “When this is over, I owe you a very nice dinner.”

“Deal,” Rose said with a nod and a forced smile.

“Good,” Richard agreed with a nod and a serious expression. “Because I have something very important to ask you.”

A sudden crash from above and the lights overhead flickering out made them both look up in alarm as the ceiling began to glow with beams of multicolored lights.

Chapter Fifty-Three

Time and the Trickster Chapter 51
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty-One: Dancing Lights: Richard Beckett

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Okay my wonderful readers we are now in the final three episodes! Now begins the conclusion of the season arc! Enjoy and as always thank you for your support. I just finished moving and have a couple of interviews lined up so hopefully things will settle down soon.

It was a warm early summer Saturday in June that shouldn’t have been anything but brilliant for students just released from school.  Rose Tyler sipped at the milk shake in front of her and picked up one of the lovely golden chips in the newspaper in the middle of the table. Her hand nearly collided with Shireen who was reaching for a chip herself.  The girls were sitting in small shop a few blocks away from their childhood home the Powell Estate, having become rather nostalgic for their old haunts. Why? Rose really didn’t have a good answer to that question and was feeling more than a little awkward sitting in the old chip shop.

“Do you ever have problems at Cambridge being from Peckham originally?” Sharon suddenly asked, looking out the window at the passing people.

“Sure,” Rose admitted, leaning on her hand and looking at the window.  “I got asked if I had a gun during my first month and if I had a boyfriend with a gun. And I’ve been a chav more than a few times.”

“Seriously?” Shireen asked, raising an eyebrow.

Rose shrugged and snatched up another chip. “A lot of my classmates are middle and upper class. They’ve never been to Peckham and I don’t really consider myself from Ealing despite mum living there now. And of course I don’t go around telling people about the money Harry left us.”

“Figures it’d be harder for you,” Sharon sighed, “At least we’re at the University of London. There’s more diversity there.”

“It’s not so bad,” Rose promised with a shrug. “I mean I don’t really have any good friends in Cambridge, but there are some classmates I go out with sometimes. Your mates are a lot more fun,” Rose told them with a smile.

They were all quiet for a few moments, munching on their chips and people watching. Rose’s eyes widened as one of her former schoolmates walked past with a pair of kids, one a toddler and one in a stroller.

“Isn’t that Chloe Baker?” Sharon questioned, leaning back in her chair to study the woman more carefully.

“I think so,” Rose answered, shaking her head in mild disbelief. “I think remember Mum telling me she was pregnant before A-Levels,” Rose shrugged, “My mind was elsewhere then so I might be wrong.”

“Looks like she’s had another one,” Shireen observed before shuddering slightly, “Man I couldn’t handle being a mum at our age.”

“Me neither,” Rose agreed with a small shudder of her own, “I honestly can’t fathom how Mum managed by herself with me after Dad died.”

“Speaking of your Mum….” Sharon pressed, “How are things?”

“Well I haven’t committed matricide yet,” Rose replied, picking up another chip. “But after her last comment about aliens it was a near thing.”

“She’s still mad huh,” Sharon remarked with a flinch. “Sorry hon.”

“Not your fault,” Rose assured her with a forced smile. “I’m just surprised how long she’d staying angry. I knew that my mum was tenacious, but this is something else.”

“She’s probably afraid for you,” Shireen offered gently, “She lost your Dad to a mysterious hit and run that left her a single mum and you’re doing something dangerous.” Shireen fixed Rose with a stare, “Plus she’s got to be wondering what other secrets you may be keeping from her now that she knows you kept aliens a secret for nine years.”

“You haven’t told her about the Doctor yet right?” Sharon questioned, tilting her head as she regarded Rose.

“Sort of,” Rose admitted with a flinch, “But only in the he’s the alien who helped keep me safe capacity and not in the by the way I’m dating a version of him after he changes his face.”

“See,” Shireen replied with a smirk, “You are keeping secrets so is it any wonder she’s worried and angry with you.”

“Great,” Rose muttered as she drilled her straw into her thick milkshake, “Now I have guilt.”

“You didn’t have any guilt before?” Sharon asked with slightly wide eyes.

“Not really,” Rose confessed before sighing. “Look I’ve got a pretty serious selfish streak, I acknowledge that.”

“And you’re a little too arrogant,” Shireen pointed out calmly as she selected another chip from the shared platter.

“A bit yeah,” Rose agreed with a shrug, but she flushed a little and snatched up another chip as Shireen gave her a knowing look. “I think I liked you better before you started studying psychology.”

“Truth hurts doesn’t it,” Sharon teased with a chuckle. “Mind you UNIT has already expressed interest to us about hiring when we’re done with exams.”

“Figured as much,” Rose agreed with a shrug. “They’ve got me in the lab so far this summer under Malcolm.” Rose paused and looked at Sharon, “Oh did you find a doctor to oversee your work experience requirement.”

“I couldn’t get anyone to respond to me,” Sharon admitted with a sigh, “But UNIT arranged a spot for me with a doctor Hendrickson starting next month. Bit embarrassing to be unable to find someone on your own.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t exactly grow up personally knowing any doctors,” Shireen reminded her gently, “Except for the Doctor, but he wouldn’t count in this case.”

“No,” Rose agreed with an amused smile. “Definitely not.”

“So…” Shireen questioned slowly, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” Rose asked, looking back at her friend with a hint of confusion.

Shireen managed not to roll her eyes even as Sharon snorted softly. “What has been bothering you,” Shireen replied calmly. “Rose you’ve been really tense for weeks and after spending time with the Doctor that usually is not the case.”

“I- I guess I’m just worried about….” Rose glanced around before dropping her voice, “The Silver Lord,” she finished with a whisper. “I don’t know what he did to me, but it had to be major to get three incarnations of the Doctor in one place, but I haven’t a clue why he questioned me about my personal information or what he did to me when I was out.” Her fingers tightened around the glass her milkshake was in and her friends politely did not mention the fact that her hands were shaking slightly. “Something is coming and I haven’t got a clue what it is or what it is for.”

“Just remember that you know you’ll travel with the Doctor in the future and that everything will be okay,” Sharon offered with a smile.

“Time can be rewritten,” Rose reminded her tensely. “There isn’t any guarantee for how things will turn out.  Time is flexible and even seemingly small things have an impact.”

Her two friends shared a look and Rose snatched up another chip which didn’t taste as good now as it had ever a minute and a half ago.  She knew that her mood had been sour lately between lingering questions about the Silver Lord, the decrease in the amount of time she got to spend with the Doctor and her mother’s irritation with her. So far the best thing about summer had been her time in the UNIT lab with Malcolm, Tosh and Kate since they could usually find something interesting to distract her for at least a couple of hours.

“Look girls,” Rose said with a sigh, “I appreciate your concerns and trying to cheer me up, but I think this is something I just have to grit my teeth and get through.”

“And you will,” Shireen told her firmly. “It will be fine Rose.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed half-heartedly as she picked up the last chip, “I’ll see you later, I need some air.” Standing up, Rose pulled on her leather jacket and grabbed her shoulder bag, heading for the shop door.

“Try and enjoy your day,” Sharon called after her with a small wave.

Giving them a wave over her shoulder, Rose managed a small smile and stepped out onto the streets of Peckham. She was a few blocks away and back near where she’d parked her motorcycle when Sharon had suggested coming back to the old neighborhood.  Rose’s phone beeped and she reached into the pocket of her leather jacket to pull it out in a smooth practiced motion.  Blinking, Rose was a little surprised that it was Richard Beckett calling her. She hadn’t heard from him in over three weeks.

“Hello,” Rose greeted as she answered the call.

“Rose,” Richard greeted in a rush, he sounded a bit of out breath. “You’re back in London right?”

“Yeah,” Rose answered, a knot of worry beginning to form in her stomach at his tone.

“Can you come by my office immediately. I think something is wrong.”

“Have you called UNIT?” Rose questioned, quickening her pace to a near jog as she headed down the street towards her motorcycle.

“Not yet,” Richard admitted his tone still rushed, “I haven’t been able to get through to my contact. Please Rose, I need help.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen,” Rose promised as she reached her bike and unlocked the back to retrieve her helmet. “Keep trying to reach UNIT.”

“I will,” Richard promised before he ended the call.

Debating for a moment between calling UNIT herself and heading straight over, Rose swung over her bike and started it up.  Richard would get through UNIT, but someone needed to get on scene right away. Not to mention that she owed Richard for protecting her during that mess at his office a few months ago. Rose wove in and out of traffic as quickly as she could, speeding the whole way.

The five story shining glass and metal building of Beckett Enterprises gleamed in the sunlight as Rose drove up and parked her bike. The car park was almost empty with only a few vehicles around. Climbing off her bike, Rose hung her helmet over the right bar and looked up at the building with a mixture of curiosity, worry and excitement.  She’d been feeling tense and out of sorts since Section 13, even after a week long holiday with the Doctor on the moon of Phadri IV. There was no movement in the building from what Rose could see and she slowly walked up towards the main door.

Sudden movement inside the lobby make Rose tense, but the door opened a moment later and she relaxed slightly to see Richard standing at the doorway waiting for her. The large glass doors swung open and Rose heard the soft beeping of the security system. Directly in front of her, Richard swiped his key card in the system scanner before turning to Rose. Richard’s blonde hair was ruffled like he’d been messing with it and his blue eyes were frantic.

“Rose,” he sighed in relief, “Thank you for coming.”

“Are you okay Richard?” Rose asked with a touch of concern. “And what is happening?”

“I’m alright,” Richard assured Rose, “But something strange is happening with one of my latest projects. We were working on a prototype that UNIT sent us and strange lights started appearing early this morning.”

“Lights?” Rose asked carefully.

“We only have a skeleton staff around on weekends, but I sent them all home an hour ago when they started having audio and visual hallucinations. Most have reported that the symptoms faded as soon as they left the building.” Richard told her. “And I’m afraid my communication line to UNIT is still blank.” Richard’s face tightened and he looked at her. “Have you ever had that happen?”

“Once,” Rose admitted darkly, a sick feeling rushing through her. Surely she wasn’t facing another treachery situation in UNIT. “I should call Benton, I have his direct line.”

“Good idea,” Richard agreed, but he caught her hand when Rose began to reach for her phone. “But you should see what we were working on first so you can help explain. I’m afraid that I’m not good at translating into lay man’s terms.”

Nodding in agreement, Rose followed Richard to the lift and was quiet as he swiped his card again and accessed the underground lab levels. The lift went down smoothly, but slower than Rose would have liked.

“I sorry about all of this,” Richard apologized, giving her a sheepish smile.

“It’s alright,” Rose assured him with a small forced smile. “Things like this aren’t exactly uncommon in my life.”

“So the rumors say,” Richard teased lightly. “So… how is private Smith? I’m afraid I haven’t seen him since I was released from the hospital.”

“he’s doing well,” Rose informed Richard in a happier tone. “The skin regrowing treatments they used even got him back to normal without much scaring.”

“I was hoping that,” Richard answered with a grin, “They worked so well on me, but his burns were..” he trailed off with a flinch.

“Were worse,” Rose finished with a small shudder at the memory. A sick feeling churning in her stomach as she realized that she’d be back in that corridor in just a few seconds. “But he’s good,” she added with a nod.

The lift stopped and the doors opened with a soft ding. Stepping out, Rose gasped softly as she nearly walked through a miniature aurora borealis in the middle of the corridor. She looked around only to see the white walls of the corridors were nearly glowing with shimmering colors of every shade in almost random designs while the corridor itself was filled with small ribbons of multicolored lights.

“Wow,” Rose breathed in awe, attributing her sudden light headiness to the strange and beautiful sight. “This is…” she trailed off as she slumped against a wall and the world faded away even as the lights remained clear in her mind.

Chapter Fifty-Two

Time and the Trickster Chapter 50
Rose and Eleven
Time and the Trickster
By Lumendea
Chapter Fifty: Tale of Two Time Lords: Full TARDIS

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I’ve had a bunch of questions about the 50th and the Christmas special so really quickly: I didn’t care much for the 50th, but I try to work with the canon that predates Rose which does now technically include the War Doctor. I’ve always been happy imagining the 8th Doctor in the Time War and would have loved if Paul McGann had come back for more than seven minutes, but I will be using the new canon Doctor for better or for worse.  It won’t matter too much for most of the series so don’t worry and when it does I already have a serious rewrite planned.  I found the Christmas special very dull and as some of you have noted I’ve already confirmed that Eleven is the Twelfth and not the final life due to the changes in my universe. I do have limits after all.

A groaning wheezing sound echoed down the long grey corridor lined with heavy metal doors. A moment later a wind ripped through the corridor as a blue police box appeared.  There was a rush of footfalls and ten armed troopers in black spilled into the corridor, all of them raising their weapons towards the TARDIS door.

“Oh,” the Eleventh Doctor huffed, “They were expecting us.”

“The Silver Lord knows about us,” the Tenth Doctor muttered angrily as he looked at the viewing screen. He turned back to his counterpart, “Do you have a plan?”

“As a matter of fact, I came prepared for this” the Eleventh Doctor said triumphantly, digging into his pocket. He pulled out a yoyo, a chain of paperclips and then a white bag which he grinned at. Holding it out to his counterparts, he kept searching with his free hand while the Ninth and Tenth Doctors each took a jelly baby without a word. “Got it!” the Eleventh Doctor cheered as he pulled out a small round metallic device roughly the size of a Jammie Dodger. “I knew I had it in there somewhere.”

“Travinis Burst,” the Ninth Doctor remarked, looking begrudgingly impressed. “How you’d get one of those?”

“I have my ways,” the Eleventh Doctor beamed.

“Jack gave it to you didn’t he,” the Tenth Doctor said, not looking impressed or surprised.

“Maybe,” the Eleventh Doctor huffed before nodded, “Alright fine, yeah it’s one of Jack’s toys.”

“Figures,” the Tenth Doctor sighed. “But it’ll take down this lot without hurting them and let us grab Rose and release the Donovans. Section 13’s search force will be here in seven minutes.”

“I’ll get Rose, you two free the Donovans,” the Eleventh Doctor instructed.

“Wait just-” the Ninth Doctor protested loudly.

“Hold on-” the Tenth Doctor snapped at the same time.

“Shush!” the Eleventh Doctor commanded, louder than he’d shouted before in front of his former selves. “Ssss!” He added, putting a finger against his lips. “I know what’s going on and won’t accidently make it worse,” the Eleventh Doctor told them both. “Now, the Donovans are in the lab just at the end of the corridor that way,” he announced spinning and pointing with his entire arm. “Good luck and all that.”

The Ninth Doctor crossed his arms and watched as his future-self move to the door with the Burst and set his hand on the handle.

“They’re going to open fire the moment that door opens,” he reminded him before shuddering. “Do I even need to mention New Years Eve 1999?”

All three of them shuddered slightly and the Eleventh Doctor tossed the Burst lightly in his hand, catching it with a smirk. “I don’t need to be reminded and let’s just keep making sure the universe doesn’t know that a street gang with guns was enough to kill us once. The Sontarans would never let us live it down.”

“In our defense,” the Tenth Doctor offered, rubbing the back of his neck. “That body was starting to wear a little thin.”

“Just stay back,” the Eleventh Doctor told them, “I repaired the temporal grace system a few years back.”

“Good, no weapons in the console,” the Ninth Doctor agreed with a nod. “But you haven’t fixed the chameleon circuit.”

“Fix the?” the Eleventh Doctor gaped at his previous self, “Are you mad!?”

“You like it as much as us,” the Tenth Doctor told the Ninth Doctor with an eye roll. “Let’s get on with this.”

Nodding, the Eleventh Doctor opened the TARDIS door just the tiniest amount. Gunfire started immediately in the hallway, but he managed to slip the burst device through the crack sideways. It landed with a dull metallic thud and he quickly shut the door.  The Ninth Doctor turned on the viewing screen in time to see a blast of light burst from the device and all the soldiers surrounding the TARDIS drop like stones.

“That lots taken care of,” the Ninth Doctor told his counterparts who were already at the doorway. “Should be out long enough for Section 13 to handle them.”

“And we’ll have Rose safely away from here,” the Eleventh Doctor insisted as he opened the door fully and stepped out in the corridor, careful not to step on anyone. The other two Doctor joined him a moment later, looking around carefully. Both gave the Eleventh Doctor a displeased look, but headed off in the direction of the Donovans without a word. Wringing his hands, the Eleventh Doctor watched them go. “Probably should be worried about them ganging up on me,” he muttered before he turned on his heel and strode down the corridor the opposite direction.


Gasping, Rose jerked forward, her eyes opening and panic flashing through her system. The restraints were tight against her seizing body and it was only the pain that stopped Rose’s movement. Trying to catch her breath and remember what was happening, Rose collapsed back against the heavy chair she was stuck in. Closing her eyes, Rose allowed everything to trickle back to the front of her mind. Then she became aware of a hand stroking her cheek. Opening her eyes, Rose turned to see the Silver Lord leaning over her, touching her cheek with a smirk.

“Welcome back,” he told her before glancing behind them. “Your Doctors are here.”

Her heart jumped, but she tried to keep her expression neutral, uncertain as to what the Silver Lord had done to her and why. Instead of doing anything more, he calmly stepped back from her and rolled his shoulders.  Stepping in front of Rose, he looked at her for a moment, still smirking.

“See you soon sweetheart,” he cooed, blowing a kiss.

Rose was about to snap at him, her temper roused and the assurance of the Doctor nearby helping her recover her coward despite being strapped to a chair. But then the Silver Lord began to glow and Rose’s words caught in her throat.  The body before her shuddered and fell to its knees. Throwing back its head, the eyes glowed a strange while tinted with electric violet color. There was a terrible scream and Rose had to close her eyes as the brightness in front of her became to much.

It dimmed slightly and Rose dared to open her eyes. Floating above the body which was now collapsed on the floor was a strange noncorporal mass of light with a pair of wing like protrusions on its back. The form shifted in front of Rose, shimmering in different colors, but never taking on a distinct shape. If Rose hadn’t known exactly who and what it was, she might have found it beautiful. The Silver Lord in his native form released a high pitched animalistic cry before vanishing, the air rippling around it.

There was a crash behind her that sounded like a door being thrown open and Rose clutched at the chair until her Eleventh Doctor came rushing forward to her side.

“You’re here too?” Rose asked, confusion and exhaustion weighing heavily on her.

“Me too,” the Eleventh Doctor agreed with a smile that was a bit too forced for Rose to believe. Gently, he began to undo the restraints. When her hand was freed, he raised it to his lips and kissed it gently, his eyes meeting hers.  There was a sadness in his eyes that he couldn’t hide from her and despite knowing she was safe at that moment, fear churned in her stomach.

“The Donovans?” Rose asked, her voice soft and low.

“My other selves are getting them,” the Doctor told her. “Don’t worry, the scientists in the labs take off running when they realize that the soldiers are all down.”

“Not even a fight?” Rose questioned, surprise and concern on her face.

“I think that Section 13 and UNIT will find that Black Sun has very few loyal scientists. What they have are people they’d kidnapped or are holding their families hostage. Don’t have to worry about those people double crossing you since they’re worried about staying alive.”

“That’s horrible,” Rose whispered as the last restraint on her left hand came off and the Doctor kissed it gently as well.

“Not nice people, don’t worry they’ll be out of business in the near future.”

“That’s a relief,” Rose muttered, “Is that a you thing, a me thing or a someone else thing.”

“That’s a I’m not going to tell you thing,” the Doctor replied as he freed her final foot. Standing up, he held a hand out to Rose which she gratefully took.

She stumbled, her legs shaking at her own weight. The Doctor caught her gently and let her lean against him as Rose carefully straightened out her legs and waited for them to get used to moving again.

“I’m alright,” Rose told him before she amended the statement to, “I’ll be alright.”

“I know,” the Doctor replied, kissing her hair gently as he held her. “I know darling.” Rose shifted slightly and sighed in relief as her legs held and feeling returned to them. “Can you walk?” the Doctor asked softly.

“If you want I can run,” Rose told him, looking up at him with a weery, but honest smile.

“That’s my girl, but let’s stick to walking for now,” the Doctor told her as he reached over and picked up the sonic pen from the table. “This is yours I believe?”

She accepted it and slipped it into her pocket, grateful that she could feel the weight of her translator and her jewelry. But once again it brought up the question of why the silver Lord had captured her at all if he didn’t do anything. Then Rose remembered the deeply personal questions and barely kept herself from shuddering.

They entered a long corridor filled with unconscious troops and the TARDIS standing under a bright hanging light. Smiling genuinely, Rose stayed at the Doctor’s side as he unlocked the door. There was a sound of crashing down the cooridor and Rose tensed.

“It’s just Section 13,” the Docotr promised her as he pushed open the door. “Not to worry.”

Stepping inside the TARDIS, Rose stretched out her muscles and watched the Doctor as he adjusted some controls. A moment later the door banged open and the Ninth Doctor stormed inside, an irritated look on his face. Rose raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t seem to notice her for a moment. The Tenth Doctor followed him in, looking just as irritated, but also a little amused.

“Damn Section 13,” the Ninth Doctor growled. “Not even a thank you, just demands for a debrief and arguing.”

“Then Michael and Danielle are safe?” Rose asked from her spot beside the console, attracting the attention of both Doctors.

“Yes,” the Tenth Doctor said quickly, his eyes focused on Rose. He crossed the console room in a few long stride and cupped her face gently. “They’re safe,” he added. Rose knew he was looking at the bruising on her neck and forehead from the restraints. Sighing sadly, he leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss to her forehead. “And you’re safe,” he breathed.

“Yes,” Rose agreed, looking at his brown eyes. “I’m safe, thank you.”

Turning her attention to the Ninth Doctor, Rose gave him a small smile and shrug.  It took her a moment to figure out something to say. “Sorry about the time line drama,” she apologized.

The Ninth Doctor’s lips twitched into a small smile despite himself. He didn’t say anything, just giving Rose a quick and uncomfortable nod. Beside Rose, the Tenth Doctor shook his head at his pervious self and wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her steady as the TARDIS dematerialized.

None of the Doctor’s spoke as each other adjusted the controls slightly with the Eleventh Doctor remaining in control of their flight. Rose was too lost in through to say anything and focused on the warmth of her Doctor’s arm around her even as he twisted a knob with his free one. They landed smoothly a moment later surprising Rose.

Next to her, the Tenth Doctor caught her expression and explained, “The TARDIS is designed to be flow by six people so every additional pilot makes things smoother.”

“It helps when you learn to fly,” the Eleventh Doctor added.

“She learns to fly the TARDIS?” the Ninth Doctor asked, clearly surprised. The other two Doctor each gave him a look and he nodded. “I’m the one who teaches her to fly the TARDIS.”

The Ninth Doctor looked over at Rose and her brown eyes met his icy blue ones. He was conflicted, that much was clear. Giving him a small smile, Rose tried to silently tell him that it was going to be okay, but her own exhaustion made her wonder how effectively she did this. The Ninth Doctor looked away from her towards the Eleventh Doctor.

“So how do we deal with the timelines?” he asked.

“You have to forget,” the Eleventh Doctor answered, “Sorry and you,” he pointed at the Tenth Doctor. “You have to leave it alone.”

“Leave it alone!?” the Tenth Doctor repeated loudly. “Clearly someone has dangerous plans for Rose.”

“Yes someone does,” the Eleventh Doctor agreed, gesturing towards Rose, “But you’ll just have to trust in her abilities and remember this in the future.”

“How bad is it?” the Ninth Doctor questioned, crossing his arms in front of him and glaring at the Eleventh Doctor along with his Tenth self.

“Now you get along,” the Eleventh Doctor grumbled before sighing loudly, “Look it isn’t good, I admit to that, but trust me you don’t want to risk the timeline.” He smiled cheerfully and waved his hands about, “Things turn out pretty good in the end.”

Rose frowned as she looked at the Eleventh Doctor and resisted the urge to ask what was about to happen. The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed them down. Looking down at her clasped hands, she licked her lips nervously.

“Rose,” the Tenth Doctor called, making her look up at him as he grip tightened around her. “Are you okay with this?”

Blinking at the unexpected question, Rose looked over at the Eleventh Doctor who was standing patiently and watching her with a soft expression.

“I trust you Doctor,” Rose answered, smiling at the Eleventh Doctor and looking back at the Tenth and Ninth Doctors. “Always will. Things will work out,” she told them, soundly braver than she actually felt.

The Ninth Doctor studied Rose without a word.  It was moments like this that reminded her how little she knew and understood this incarnation.  Finally, the Ninth Doctor nodded and closed his eyes. “Alright,” he agreed, “I’ll hide the memories of the middle bit.”

Smiling, Rose stepped forward and before she could change her mind, she leaned up and kissed his cheek quickly. He didn’t move to stop her or react badly to the kiss, but instead gave her a long look.  Rose fought the urge to squirm under his intense blue gaze, but after a moment he sighed softly and nodded.  Turning away from her, he walked to the TADIS door and vanished without another word.

“Moody,” the Eleventh Doctor grumbled, gesturing at the door. “Very moody.”

The Tenth Doctor raised an eyebrow and studied his future self before sighing softly and shaking his head. His eyes went to Rose who gave him the best smile she could manage.

“I’ll be along in a moment,” she promised him, ignoring the way he glanced back at his future self.

“I’ll move the TARDIS closer,” he replied with a nod before he let his arm drop and left the TARDIS. “I’ll hide the memories later,” he added before closing the door.

“Irritating, but not bad blokes,” the Eleventh Doctor observed with a smile, leaning against the console.

“If you do say so yourself,” Rose teased, stepping up next to him.

“If I do say so myself,” he agreed with a soft smile, his green eyes bright, but worried. “How are you Rose?”

“Scared,” Rose admitted softly, nearly a whisper. “I don’t remember what he did to me and that frightens me, but knowing that it is just part of a larger plan…. It scares me.”

The Eleventh Doctor reached for Rose, drawing her close. He gently kissed her forehead and wrapped her in a gently hug.

“If it helps, I worry too, even though I know how the story goes.”

“Tell me that I’ll be alright,” Rose asked before she could stop the question.

His long fingers tilted her chin up so their eyes met and Doctor smiled at her. “You’ll be wonderful,” he promised, “So much better than alright.”

The Doctor kissed Rose’s hair line, raising a hand to stroke her hair gently for a moment before he kissed her cheek. Then he kissed her lips, a soft and quick kiss before pulling back and looking at her face. Smiling up at him, Rose was grateful when he gave her his manic smile in return before leaning forward and kissing her again. Wrapping an arm around her neck, Rose parted her lips, allowing the Doctor to deepen the kiss.  Her distraction was the reason she didn’t notice him gently stroking the side of her face, just above her ear. Rose dismissed it a moment later as a quirk of this body and sighed in protest when he ended the kiss and stepped back.

“He’s waiting for you,” the Doctor reminded Rose was a wide smile.

“And I’m sure you’re irritated on his behalf,” Rose teased, glancing towards the doorway. “There is still Section 13 to worry about.”

“Not really,” the Eleven Doctor assured her. “He’s grabbing you things from your room and giving Matthews a very rushed and irritation briefing as she follows him through the halls.”

Snorting softly, Rose could envision the scene perfectly in her mind which calmed her slightly. At her side, her fingers clenched and released as she took in a long slow breathe.

“So… it’s soon, isn’t it,” Rose questioned, licking her lips.

“Soon,” the Doctor agreed, “But not fishing for details.”

“Alright then,” Rose replied. “I’ll just try and be ready for anything.”

The Doctor tilted his head slightly and then slowly nodded, Rose wasn’t sure what to make of his reaction. His sudden calm made her feel nervous. This version of her Doctor was all energy, talking with his hands and flirting. Thankfully, he seemed to sense her sudden hesitation and beamed at her, moving forward quickly to plant another quick kiss on her lip before pulling back. It was enough like the first time that he kissed her that Rose smiled and giggled as the Doctor beamed at her.

“He’ll have moved the TARDIS by now,” the Eleventh Doctor told her, nodding towards the doorway. “Poor Benton is going to be getting a very strange call for this one.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed, “Last time three of you worked together the universe was under attack from Omega. This didn’t exactly compare.”

“Different universe at risk,” the Doctor told her, his green eyes twinkling. “And even more important.”

“Flirt,” Rose teased, “Smooth and shameless flirt.”

“No that would be Jack,” the Doctor countered. “I’m not that bad.”

Smiling, Rose nodded and leaned forward to kiss him once again, knowing that it would be time to leave soon. His long arms wrapped around her and Rose ran her fingers through his fly away brown locks. Sighing softly, she pulled back and turned towards the TARDIS door. She didn’t look back at him until she was at the door and then turned to look at him over her shoulder with a wide smile.

“Until next time Doctor,” Rose told him before her expression softened. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” the Eleventh Doctor answered, “But you best be off. You know how jealous I can get in that body.”

“In that body?” Rose repeated with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh go on,” the Doctor huffed, trying to act irritated, but failing miserabley.

Smiling, Rose stepped out of the TARDIS and closed the door behind her. Only a few feet away was another, slightly dustier looking TARDIS waiting for her. Doctor Matthews was standing nearby with an exhausted, pleased and confused expression.

“Please have Michael and Danielle call me when they’re better,” Rose requested as she pulled out her TARDIS key and slid it into the lock. “If Benton asks, just tell him I’ll be back in Cambridge in a few hours.”

“Uh.. alright,” Matthews answered slowly with a nod. Rose felt a bit bad for the woman, but one Doctor alone had the tendency to leave people in mild shock so she really was coping well for three of them. Feeling a bit guilty, Rose gave her a smile and turned the key to unlock the door. She just hoped that this incident hadn’t hurt Section 13 and UNIT relations.

Stepping inside, Rose closed the door behind her and looked up towards the console where her brown-eyed Doctor was already darting around adjusting the controls. His long tan coat was already hung over one of the support beams and her bag and suitcase were propped up against the jump seat.

“Leather coat is gone,” he announced without looking at her. “And my memories haven’t changed from his part in this so everything went according to plan on that end.” The Doctor flipped a switch and the TARDIS dematerialized with a shudder. Throwing one last switch, the Doctor spun towards Rose and crossed his arms.

“Everything taken care of,” Rose told him as she walked up next to him. “Timelines seemingly intact.”

“You snogged him didn’t you,” the Doctor grumbled.

Laughing, Rose gently twined her hand behind his neck, fingering his hair. Speaking in a low voice, she smiled and said, “You are so lucky that I love you enough to put up with your jealously issues.”

“It’s complicated for Time Lords,” the Doctor defended before his expression softened, “And I’m lucky you love me period.”

“Nice recovery,” Rose complimented. “Now… didn’t you promise me a holiday, just the two of us?”

Beaming, the Doctor leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I did didn’t I.”

Shivering as his breath hit his ear, Rose wasn’t prepared for the Doctor turning his face to catch her lips in a deep kiss. She was pulled against him, one hand around her lower waist and the other tangling in her hair, adjusting the tilt of her head so he could deepen in the kiss. The small sounds Rose was making were lost in the Doctor’s mouth as he titled her entire body. Tightening one hand on his shoulder, Rose allowed the other to run through the Doctor’s hair.

Then she was swung back upright and the Doctor pulled away suddenly. A soft groan escaped Rose and she forced her eyes open. Grinning, the Doctor stepped back from her to  pull another level.  He fiddled with another control as Rose fought back the desire to scowl, only to catch him smirking at her reaction.  Chuckling softly, Rose held out her hand towards him and beamed when he reached out and twinned their fingers together.

“Allons-y,” the Doctor shouted, pulling Rose close to him as he hit on of the console buttons.  The TARDIS shuddered and soared through the Vortex, taking them off once again.

Chapter Fifty-One

Reaction to Day of the Doctor
Rose and Eleven

Day of the Doctor, the 50th! Wow, this is sort of a hard one, but for the sake of the Guardians of the Universe series I feel that I need to address it. Like many Doctor Who stories there were things I liked about it and things I hated about it. While I'm pretty neutral towards the episode as a whole there are things that I don't like.

Things I Liked:

  1. John Hurts War Doctor: I wasn't sure about him at first but he really won me over even though I still dislike Moffet creating another Doctor instead of just sticking with Eight. Hurt had the kind of gentle, but strong energy that a Doctor needs and while I would have preferred Paul McGann being in the episode instead I can live with this since Hurt did a good job with the script given to him. Still it would have been epic to have Paul McGann for the whole episode though.

  2. Using the Bad Wolf! Anyone who reads my stuff knows that I love the possibilities of the Bad Wold entity. I have always been saddened by the total lack of use that the writers made of the Bad Wolf and the potential long term effects of it. This wasn't perfect in the 50th by any means, but it was nice to see something finally done with it.

  3. Interaction between the Doctors: some great moments and good references to the other multi-Doctor stories including the Second Doctor's "I don't like it" line which never fails to make me laugh. The three actors had good chemistry and I really enjoyed their moments on screen even if the comedy occasionally lessened them.

Things I Didn't Like:

  1. Final Fate of Gallifrey! I'd be happy if the idea was to seal Gallifry away in a new pocket universe where they could live and heal, but the ending hinting that Gallifrey will returns irritates me. Firstly I'm a Classic Who fan and the Time Lords are dicks! They always have been. I'm serious, the move they pulled in End of Time was not at all out of character for those guys! Plus at the End of Time Rassilon and the High Council were pushed back onto Gallifrey which means that Rassilon is there and probably plotting revenge on the Doctor or still trying to 'ascend.' Second, this undoes a lot of the emotional journey of the Doctor since the tv show returned.

  2. The Elizabeth I part of the story was pointless and characterized Ten in a way that was never a part of his run on the show. Sure he liked to flirt, but stringing someone on like that isn't how he would behave, not even at his worst. This part was boring and didn't serve any part in the growth of the characters. It's characterization of Ten made me flinch.

  3. The Zygons, this side of the story felt tacked on and lacked any real resolution. It just served to show the War Doctor how his decision had affected his future selves and to allow the writers to add references. This part was dull and I wasn't that invested as there a lot of ways that this could have been done better.

  4. The location of the Black Archives: this is a nitpick, but when the Black Archive is first mentioned it is Sarah Jane Smith who mentions it and her sonic device is actually helpful to her in getting in. It is in the country and not blocked against the TARDIS, very different from what was in the 50th. I cannot imagine anyone thinking it was a good idea to put this place under such a large city and a freaking tourist destination which would affect security.

  5. Clara's lack of any real personality. Seriously Clara is so.... bland, she lacks real definition beyond 'awesome'. Her entire self is based on being witty, cocky and a companion. Forgive me, but I want someone I can relate to and I can't relate to Clara who lacks human flaws and doubts. She just feels only like a character and not a person which is a problem with a lot of Moffet's characters.

My parents got me a copy for Christmas so I'll probably rewatch it from time to time, but not the modern bits which are just tedious so those I'll skip over. I am welcoming the War Doctor into the Guardians of the Universe 'canon' and will do a rewrite of the story down the line with some major changes. Gallifrey won't be presented in my story the same way it is here due to my long history of watching Doctor Who and disliking most of the Time Lords, but the changes taking place in the time line that I'm writing should allow me to make the changes I need to pull off my preferred version.  In the end this episode didn't really change any of my plans and in fact reinforced my previous decisions.

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