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Rose and Eleven
This is a list of my master lists of my Doctor Who stories that appear in my livejournal account. I am working on updating this to create a complete listing.

Guardians of the Universe Series

The Blonde Girl Master List
Title: The Blonde Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: All it took to change the universe was one little alteration to the time line of Rose Tyler when she was eleven years old.  Confronted with a shape changing alien preying on children, Rose meets a remarkable man who calls himself the Doctor. Suddenly her childhood is full of adventure, aliens and lots of running that will change the course of her life. Three full adventures. First in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Defender of the Earth Master List
Title: Defender of the Earth
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: Sequel to The Blonde Girl. Rose Tyler has survived three alien encounters before her sixteenth birthday, but with UNIT knocking at her door will she make it through what is ahead of her? Guest starring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Doctor/Rose romance will start in this story. Second in the Guardians of the Universe series.

The Companion Connection Master List
Title: The Companion Connection
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Lethbridge-Stewart and others.
Summary: Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth and Star Knight has saved the world and the universe enough times to impress even the Doctor.  Now she is a student at Cambridge, but with UNIT on campus and alien plots around the corner, her adventures have only just begun. Thirteen full episodes. Third in the Guardians of the Universe Series.

Time and the Trickster Master List
Title: Time and the Trickster
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: In Progress
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Alister Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith and others.
Summary: Sequel to The Companion Connection. Rose Tyler is the Defender of Earth in her own right and the girlfriend of the Doctor in a temporally complicated relationship. Now with her second year at university starting she knows that life isn't going to be calm or easy, but even Rose has no idea what is in store. Thirteen adventures and fourth in the Guardians of the Universe series.

The Tyler Factor Master List
Title: The Tyler Factor
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: In Progress
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Alister Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith and others.
Summary: Sequel to The Companion Connection. Rose Tyler is the Defender of Earth in her own right and the girlfriend of the Doctor in a temporally complicated relationship. Now with her second year at university starting she knows that life isn't going to be calm or easy, but even Rose has no idea what is in store. Thirteen adventures and fourth in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Legacy of the Bad Wolf Series

Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master List
Title: Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf First Story
Characters: Doctor/Rose, John Smith/Rose Tyler, Martha Jone, Timothy
Summary: Rose Tyler has been living in her alternate world for five years until she encounters the weeping angels who send her back to November 1, 1913. The thing Rose doesn't know is that she is now before the split of the universes and that a certain human John Smith is only miles away with dangerous aliens on his trail.

Survivors of Gallifrey Master List
Title: Survivors of Gallifrey
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf Second Story
Characters: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Saxon Master and Timothy
Summary: Sequel of Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink. The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Timothy Latimer continue their travels together in the TARDIS, but something is looming over the horizon. An old enemy will rise and threaten the fragile life the Doctor and Rose had rebuilt. Retelling of Utopia, Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lord with Rose and Timothy.

Timey Wimey.... Stuff Series

To the Past From the Future Master List
Title: To the Past From the Future
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: First in the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and Torchwood
Summary: Picks up right after Martha leaves the TARDIS as the Doctor prepares to leave Earth someone very special walks into the TARDIS to change his life and future. In the future the Doctor and Rose seek her younger self in the alternate world. Rose/Ten reunion and family story.

Sugar Rush: All Ages
Halloween with the Doctor, Rose and their family both in the past and the future. Fluff alert

Building Blocks: All Ages
The Doctor just loves these little toys. Officially part of the Timey Wimey. Stuff series, but it can be read alone.

Twin Time: All Ages
A look at the future and present of the twins Alex and Abby with their parents. Family time with Rose/Doctor. Part of the Timey Wimey series.

Human Holidays Master List
Title: Human Holidays
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler and others
Summary:The Christmas Special of the Timey Wimey Stuff series. Rose and the Doctor celebrate Christmas at different points in their lives together.

Since We're Here Master List
Title: Since We're Here
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tegan Jovanka, Tenth Doctor, Fifth Doctor and Turlough
Summary: An encounter between the Tenth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor leaves the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Tegan babysitting a four-year-old Time Lord by the name of Sammy.

Multi-Chapter Stories

The Doctor's Secret Army Master List
Title: The Doctor's Secret Army
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: What if Wilf had kept a hidden webcam and Rose was able to join the others in their planning. Will it be enough to save the Earth and the Doctor. Fix it story for Journey's End.

Wolf Signal Master List
Title: Wolf Signal
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Jenny, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Gwen and Ianto
Summary: Jenny has crashed on a distant planet while on her adventures and has crossed paths with a very odd woman who fell from the night sky without injury. Rose Tyler has enjoyed a long human life with her husband John Noble, but on her death bed something happens that offers her another chance at another life.

Unexpected Girl Master List
Title: Unexpected Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: All Ages
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Donna, Jack, Martha, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: Post Doomsday. The Doctor meets an odd girl in an alien marketplace, but she isn't who he was expecting. She does however hold the key to the Doctor's entire future.

One Shots

Don't Imagine: All Ages
"The Doctor didn't want to imagine the feel of her lips against his, something he had only felt once in this body if you counted Cassandra. He didn't want to guess how many times his other self felt her kiss every day."

Going to Have to Hurt: All Ages
There would come a day when he didn't turn to look for her every time he stepped into the TARDIS. There would be a day when he didn't reach for her hand when he started to run. There would be a day when he didn't look for her when he heard his name.

Series of Moments: All Ages
The story of Rose and the Doctor is a series of moments that wove together to form a journey. Rose/Ten reunion

Gallifrey: All Ages
The universe called her Gallifrey, but the Time Lords called her home. Written before End of Time.

Ten: All Ages
"Really I'm Rose Tyler," Rose lowered her hand and softened her smile, "I just wanted to meet you and say thank you Martha Jones." A late celebration, but hey it's time travel.

Should Have Kissed Him: All Ages
Rose knew she should have kissed him, but maybe she'll get another shot at it.

Surprising Phone Call: All Ages
The day is January 17, 2008 and Martha Jones phones up the Doctor, but isn't the one who answers the phone. Rose/Ten fun with lots of room for your imagination.

Do You Really Think?: All Ages
The Bad Wolf thinks of the Doctor after Doomsday and smiles.

There They Will Be: All Ages
The Doctor and Rose will be there for each other, even if the time lines cross for them to do it. Serious tissue warning.

Hands Off the Blonde: All Ages
Rose has a new tee shirt, compliments of Jack Harkness. Could be either Nine or Ten.

The Tyler Factor Chapter 43
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Forty-Three: A Good Family Goes To War: Fortuna

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: This is a shorter chapter, but enjoy! Glad you all liked the midweek update.


At the front of the ship an alarm beeped and Madame Kovarian smiled. “Looks like the Doctor has finally found his way into our system,” she said lightly. “If you ladies will excuse me I’d like to enjoy this. It isn’t every day that a person gets to gloat over the Doctor.”

Rose couldn’t believe the raw rage that was churning in her gut as the smug woman turned and stalked towards the front of the ship.  She forced herself to take stock of the current situation. The small odd looking cradle was strapped into place only a couple of feet from them by the door into the cockpit. Rose could hear muffled crying sounds from the inside and it tugged at her heart. One of the clerics beside them looked uncomfortable with the sound of the crying infant and risked a look towards the cockpit.

“I could calm her down,” Rose offered softly schooling her features to look as harmless and scared as possible. “She’s my daughter, it might help her stay calm until you send me back.”

“Don’t help them,” Athena protested. She looked ready to lunge at one of the men and tear his throat out with his teeth. But Rose saw a glimmer of hope and cunning sparking in those familiar blue eyes and knew the girl didn’t mean it. “Rose please.”

One of the clerics glared harshly at Athena and his finger hovered over the trigger of his weapon threateningly.  Fear gripped Rose for a moment and she felt a surge of bile burning its way up her throat. She took a tentative step closer to the cradle and reached out a hand for it, mindful of the weapon still pointed at her.

“Please, I can’t stand to hear her cry. She’s my daughter,” Rose repeated. “You have the weapons and I won’t risk getting her shot. What harm could it do?”

The cleric watching her had a hesitant expression, but Rose was growing more certain that he wouldn’t stop her. They could vaguely hear Kovarian from the cockpit and she was chuckling and sounding much too pleased with herself. Rose took another step towards the cradle and neither cleric stopped her. With slow movement so they could see what she was doing Rose opened the cradle and the loud cries of the newborn became clear. A tiny little baby was swaddled in white. Large brown eyes looked up at Rose giving her pause for a moment as she’d expected blue eyes. Her skin was a rosy pink and slightly wrinkled over chubby cheeks. Soft looking brown hair covered much of her head and Rose’s heart fluttered as it hit her that this was her child.

Before the clerics could change their minds, Rose picked up the newborn from the cradle and smiled as her crying instantly softened at the contact.  The inside of the cradle has small flashing lights and Rose couldn’t blame the baby for not liking it in there. Rose found herself instantly shifting her arms to hold the infant secure and began rocking her with instincts either from her long ago babysitting days or borrowed from another life. One of the clerics sighed softly in relief as the infant stopped crying, but motioned Rose away from the cockpit doors. 

“Thank you,” Rose said in a low voice as she kept rocking the baby. “It’s alright Fortuna,” she whispered to the infant. “It’s alright.”

“What is the meaning of this!?” Kovarian’s sharp voice demanded a moment later as the woman stormed back into the small room with them. “Why did you allow her to hold the infant?”

“It wouldn’t stop crying,” the cleric said quickly with a nervous look. “Might as well make sure of the girl until we send her back… make sure e baby doesn’t become ill.”

“Denying the child comforting contact is the first stage of the training plan,” Kovarian snapped as she began to approach Rose with outstretched arms.

Rose reacted on instinct before her mind could engage and pulled away for Kovarian. She tightened her grip on the baby and shifted her quickly to only one arm. The girl’s tiny weight made it possible for Rose to summon her sword and bring it up quickly. The tip of the blade was suddenly resting on Kovarian’s neck, two guns were trained on Rose and Fortuna had begun crying again. One of the clerics then quickly turned his weapon on Athena to keep her in place and Rose could barely breathe.

“What now Rose Tyler?” Kovarian asked with dark narrow eyes. “Kill me and they will kill you and your step-daughter.”

“She’s my daughter, not my step-daughter,” Rose snapped, angry on Athena’s behalf and hoping her response would keep the girl from doing anything too foolish. It was alarmingly tempting to slice off Kovarian’s head and see what they could do against the clerics. If she hadn’t been holding Fortuna she might have taken the risk.

“Charming,” Kovarian scoffed still holding out insistent hands. “Then maybe I’ll leave her alive to be a comfort to you and the Doctor. This doesn’t have to end bloody Rose Tyler, not today anyway.”

If Kovarian thought she was being charming or comforting she was wrong. The woman was about as comforting and believable as a riled cobra hissing at you. Rose swallowed and shook her head, holding Fortuna tightly. Something was moving in the corner of Rose’s eye and she held her breath. She wanted to turn and see what it was, but all that she could make out was a dark shape. Maybe it was one of those aliens… the confessors that didn’t let you remember confessing. The clerics showed no sign of being aware of the movement and Rose held her breath. Desperately she wished it was help of some kind.

The tip of her sword cut into the flesh of Kovarian’s neck and Rose saw a thin line of red blood appear as the woman moved. She glared and Rose and Rose glared right back wanting it to be clear what would happen if Kovarian tried to take Fortuna. The sound of the two weapons charging up made her stomach twist and she glanced towards Athena. Her older future daughter was standing up straight and frowning darkly at Kovarian, looking like she wasn’t even paying attention to the weapons at all. Rose felt both pride and fear at the girl’s seeming nonchalance. It was one thing to see it from the Doctor, but to see it from a girl that she’d call her daughter it was terrifying in a way that Rose was not prepared for.

“Do you really think you’ll ever get away with Fortuna?” Athena asked in a lazy voice. “I mean do you really think that there is anywhere you can go that we won’t find her? She’s a Time Lord, a born and bred child of Time. The TARDIS will always find her and Mum and Dad will never stop looking.”

“I don’t need much time,” Kovarian said with a smirk. “Our plans for her won’t require much time and you aren’t the only ones with time travel.”

Kovarian glanced at Rose and at her sword as if weighing if Rose would really do it. Then she took a small step back away from the tip of the blade and wiped at her neck with her gloved hand. She did not seem distressed at the blood and smiled.

“After all she has rather violent human instincts mixed in as well,” Kovarian observed with a chuckle. “And no matter how much the Doctor preaches peace he is one of the great military mind of the universe.”

Athena shifted uncomfortably at the statement, but said nothing. Kovarian smirked and then ducked round Rose’s sword and lunged for Fortuna. As Kovarian moved forward to grab the baby the shape moved just at the edge of Rose’s vision in a blur of darkness striking one of the clerics from behind. A shot exploded from the cleric’s weapon and zinged through the ship. Around them an alarm began to sound and Kovarian shouted something that was lost on Rose. Athena dropped down and swung a leg out to trip the second cleric. He stumbled and the weapon in his hand went off as Rose pressed herself into the doorframe and tried to keep Fortuna away from the sudden chaos. The other cleric dropped to the floor in a sudden crash and Rose flinched at the realization that he’d been killed by the accidental shot. The ship shook and Rose moved along the wall towards the cockpit. Kovarian pushed past her roughly and lunged for the controls.

The ship shuddered again sending Kovarian stumbling.  The console exploded in a shower of sparks as Kovarian fell back into the controls. There was a rough scream that made Rose flinch and clutch Fortuna closer to her chest. Kovarian’s eye drive sparked against her skull and she shuddered and began to convulse. The remaining cleric rushed towards her only to convulse himself and Athena sharply pulled Rose back from the cockpit door just before the cleric collapsed to the ground.

For a moment Rose didn’t move. The lights in the ship were dark with only the emergency lighting on and bathing her and Athena in red light. Kovarian was lying slumped on the floor and the sight of the burns on her hands and face kept Rose from even moving closer to her. The clerics were both dead and Fortuna had begun crying softly. Sweeping her eyes around the dark space Rose tried to catch a glimpse of whatever had moved and set off that chain reaction, but she couldn’t see anyone or anything.

“Rose,” Athena started to say taking a step towards her. “Are you-”

“We’re not alone,” Rose whispered tightly as she kept here sword at he ready and held Fortuna tightly.

Athena nodded and moved even closer to them as she scanned the area thoughtfully with her eye drive in place.  Rose glared at the side of the room, holding the infant tightly against her and trying not to irritated by the protective way that Athena was standing in front of her. Something shimmered at the side of the ship and what Rose thought had simply been an empty space suddenly contained a tall white cupboard.

The young woman that stepped out of the double doors a moment later was completely familiar from her braided brown hair, large brown eyes and wide if nervous smile. She was looking at Rose while Athena stared at her in a blend of surprise and respect. Rose stared at her in shock before everything clicked into place almost painfully. Too many little things suddenly all made sense and a soft snort escaped her.

“Astra Fortuna,” Rose breathed out slowly with a small shake of her head. “No wonder the name didn’t seem quite right. I suppose I wouldn’t want to tell my enemies your full name.”

“I suppose not,” Astra agreed with small smile. “Hello Mummy.”


The Tyler Factor Chapter 42
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Forty-One: A Good Family Goes To War: Demons Run

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Yes I changed Jenny’s name since she was named by Rose and not Donna. It was a name that I thought suited her pretty well and she could totally own. Yeah Jack is with the Doctor on this one, he didn’t forget the immortal one this time. River or in my universe Melody Williams hasn’t been born yet and isn’t here and Amy and Rory aren’t connected to Rose and the Doctor yet.  Sorry, but I’ve got the chain of future events pretty well outlined at this point.


Rose struggled to breathe as the world snapped back into place in a flash of blue. Inwardly she cursed those damn little vortex manipulators that Jack, the Doctor and now Athena used. It occurred to her that it was probably the same one, she couldn’t quiet see the Doctor keeping one around. Not with much he adored the TARDIS.

“Easy Mu-Rose,” Athena said next to her as Rose took in a slow breath and straightened up.

They were in a small closet. There was no other word for it, they were in the cupboard. Rose supposed that was smart on Athena’s part, but couldn’t completely hold back a snort of amusement. It was a lot easier than trying to process the idea that she and the Doctor were going to have children one day and not just a full grown cloned Time Lord.

Rose frowned and wondered how Athena was taking the knowledge that she was about to have a sibling. A sibling who would be little and helpless and protected and brought up by her parents. She flinched at the thought and was tempted to reach out and touch the girl who was leaning against the door and listening with a frown.

“I can hear something in the distance,” Athena whispered in a no nonsense voice.

In a few moments she’d gone from being a bubbly blonde to a completely serious girl on a mission. Rose wasn’t sure if she got that from the Doctor or from her, probably the Doctor, but there was a little of her in Athena too. Rose shook her head and forced herself to focus on the child they were supposed to save. She didn’t need to think about it being her child or Athena’s sister. She just had to focus on the fact that a child was in danger and if they failed would face a life of being groomed into a weapon or something equally dark just for the sake of spiting and hurting the Doctor.

Athena eased the door open and Rose dropped her hand, ready to call her sword. She adjusted her messenger bag so it was more comfortable and would give her back a little protection. Then Athena stepped out into the corridor with Rose right behind her. It was a long and dim metal corridor with faint blue lights. It was strangely cold and echoed with shouting in the distance. Rose couldn’t hear anything that sounded like a weapon and that made her feel a little better.

“Rose,” Athena said as she started walking down the corridor with slow careful steps. “If you see a gray alien I need you to shout,” Athena informed her seriously as she reached into her pocket and retrieved the odd eyepatch.

“What’s with the eyepatch, what grey aliens are you talking about?” Rose asked as she summoned her sword in a brief flash of gold light.

“The Silence includes these aliens that called the Silents,” Athena began to explain as she glanced around a corner carefully. “They are greyish pink with these odd mouths and small black eyes that  were genetically engineered by the Church to allow people to confess their sins without remembering it. Anyone who looks at them without an eye drive like mine completely forgets them. You saw some on Earth, but you forgot.”

“I… what’s the point of confessing if you don’t remember it?” Rose managed to ask gaining a laugh from Jenny.

“I have no idea, its’ something I’ve always wondered too.” Athena sighed and shook her head, “The Church or the Silence seems to think that you and Dad will destroy the universe is really very ridiculous, but the time I actually went and tried to explain why they had it all wrong they tried to kill me.”

“Is Jack here?” Rose asked sensing they were into dangerous territory.

“He’s with Dad,” Athena assured her gently. “Working their way towards you right now.” Athena stopped and smiled, pointing down a turn in the corridor. “My sister is this way,” she said in a soft yet excited voice that made Rose smile. “I can already feel her.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, good thing Madame Kovarian didn’t know about that,” Athena observed as they headed down the dark corridor.

“Why aren’t there any guards?”

“They’re fighting Dad and your friends, the plan was to make a granger… uh a duplicate of Fortuna and let that be rescued while Kovarian escaped with the real Fortuna,” Athena explained as she began walking a little faster.

Rose sped up to keep pace with the young woman and silently hoped that she wasn’t speeding up for a really bad reason. In the distance the sound of weapons discharging made Rose flinch and she hoped that the Doctor would be alright. Athena frowned and glanced towards the right wall, but didn’t change their course. Rose supposed that she might be aware of her father like she was of her sister. The idea almost caused her to stutter to a stop. 

She was going to have a kid! A kid with the Doctor! She’d never been one for thinking about white weddings or kids when she was young. The underlying fear of turning out just like her mum encouraging caution in such things. Even when she started her relationship with the Doctor Rose had checked with him and found out that they couldn’t have kids together. She hadn’t thought much on it, mostly grateful that she didn’t have to be concerned about getting pregnant, but… there were those memories tucked away in the back of her head. She knew how ot hold an infant and not just from years f babysitting. Rose breathed out slowly to distract herself from the faces of the children she might have hand in another life. Her hands were shaking and Rose was beginning to feel ill.

“How much further?” Rose asked Athena in a low voice as they can to another junction.

Athena glanced around the corner with care just like soldiers in the movies did. It was disconcerting in contrast to the way the Doctor just flew around corners without a care. The sound of an explosion rang down the hallway and Rose could hear shouting and what sounded like running. Her stomach turned and she hoped once more that the Doctor was alright, this time for different reasons. She hated the idea of him having to do back into serious conflict again. She hated that she was being used or would be used to force the issue in the future.

“I don’t know exactly,” Athena replied as she dug into a pocket and pulled out a large electronic tablet of some kind. “I’ve set this to detect a granger cradle,” Athena informed her. “It’s how they duplicated my sister, but since she’s so young Kovarian should be keeping her inside of it.” Athena sounded less than confident. “Hopefully Daddy and his friends are keeping their attention.”

The idea that he had ‘friends’ with him was both a source of comfort and worry to Rose, but she said nothing. Jack was there, he knew how to use a weapon and as far as she knew couldn’t be killed. He was a small army all by himself so what were the rest. Rose shook her head. This was her family at stake, their child. She just hoped that saving Fortuna didn’t mean the Doctor losing himself.

“Which Doctor is your father?” Rose asked Athena in a low voice.

“Crazy brown hair and pinstripes,” Athena answered quickly as she checked down another corner with a frown.

Okay so the next incarnation was fine so maybe this wasn’t going to go too badly Rose assured herself. She couldn’t fathom how angry the Doctor was at this moment. Oncoming Storm was probably tame compared to how he was feeling now with both her and their daughter at risk. Rose forced herself to breath, she had to focus. Her job here in this crazy mess was to help Athena make sure that Fortuna was safe.

Everything had gone quiet all through the base. There were only low blue lights guiding there way and Rose had the odd sense that more time had passed than they realized.

They turned another corner and Athena started to run. Rose took off after her and up ahead she could see soldiers dressed in green camo. There were four of them, all shifting nervously in front of a set of white doors. Athena was advancing on them quickly, but one managed to swing his weapon around and opened fire. Darting to the right into a side corridor Rose grabbed Athena and pulled her in. Bolts of energy flew past the opening and Rose let out a curse of anger.

“Fortuna is through that door!” Athena insisted sounding frantic. “They’re going to leave soon! We have to get over there!”

“Athena,” Rose snapped as she grabbed her and held her in place. “We are pinned down!”

“No!” Athena shouted. “That’s my sister!”

“I know,” Rose replied as she heard the heavy footfalls of the strange soldiers moved towards them.

She glanced down the corridor with a frown, noting that it looked like a dead end intended for ships to dock into. They had nowhere to go, but out into space. Rose swallowed and tried to think. She wouldn’t have sent Athena here to die, she wouldn’t have even been able to have Fortuna if she got killed here.

“Okay,” Rose said softly. “DO you have a sonic screwdriver?” Rose asked Athena.

“Yes… wait we can use them to stun them for a moment,” Athena remembered, scrambling to pull out a screwdriver that looked almost exactly like her father’s. Rose pulled out her sonic pen from her bag and just as the strange men stepped around the corner, Rose and Athena pointed their sonics at the other and turned them on.

A horrible whining noise echoed down the corridor making Rose’s teeth feel like they were vibrating out of her skull. The soldiers all covered their ears and dropped their guards. Athena jumped forward before Rose could do or say anything. In a flurry of punches and kicks the four men were thrown against walls and knocked unconscious.

“Whoa,” Rose breathed unable to hide being impressed. Then she smiled at Athena, noting that none of them were actually seriously injured and just knocked out. “That’s my girl.”

Athena beamed at Rose, glowing at the praise before a sound from beyond the doorway spurred them both into action and they rushed for it. With sharp precise movements Athena opened the door via the control console and jumped forward as it slid open. They were in another long corridor leading up to a ship docking port. Rose could see a tall woman dressed with black and carrying a strange baby carrier stalking through a door. Soldiers were on either side of her and began to open fire at Athena. Hugging the side of the wall, Rose squirmed up to a small hole in the corridor full of controls and hid inside of it. Athena followed her in and peeked out even as the soldiers kept firing.

“Damn clerics!” Athena shouted clearly enraged. “Bloody hell you’re kidnapping an infant! Doesn’t that bother you?”

Then out of seeming nowhere a strange familiar female voice came on the intercom system reciting some kind of rhyme.

“Demons run when a good family goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good family goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, night will fall and the dark will rise, when a good family goes to war. Demons run by Time Lord tricks, but for the future no easy fix. The battle’s won by the family strong when a good family goes to war.”

Athena frowned at the voice, straightening up with a suspicious look on her face. Then she dug back into her pocket and pulled out a small round device. She looked up at Rose as she pressed a tiny button on it.

“Don’t tell Daddy about this please.”

Before Rose could say anything, Athena tossed the device down the hall. There wasn’t any kind of explosion, but an odd staticy sound followed by the sounds of several bodies hitting the ground.

“Why didn’t you use that before?” Rose demanded as they stepped back into the corridor and rushed for the door.

“I only have the one, I didn’t want to use it so soon but…”

“Who was that on the intercom?” Rose asked as Athena began pressing buttons by the door.

“I have no idea,” Athena informed her with a dark look. “It wasn’t Vastra or Jenny or you so I’m not sure.”

The doors opened and without hesitation Rose entered the small ship. Two more clerics stepped forward with weapons pointed at her and Athena. The ship rumbled for a moment and Rose felt ill as she realized that they were taking off. A moment later a woman with dark curly hair piled up on her head and an eye drive like Athena’s stepped out form the front of the ship with a smile. She glanced at Rose with a dark frown and then looked at Athena.

“Time Lord tricks,” she spat. “I thought I had him.” But then her anger seemed to fade and she straightened up. “Well no matter, you young Rose Tyler will be returned to your own time with a wiped memory of this incident. After all I need  you to convince and produce our great weapon.”

“My sister is not a weapon,” Athena snapped at her, eying the nearest cleric.

“Oh Athena,” Madame Kovarian almost cooed. “You know better than most what a fierce warrior your father is. He may claim to be a healer, but things always seem to catch up with him.” Kovarian gave her a searching look. “You would be a great asset in this fight my dear. A few years with the Papal Mainframe to learn and fully accept our ways and then maybe you could be a part of raising little Fortuna.”

“I know you think that my father is dangerous, but doesn’t the face that he hasn’t sought to destroy you as a threat to his family through time travel prove that he has limits. You’re the one trying to make this a mini Time War.”

“You’re the one who brought your young mother into this.”

“Your agents were there!”

“Merely as a precaution when we detected you time traveling to that point,” Kovarian snapped back with a nasty look. “Athena accept my offer, you worked with the Church before.”

“That was in the 51st Century, things have gone downhill since then,” Athena countered. “I know that you’re scared, but my parents are not a threat. They protect the universe.”

“Your family can’t always tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it! They cannot be trusted, not against the Darkness!”

“And the Silence was such a better answer! Maybe if we don’t speak of it and pretend it isn’t there nothing will happen?”

At the front of the ship an alarm beeped and Madame Kovarian smiled. “Looks like the Doctor has finally found his way into our system,” she said lightly. “If you ladies will excuse me I’d like to enjoy this. It isn’t every day that a person gets to gloat over the Doctor.”

Chaptere Forty-Three

The Tyler Factor Chapter 41
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Forty-One: A Good Family Goes To War: Athena

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I’m back, camping was awesome and I finally learned to play cribbage.  I think I’m going to be offered a job on Tuesday and I’m working on self publishing my first book so I’m doing awesome!


The apartment was neat and tidy everywhere except for the desk which had piles of papers weighed down with books. A laptop was sitting there closed with a light blinking and a small clock on the edge of the desk showed the date and time. Opposite the desk was a full tall bookshelf with several shelves of science books and well-worn copies of the Time Machine and Lord of the Rings.

A strong wind suddenly blew through the apartment’s main room as an odd wheezing sound reverberated against the walls. The papers of the desk were held in place by the heavy books and the curtains covering the window only shifted slightly. A moment later a tall blue police public call box appeared in the open space between the coffee table and the kitchen. Rose Tyler stumbled out of the TARDIS laughing loudly with the Doctor on her heels.

“That was fun,” Rose announced as she reached up to neaten her fly away blonde hair.  “You know how to show a girl a good time.”

“Well it is easier when the girl in question enjoys stopping alien egomaniacs trying to put a control field around planets so they can enslave the whole population,” the Doctor remarked as he leaned forward and kissed Rose quickly on the lips. “Which is one of the many things I adore about you.”

“I adore you too,” Rose replied with a silly smile, giving up on her hair and wrapping her arms around the Doctor’s neck.

“Course that alien egomaniac seemed impressed with you too,” the Doctor observed with a sly smile. “Sure you don’t want to be a queen? It was a pretty nice planet.”

Rose snorted and raised an eyebrow at the Doctor’s words even though he was giving her a teasing smile. “I’m sure Doctor. Besides I already have an egomaniac of my own. I can’t fathom juggling another.”

The Doctor pouted a bit at her statement and Rose laughed cheerfully, almost feeling the need to mark score in the air. Instead she stood up on her tip toes and kissed the thin wrinkles between the Doctor’s eyes. “Don’t pout,” she told him. “You might start to look your age.”

“Would that bother you?” the Doctor asked as he settled his hands on her hips.

Rose gave him a soft look and shook her head. “No, you’re my Doctor. It might make a few things more difficult for us in terms of perceptions, but I’ll always love you.”

The Doctor’s expression softened and he brushed a finger down her cheek. For a moment they were both quiet and simply enjoying standing there. Then the alarm across the room went off. Frowning Rose turned to look at it.

“I thought…,” she started to say pulling away from the Doctor so that she could see the date and time. “Oh I’ve got to get to class!”

“What?” the Doctor asked as Rose began to rush around the room to collect various school books, papers and her messenger bag.

“You got the time a bit wrong,” Rose replied as she fished a brush out from her desk drawer and attempted to tame her hair once more. “Sorry to cut this short,” she added moving up in front of him for another quick kiss. “I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

“I haven’t gotten the time wrong in ages,” the Doctor huffed with a frown looking displeased.

“Only by twelve hours,” Rose told him as she filled a water bottle in the kitchen. “Don’t worry about it so much.”

She kissed him again and jumped towards the doorway. Locking it behind her, Rose headed for the stairs. As she stepped into the stairwell she could hear the very faint sound of the TARDIS dematerializing and smiled. Slipping her hand into her bag Rose retrieved her phone and began to scroll through the calls and messages that she’d received. Thankfully there weren’t any messages about where she was so she was going to take that as a good sign.

It was a sunny if chilly April morning and for a moment Rose considered going back inside to retrieve a jacket, but decided against it. She did have enough time that she could walk to campus and grab something for breakfast along the way. A yawn slipped out of her and Rose sighed softly knowing it was going to be a long day. Rose didn’t pay much attention as she ducked into a small café and grabbed a quiche to eat on her walk. She was almost to her first class when a strange metallic sound drew her attention towards the side of the building.

Glancing towards the door, Rose started walking towards the sound as she heard it once again. She took one last big bit of her breakfast and noted a few other students heading towards the building. There was another long scrapping sound and Rose sped up her pace. She heard a scream and then more shouting. Dashing forward, Rose pushed her away past a gathering crowd only to stop in surprise.

There were three unfamiliar aliens standing near the wall. Rose stared at the strange grey creatures, unable to help but think of all those bad alien films she’d seen over the years. They have rounded grey heads and large eyes, but their mouths were missing. Strangest of all it was wearing a neat pressed suit. Around her the students scattered, but the sounds of them shouting and screaming quickly vanished. There was a noise nearby and Rose ripped her eyes away from the alien only to suddenly wonder what was happening.

Then a strange man was suddenly on top of her, swinging a metallic net over her. Lashing out Rose kicked his sharply in the knee and then as he twisted in pain and began to go down she kicked him again in the chest. The strange net seemed to be tightening around her. Rose grabbed at the net only to have a small electric charge jolt through her making her flinch. She held back a scream and glared up at the man only to catch sight of an odd gray alien.

Everything happened in a blur. A blonde woman rushed around the corner wearing a strange eyepatch. She lunged towards the man with the net and kicked his soundly in the chest. The aliens pulled away from her with strange sounds and she hissed at them. When the man stood back up and rushed her again, Rose felt the electric shock fade and began to move. Weakly she tugged at the net and moved her feet in an effort to find the bottom.

She kept glancing towards the girl and the strange man fighting and saw the aliens slip away before she forgot about them completely. Finally she had one of her legs free and raised it up to push the net away. Once it was in the right location, Rose grabbed the net and pushed it off of her bag. She felt tired and drained, but forced herself to stand up in time to see the strange woman knock the man down. This time he stayed down.

The woman grabbed her hand and pulled Rose sharply away from the strange man. As they turned the corner Rose had a strange sense that she was forgetting something, but dared not stop in case the strange man attacked her again. Her eyes dropped to the small sonic screwdriver that the girl was holding, but she didn’t have a chance to ask her anything as they sped across campus. Then Rose was pushed sharply into an alley just off of campus behind one of the nearby shops.

The young woman panted softly, taking deliberate measured breaths as she looked around. She was a very pretty young woman and there was something familiar about her bone structure that Rose just couldn’t quiet place. The girl was tiny: thin and a few inches shorter than herself. Long blond hair was swept back in a tight ponytail and she was dressed in jeans and a simple blue t-shirt with a small bag strapped around her waist and thigh. Without a word she reached up and took off the odd looking eyepatch and slipped it into her pocket with a soft sigh of relief. A flash of blue light at her wrist made Rose’s eyes widen as she studied the thick device on the girl’s left wrist only to realize that it was just like Jack’s time jumper device.

“Good I think we’re safe for the moment,” the girl said with a nod as she turned her attention back to Rose. “You’re not hurt are you?”

“No,” Rose managed to say calmly. “I’m fine, but who are you and what is happening?”

“My name is Athena,” the young woman told her with small smile. “And I’m… well I’m the Doctor’s daughter. Yours too thanks to some donated DNA to fill in the gaps of my Time Lord DNA.”

“What?” Rose asked with widening eyes. “Run that by me again.”

“I was created from a sample of the Doctor’s DNA and rapidly aged. I was literary born as an adult with preprogramed knowledge of tactics, weapons and combat to serve as a soldier.” Athena explained patiently before her smile widened. “I chose to follow Dad instead rather than the orders and once the war was ended peacefully I left with you and Dad. Later on when I started having some problems Dad used your DNA to patch up mine. I didn’t have the full complex DNA needed to regenerate properly.”

Rose stared at her. The words were English or at least she heard English, but the rapid fire explanation about who this girl was left her feeling even more confused and stunned. Athena’s smile faltered for a moment and then she smiled softly.

“It’s a lot I know, but you’re my Mum. As much of one as I’ve got anyway. You even named me.”


“Well yeah, sprang fully grown from my father as a warrior, but also with the ability to learn and be completely brilliant,” Athena said proudly with a maniac grin. “You told me that you hoped it would inspire me to protect rather than seek wars and value my natural intelligence over my programmed martial skills.”

It was the smile that did it. Rose felt her jaw go slightly slack as she took in the maniac thrilled to be danger and drunk on her own cleverness expression. What the girl was saying had to be true. Thankfully Athena gave Rose a moment to process what she saying and she peeked out of the alley.

“I think we’re safe for the moment,” Athena told her as she looked down at her wrist device. “But we can’t stay here. Just give me a tic and we’ll-”

“Hold it,” Rose ordered sternly as she shook her head and attempted to clear her thoughts. “What is going on? Who was that guy?”

Athena hesitated, her face nervous and her fingers twitched. Her entire body was oddly tense like she wanted to jump between her feet or run. It almost made Rose smile, it reminded her so much of the Doctor.  While Athena collected herself Rose studied the girl. There wasn’t a strong resemblance between Athena and her father, but there were hints of his different forms in her. The blonde hair Rose could easily attribute to his fifth body, the eyes were a pretty light blue almost like the Doctor’s ninth body’s and her height… well he’d been short more than a few times.

“That man and the aliens that you’ve already forgotten are part of a religious movement called the Silence,” Athena began to explain after taking a deep breath. “They are a pretty fanatical group and have it out for Daddy and you. The thing is… you’re pregnant in the future with my little brother or sister.”

“What?” Rose breathed with wide eyes already skipping over the mention of aliens she didn’t remember. “But that’s not- we’re not genetically compatible. I asked him that when our relationship started.”

“Well things change,” Athena told her delicately.

“Genetic engineering?” Rose asked still tripping over the idea of her and the Doctor having kids. “Did he actually want kids?” Realizing who she was talking to Rose quickly corrected herself. “I mean little helpless crying kids.”

“Yeah he did,” Athena informed her, raising an eyebrow. “Look Mum- Rose I get that this is a bit of a shock, but I need your help.”

“How can I help? What is going on?”

“The older you, the pregnant one was captured by the Silence and taken to their asteroid base Demon’s Run. We think that they are planning to use your child as a weapon against you and Dad either as a hostage or maybe even training them to be a threat.”

“Oh my god.”

“Yeah,” Athena looked nervous again. “Look I need your help. Dad and Jack are gathering some friends and allies to help on a frontal attack to draw their attention, but I’m supposed to slip in and grab my sister. You told me that they are going to smuggle her out with a trick so we have to get to Madame Kovarian and save my sister while Dad distracts them.” Athena looked around with a tight frown. “I just made the time jump, I was waiting for you and Dad to separate so I didn’t mess with the timelines. I guess they followed me.”

“They have time travel too?”

“Afraid so, they can’t do it quickly or easily, but they have some time travel technology.”

“Who is Madame Kovarian?”

“Honestly we’re not sure, she hates Dad and you for some reason. Like I said we don’t know much about the Silence, no one does. All we do know is that they are some kind of cultist offshoot of the Papal Mainframe, but we have no idea why they fear Dad so much.” Athena’s wrist device beeped and she looked back to Rose. “Look I know it’s’ a lot to process all at once, but will you help?”

“What’s your sister’s name?”

“Fortuna,” Athena told her with a small smile. “Apparently you two named her after a goddess of luck that you- never mind.”

Fortuna sounded familiar and it tickled at the back of Rose’s mind as she looked at Athena. The young woman was looking at her in earnest. Rose felt herself nod and held out a hand for Athena to take, hoping desperately that this wasn’t some kind of trap. Athena took her hand, tugged her closer and pressed a series of buttons on her wrist device. A moment later the world fell away.

Chapter Forty-Two

The Tyler Factor Chapter 40
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Forty: Nightmare: Light in the Dark

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I’m going to celebrate my uniqueness and go camping for a week so there will be no update next weekend. Thankfully this episode is all wrapped up for your enjoyment.


Rose had to fight her instincts to stay still as the Violet Guardian reached for her. A desperate hope that this wasn’t some kind of trick was thrumming in her chest alongside her racing heart. A cool smooth palm closed over her arm and Rose felt a strange dizzy feeling coming over her as the Violet Guardians’ eyes glowed.

The mud and darkness melted away and Rose found herself standing in the grand domed Hall of the Universe. It was darker than Rose remembered like a dull copy, but the shimmering streams of color in the marble floor gave it some light. The thrones all stood around her in a great circle, all empty even with the golden throne elevated above the rest. In the corner of her eye Rose thought she saw the thrones glisten, but they seemed normal when she looked at them straight on. Then the Violet Guardian appeared in a swirl of violet sparks in her own violet throne, a happy little smile on her face.

Then Rose realized that they weren’t really at the Hall of the Universe. It was darker and seemed duller because this was only a memory of having seen it. Rose let out a soft breath. This felt safer. It wasn’t home or any variations thereof like the TARDIS, her apartment or that mansion that she now remembered living in with Peter Tyler. But was known and safe. And empty, there was nothing that the Nightmare Man could turn against her here.

“Now what?” Rose asked the Violet Guardian, turning to look at her on the throne. “What now?”

The Violet Guardian raised her hands and purple energy began to gather in them. Rose could see thin strands of energy being pulled from all around them. They twisted in the air and began to weave another dome over Rose’s head. With each passing second another and another appeared. Rose began to reach towards one.

“Do not,” the Violet Guardian commanded sternly. “We need more power Rose, I need you to focus on your memories.”

“My memories?” Rose repeated doubtfully. “But isn’t that what the Nightmare Man is using?”

“I draw power from dreams and memory,” the Violet Guardian reminded her. “The Nightmare Man is feeding on your fear from those memories.”

“What can I do?”

“Acceptance is the first step to overcoming fear,” the Violet Guardian told her gently. “Theses strands are the web of memories in your mind. Touch them only if you are prepared to face them and accept them without letting the fear take you over.”

“And this will help save my friends?”

“The more memory you have control of the more powerful I am here. I came into your dreamscape, I have limited myself to the power contained here.”

“So if I don’t do this… you can never leave?”

“Not with the Nightmare Man also connected to you.”

“And I’ll never wake up and neither will my friends,” Rose said slowly feeling doubt welling up in here chest along with determination. Rose took a deep breath and pulled on her reserves of courage. “Okay,” she said firmly. “I can do this, I saw this stuff once at the lake right? That’s how I got connected to it? It wasn’t so bad.”

Reaching out, Rose brushed her finger against the nearest violet strand. There was a painful jolt up her arm that made Rose gasp for air. Around her the world seemed to quiver and for a moment she couldn’t breathe. Then it all began to fall back into place. Something zinged in her head causing a small pain right between her eyes and forcing Rose to blink. When she opened her eyes and looked around she found herself standing in a strange and yet very familiar room.

Two little girls looked up at her with wide brown eyes and gently freckled skin. For a moment Rose could do nothing but look at them stunned only to receive tentative calls of Mommy as one of them tugged on her hand. Something clicked into Rose’s mind and she started moving in the small room. There were photos of her with a man she didn’t recognize alongside photos of her with her parents, both of them. Books filled one long set of shelves in the main room and a glance out of picture window revealed a green county landscape. In the kitchen she found the beginnings of lunch and finished the preparation while one of the little girls tugged gently on the hem of her dress. She walked them over to the small table and presented them with their sandwiches. Taking a deep breath, Rose left them sitting there and headed for the kitchen window which she unlatched and opened.

Then everything changed. She was standing in front of a large round window looking out into the dark expanse of space. Stars twinkled all around her and she could see a planet far to the right with swirling storms of red and white. Rose took a deep breath as the feeling of this world settled over her and things in her mind began to shift gently. Behind her something beeped and Rose turned to see an old fashioned wind up alarm clock sitting on the edge of a small desk next to a bed. The room was small, but cozy with a few holograms of her mother and father who both looked younger than she thought they should. Rose picked up an uniform jacket laid out across the bed and pulled it on in one smooth motion. She paused to smooth it down as she went towards the doorway of the room. There was a mirror hanging nearby and Rose smiled at her very smart looking reflection, surprised at just how good grey looked on her.

But as she stepped through the doorway and into a long conference room. There were people seated around the table in smart suits of widely varying ethnicities and to Rose’s surprise one alien of a species she didn’t recognize at the far end of the table. They all stood as she entered and Rose felt her lips begin to smirk in satisfaction.  She heard herself say something, but the words seemed odd to her. It took her a moment as things began to settled to realize that her mind was trying to absorb and translate the new language. With a charming smile Rose lowered herself into the main seat.

Gasping Rose stumbled back as she became aware of herself again and looked around at the dream Hall of the Universe. She could properly feel her limbs again and her thoughts were sharp and distinct. Breathing slowly, Rose looked over towards the Violet Guardian whose eyes were closed in concentration. There were more of the threads around her even as the ones she’d been holding vanished. Rose frowned and tried to consider herself.

She didn’t feel any different, but there was a strange sort of awareness in the back of her mine about the things she’d seen. She remembered them a little like the faded memories of her youth, but they lacked the vibrant color of emotional connection. The two little girls were named Violet and Daisy, but she didn’t feel any more affection for them than she would for any random child. Rose began to reach for another bundle feeling a bit better about the situation even as nervousness continued to flutter in her stomach.

The cockpit was small, but filled with screens, buttons and small lights. Rose smiled as she looked out at the dark sky in front of her and the twinkling lights of a city below. Her fingers danced over a few of the controls as the steering wheel in front of her was left untouched. A radio next to her buzzed and the man beside her reached over to hit a button. Rose glanced over her shoulder to the small chair tucked in the back corner of the cockpit where a young man in an uniform was sleeping. Taking off a seat belt, Rose strode over to him and gave him a small shake before pointing back at her seat. He nodded and walked across the cockpit to settled in her place. Rose pulled open the doorway and stepped thorugh.

She stumbled forward into a cool metal life and turned around to see the Doctor. For a moment Rose wasn’t sure it was really him, but it was his leather coat and face. The smell of leather, engine grease and a hint of something that always seemed to surround him dismissed her doubts.  Her mind was full of confusion and fear even as a stubborn human instinct pushed for her to makes sense of what was happening. Something warm and plastic was gripped in her hand as she heard herself ask him if it was a student thing. The Doctor seemed both surprised and amused by the question and Rose tried to understand what was going on. How could there be another Doctor? Weren’t the Time Lords singular in the multiverse? The lift opened and the Doctor reached for her with a warning to mind her eyes. Rose frowned as they left the lift and the Doctor pushed her outside the building. Something was different with these memories, they didn’t seem to be settling like the others.

Then she blinked and found herself back in the Hall of the Universe.  Violet sparks of light were swirling around the room like hyper fireflies glowing brighter and brighter. They began to swirl together forming round shimmering portals. Rose glanced towards the Violet Guardian but her eyes were solid violet and she had an almost pained look on her face. Then Rose heard soft crying through one of the portals. It was pained and labored like someone who just couldn’t stop crying and worse, it sounded like Shireen.

“Shireen!” Rose called desperately. “Can you hear me?”

“Rose?” a timid voice called back. “But-”

“This is a dream honey,” Rose told her. “Whatever you think you’re seeing it isn’t real.”

“Oh thank god,” came a clearer response. “But what is happening?”

“Something called the Nightmare Man is using my memories from other realities to break into our reality,” Rose explained quickly. “And he’s spreading his influence to others, you need to take control of the dream.”

“Bring them here,” the Violet Guardian ordered loudly as her body shivered. “Bring them here.”

“Shireen can you see a portal?” Rose asked her.

“Yeah, you’re on the other side.”

“Yes come through.”

A moment later Shireen stepped through dressed all in black with badly smudged eyes. She brightened the moment she caught sight of Rose and jumped forward to hug her tightly. Rose wondered what her nightmare had been, but didn’t ask as another portal opened. This time she could hear Rani’s voice, then another appeared and Rose could hear Sarah Jane. Both sounded distressed, but answered when Rose called to them.

Portal by portal her friends arrived in the Hall of the Guardians. Some of them like Sarah Jane began instantly looking around and eyeing the Violet Guardian with interest while others like Johnny and Sharon were looking around with more cautiousness. Rose noted that Shireen was dressed all in black, Rani was in some kind of suit and Clyde was in some kind of burger bar uniform, but she didn’t ask about what nightmares they had been living.

“What do I do now?” Rose called to the Violet Guardian.

“I need more power,” the Violet Guardian replied in a pained voice as more of the violet strands twisted through the air to surround Rose.

“But-” Rose swallowed and eyed the strands with worry. Her mind was already humming and her head ached from the information dump that she was already dealing with. She could feel new things tickling at her and it was terrifying and exciting all at once. “I can’t,” Rose exclaimed in a pained voice, folding her hands in front of her. “I’m sorry, but its too much. I can’t.”

“Now you listen to me,” Sarah Jane said sternly. “You are Rose Marion Tyler. You are the Defender of Earth, called Thorn by UNIT and you are my friend. You’re Luke’s godmother and one of the people I trust most in this world so don’t you dare say that you can’t do this. You bloody well can.”

Luke gave his mother a sharp look in surprise at the curse, but he grinned widely as Clyde outright laughed. “She’s right Rose, can’t really argue with that.”

“But…” Rose trailed off as her hand shook as she reached towards the next set of woven strands. “If a person is the sum of their memories then what will be left of me?”

“A person is the sum of their choices too,” Shireen reminded her in a soft voice that somehow echoed around the room. “It may be tough honey or maybe it won’t be. Maybe the memories and knowledge will be too much or maybe they’ll fade to the background, but whatever happens we’ll be there.” Shireen stepped forwards and squeezed her hand.

Nodding, Rose reached out and grabbed another thread and let herself be pulled into another memory and then another and another. They were washing over her, seeping into the cracks of her being in a way that was alarming and exhilarating at the same time. Rose’s fingers itched to try some of the new things or see some of the strange places she now knew.  But with every thread that she touched and every new thing that clicked into place in her head Rose felt more drained and exhausted.

“Hiding little rats,” the voice of the Nightmare Man echoed through the Hall of the Universe as Rose struggled to stay on her feet.

Clyde and Luke caught her, holding her up between them as Rose panted for breath. Everything hurt and she couldn’t even bring herself to look up towards the voice of the Nightmare Man. Finally as the temperature began to drop and the Hall darkened Rose forced her head up. The domed ceiling of the Hall had become a swirl of dark smoke with the face of the Nightmare Man forming in it. Her stomach turned as a great hand began to form and it reached towards them.

A blast of violet light cut through the darkness. Rose turned to see the Violet Guardian on her feet with her hands extended towards the Nightmare Man. Flashes of violet light spun off her hands and up towards the Nightmare Man. There was a rumbling sound as the light collided with the swirling dark clouds. Rose bit her lip and tried to focus on the memories she’d acquired, remembering the feeling of piloting a small plane or the sight of Jupiter from orbit, the feel of the wind in her hair at that beach and the soft clicking of knitting needles.

The Nightmare Man glared at them, hissing and snarling as the violet cords bound him tighter and tighter. He tried to shout something, but his words became mere gurgles. Rose risked a glance at the Violet Guardian. Her hand was extended towards the Nightmare Man and glowing a brilliant violet color with small hints of gold. Her eyes were shining white and there was a look of intense concentration on her face.

In the corner of her eye Shireen vanished and Rose gasped. She reached out towards where her friend had been only for Sharon followed by Ran it vanish. Johnny was gone, then Sarah Jane and Luke and Luke until Rose was alone with the Nightmare Man’s muffled shrieks and whimpers. The dome of the Hall exploded in a brilliant flash of light with a loud scream of rage echoing in Rose’s ears. Then everything went dark for a long moment.

Rose opened her eyes slowly as the fog rolled away and she could hear Shireen’s voice. Nervously, Rose looked up at her friend and met a pair of worried eyes. Shireen nibbled at her lip for a moment and brought a straw up to Rose’s lips. Rose took a grateful sip of the water and a small sigh of relief escaped her.

“Do you know who I am?” Shireen asked softly and Rose smiled.

“Yeah, I know who you are,” Rose replied, sitting up slowly and rolling her shoulders. “Everyone okay? No sleepiness or sign of the Nightmare Man.”

“Scans are registering normal,” Spock’s calm voice informed Rose. “I trust that the situation has been resolved.”

“I think so,” Rose answered with a look around the room. “Sorry about that everyone. I really don’t try to get you caught up in my drama.”

Sarah Jane laughed and stepped forward to hug her tightly. “You’re a silly girl you know that,” the older woman told her warmly.

There was a round of hugs all around the room and no one mentioned nightmares. Rose stayed near Sharon and Shireen. She felt a little different, older maybe. At the back of her mind she could feel strange and new memories tucked away and waiting for her to address them. Maybe she would in the future and she had no doubt that she’d have dreams from time to time, but there was no sense of urgency any longer.

There was no sign of the Violet Guardian and Rose vaguely wondered if she’d been real or just some part of her mind manifesting to help her. She doubted it, that was a little too normal for her life.  But she was awake now and the Nightmare Man had been defeated and would hopefully never return.

“Shouldn’t you be heading back to Cambridge?” Luke asked with a nod towards the small clock on Sarah Jane’s desk.

“Nope,” Rose answered with growing smile. “I’m going to take a mental health day.”

“Oh you playing hooky,” Sharon said with a grin as she crossed her arms.

“Yeah,” Rose sighed with a smile of her own. “Anyone want to help me?”

Sarah Jane laughed and shook her head as Johnny wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Luke, Rani and Clyde exchanged knowing looks and Sharon and Shireen calmly shook their heads at her. Rose stood up and looked around at all of them.

“How about dinner then, my treat?”

“I think that will be a very good apology,” Sarah Jane told her with nod. “Clyde Rani, call your parents.”

Rose sighed softly in relief as the teenagers pulled out their mobiles and called their parents. She gave Shireen another small smile and reached out to grab her hand. She gave it a reassuring squeeze that was returned without hesitation and felt something easing in her chest and in her mind.

“Yeah,” Rose said softly to herself. “I’m gonna be fine.”

Chapter Forty-One

The Tyler Factor Chapter 39
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Nightmare: Trapped in Dreams

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


Sharon wrapped her arms around herself as she looked around the dark cell. It was made of dark stone and only faint artificial light was seeping in through a tiny high window several feet above her and beneath a heavy metal door. It felt very cold and a sense of helplessness was creeping over her. Sharon swallowed thickly and looked around the cell trying to remember why she was here. She looked down at herself and felt ill as she saw a simple grey dress and shoes.

But she couldn’t remember anything and the smell of dirt, urine and other things was quickly becoming overwhelming.  She rubbed her upper arms nervously as she took a few steps towards the doorway. Sharon could help but tremble a little bit.

“Hello?” she called in a low voice. “Can anyone hear me?”

On the other side of the door a fierce growling made her jump back. The door rattled and for a moment she couldn’t breath as the growling echoed in the small stone room. Against her wishes, Sharon rubbed her leg near the small scar she still had from Mrs. Peterson’s dog biting her when she was six. Another round of barking made her move even further away from the door.

“Please!” Sharon shouted. “Is there anyone out there! I shouldn’t be here! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

But no one answered and the dog kept barking. Then another dog began barking and another and another. Sharon crawled onto the small cot in the cell and pulled her legs up to her chin. Rocking herself slowly she tried to stay calm, but her breathing became more and more rapid. Something was wrong, something was so very wrong, but she couldn’t think with the sounds of the dog echoing around her.


The small shop was dark with low fluorescent lights giving it the only illumination. There were six grey tables in front of a dingy counter that had traces of red colour on the edges. Clyde frowned as he looked around and tried to remember what he’d been doing. He looked down at himself and felt his stomach turn when realized that he was dressed with an ugly red apron. There was a hat on his head and he nervously touched. A name badge on his chest had his name on it and Clyde felt his legs feeling weak.

“No,” he whispered to himself. “This isn’t right. This can’t be real.”

A door in the back opened and a large balding man dressed in a stain button down shirt with a loose tie hanging around his neck stepped out. He looked at Clyde he was something distasteful and tossed him something. Clyde caught it on reflex and looked down at a dirty of keys.

“Don’t mess this up boy, this is your last chance,” the man huffed at him before squeezing past him and exiting the door. A blast of cool air hit Clyde in the face just before the door closed leaving the young man alone in the filthy chip shop alone.

“This… this isn’t right,” Clyde said to himself as he shook his head and tried to clear his thoughts.

A feeling of failure weighed down on his shoulders as Clyde took a hesitate step towards the counter. There was a dingy rag and some cleaning fluid. With a shake of his head Clyde sprayed some on the counter and began to scrub even as the feeling that he was forgetting something nagged at the back of his mind.


Rose felt the weapon in her hand first. It was bulky and heavy, positioned against her inner elbow with a strap around her neck. She paused for a moment and tried to look around, but she was in a dark place even though she could hear and see others. Reaching up, Rose felt her face only to realize that she had gloves of some kind on. Her normally long hair was short and cropped very close to her head. Then lights began to appear around her followed a moment later by sirens. On a strange reflex, Rose tightened her grip on the weapon and took a sharp breath.

There was movement around her and Rose turned slightly and saw other humans walking forwards slowly with weapons just like the one she was holding. There was another light in the distance and Rose suddenly realized that it was some kind of flare as orange light illuminated the dark sky in almost a pillar. Taking a careful step forward Rose felt her foot sink into mud.

Screams suddenly erupted in the distance. The person next to her swore and began firing their weapon at something moving at the edge of the light. It had strange long limbs and seemed to twist in the air with every step despite its vaguely humanoid shape. Others around her opened fire and small beams of red light blasted through the air. There were more screams and Rose stepped away from the gunfire, struggling to breathe and make sense of where she was.


The church was small, but light was streaming in through the stained glass windows sending colour over the pews. Shireen frowned from her place in the second row and looked around trying to figure out why she was here. Then her eyes feel on the casket at the front of the church. Next to it were several large photos of Rose. Her heart stopped for a moment and Shireen shook her head.

“No,” she whispered.

A loud sob made her turn and look towards the front row on the other side of the church. Jackie was sitting there sobbing loudly into a pile of tissues with Gita trying to comfort her. She stared at Jackie, waiting for her to laugh and stand up to announce that the joke was over. She waited for some sign that this was some of show. Maybe Rose was in trouble and had to fake her death.

Turning in the pew Shireen looked behind her. The next rows were filled with the companions that she’d met through Rose. Ace was crying, Tegan’s bottom lip was trembling and Sarah Jane had her arm around a crying Luke. UNIT personnel were behind them, all in uniform with somber expressions.

Then she saw the Doctor. The one with wild brown hair who was standing at the very back of the church in his long brown coat. His hands were in his pockets and he was staring at the casket with an expression unlike anything that Shireen had ever seen before. Heartbreak and complete sorrow weren’t strong enough words. Slowly she stood up, but the Doctor didn’t look at her. Then he turned sharply and reached for the doors.

“Wait!” Shireen called. “Doctor! What happened? What happened to Rose!” Shireen demanded as she stumbled her way out of the pew and into the centre aisle.

The Doctor didn’t answer her and none of the companions moved. They all just kept crying and staring at the coffin. But then the Doctor was gone. He vanished out of the church and a flash of sunlight blinded Shireen. Tears rolled down her face and Shireen turned back towards the coffin, struggling to breath.


Rani rubbed her hands down her sides nervously, feeling the soft fabric of the fancy skirt and formal jacket beneath her hands. The makeup artist ran the powder brush over her face one more time as a voice called: on the air in five! She sucked in a sharp breath even as she tried to smile and turned to look at the newscaster set. Her heart skipped a beat and Rani wondered why she felt so nervous.

This was old hat, she reminded herself with a small laugh. No need to be nervous. Then a tall blond woman in a smart suit strode over towards her with a wide smile. The older woman stepped up next to her and put a hand on her shoulder, giving it a small squeeze.

“Ready Rani?” she asked in a pleasant voice. “Let’s tell the whole world about those menaces.”

“Menaces?” Rani questioned with small frown as she looked around trying to figure out what felt so off.

“Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith of course,” the woman answered with surprised look. “I mean all the times they’ve put you in danger.”

“How do you know about them?”

“I’m Louise Marlowe, the best journalist in Britain, it’s my job to know.” She tightened her grip on Rani’s shoulder and steered her over to the news desk.

Rani was pushed into one of the seats directly in front of the camera. The teleprompter in front of turned on and Rani felt her mouth go completely dry.  Louise sat down next to her, tossing her hair slightly and smiling towards the camera crew.

“But I-” Rani began to protest.

“Rani, we are journalists. We have a responsibility to tell the people.  You have to tell them everything: about Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane and her alien made son and about the Doctor.”

“But that’s dangerous,” Rani replied quickly around a thick swallow. “Sometimes things have to stay known only to a few until the right time. Everyone was happy to ignore that invasion last Christmas.”

“Rani do you want to be a journalist or not?”

“We’re on in three two one!” A voice called. The cameras came on and Rani forced herself to smile as they began to broadcast.

“Our top story tonight: Aliens and humans who help them,” Louise announced to the camera with a big smile on her face.


Luke laughed as he looked around the school corridor. He was dreaming, he’d never had dreams before. Reaching out he touched the wall and grinned. It felt so real even though he knew he wasn’t really there.

“Aren’t you an interesting one,” an oily voice observed calmly form behind him.

Luke turned to see a pale man that most certainly did not belong at the school leering at him.

“Who are you?” Luke asked carefully. “Are you a part of this dream?”

“Part of the dream?” the being laughed and raised his hand which began to glow a dark sickly purple. “Time for you to learn boy why others fear nightmares.”

Luke didn’t have time to move out of the way before the blast hit him. It rippled over his skin and exploded outward. The whole scenery began to change around him, his school falling away as a new place formed.  A tall blond woman that looked very familiar was standing near a huge window and looking out over London.

“You’ve done so well architect,” she observed in an amused voice. She turned and Luke gasped softly, recognizing the woman who had created him and led the Bane invasion of Earth. “Humanity is now ours, Bane is inside every single human being.” She chuckled and looked towards the far side of the room and Luke followed her eyes.

There were two bodies lying on a conference table: his mother and Rose.

“My perfect little human,” the Bane woman cooed as she came up behind him and put a hand on his head. “Of course you’re no longer needed.”


Johnny stared down the dark hall lined with doors. He wasn’t moving in fact he was determined not to. Taking a deep breath, he rolled his shoulders and looked behind him where the hallway seemed to stretch out for eternity with even more doors. His eyes fell on the nearest door which was bright TARDIS blue and his fingers itched to open it, but Johnny shoved them into his pockets.

“No,” he said out loud. “I know how this nightmare goes and I’m not playing.”

“Pity,” a strange voice called to him. It seemed to come from all around him and Johnny had to fight back the urge to spin. “Such a pity, but then you’re not  a brave one you. Mum and Dad were the brave ones who traveled with the Doctor. You sweet Sarah Jane is a brave one, but not you. Johnny is just… the ordinary one.”

“Still not playing,” Johnny growled.

Lighting flashed over his head as the roof of the corridor vanished and th hallway faded away. A thick forest full of twisted and dark trees rose up around him and the doors which remained firmly in place. The howl of a wolf in the distance and another flash of lightning made Johnny shiver, but he still did not move.


Rose frowned, everything slowed down. The sound of explosions faded away and the screams suddenly stopped. Rose looked around quickly and saw the other soldiers moving at a snail’s pace before they froze in air as if they were suddenly a photograph. Gripping her weapon more tightly Rose looked around and backed up towards the barricade wall. All around her everything had stopped and yet she was still moving. This didn’t feel right in the context of the memory and Rose felt herself thinking more clearly.

Rose stepped back on reflex as the air in front of her shimmered with a soft purple color. Her back hit the wall as the color became more vibrant and began to swirl together into a vaguely humanoid shape. There was a brief flicker of violet light that left spots in Rose’s vision for a moment, but as she blinked them away she saw a strange woman hovering in the air before her.

The figure had what appeared to be a feminine face with a soft smile. Her skin was a soft violet color with highlights of silver around her large dark purple eyes. Instead of hair she had elegant black and silver frills rising out of her scalp. She was dressed in a simple long violet robe with bare violet feet peeking out beneath the hem as she adjusted her position in the air. As she folded her six fingered hands in front of her and looked straight at Rose she sucked in a sharp breath. This was not a memory, this was something else.

“Greetings Rose Tyler,” the figure greeted in a pleasant and musical voice. Rose felt something ease inside of her even as she told herself to stay on guard.

“You know me?” Rose questioned with a careful look at the figure, but she eased her grip on the weapon and lowered it. Her dislike of firearms was pushing itself to the front of her mind as the nightmare lost its grip on her.

“Indeed I do,” the figure replied with a widening smile. “We are future friends Rose Tyler. I am the Violet Guardian Keeper of Memory and Dreams.”

Rose couldn’t help but wonder if this was a trick by the Nightmare Man, but she’d heard the White Guardian mention the Violet Guardian in the past. Plus the Blue Guardian had helped her after her almost wedding to the Silver Lord so maybe…

“You are Rose Marion Tyler,” the Violet Guardian said interrupting Rose’s musing. “You recently were forced to live another life in an alternate reality created by a deal the Trickster made with your father Pete Tyler. As a result the stored memories of other lifetimes in your head due to your exposure with them during a plot of the Silver Lord have become stronger. Now the Nightmare Man, a being from outside our reality is attempting to force his way into the world through the darker parts of those memories.

“Alright then you know what is going on,” Rose said quickly as her insides churned uncomfortably. “Who sent you? The White Guardian?”

“No, you did,” the Violet Guardian replied calmly. “In your personal future you contacted me and asked for my assistance. After all dreams and memories are my domain.”

Rose stared at the strange figure torn between really really really wanting to trust that this was a friend of hers in the future and fear that this was just some kind of trick to terrify her more or worse break her down. The Violet Guardian or at least the thing claiming to be her just floated in the air and allowed Rose to consider her. If she was offended she didn’t show it at all. In fact the being swayed her head side to side as if listening to music that only she could hear.

“Okay so let’s say that I did call you,” Rose said carefully. That wouldn’t be a first after all. Jack was a friend of hers, but they’d only met at this point because he’d come back to help her. Plus in South America she’d met and talked with an older version of herself. “How can you help me? Can you wake me up?”

“That I cannot do,” the Violet Guardian apologized with a small shake of her head. “The creature has you tightly secured and waking you forcefully could have serious repercussions for yourself and your friends.”

“My friends?” Rose asked with a hint of alarm, taking a step towards the Violet Guardian impulsively.

“Yes, I’m afraid that your friends: Sarah Jane, Rani, Clyde, Johnny, Shireen and Sharon have all been pulled into nightmares by the Nightmare Man. You are the focal point of his efforts to break into our reality and thus the effect of causing others to fall asleep and experience nightmares will gradually begin to spread beyond you. Only the boy Luke has been able to shake off the effects and only because he doesn’t dream, but I do not know how long he can hold back the Nightmare Man.”

“Bloody hell!” Rose swore, bringing a hand up and running it through short cropped her hair in aggravation. “Okay I’m going to trust you to help me and my friends,” Rose announced as she dropped her hand and took a deep breath.

Chapter 40

The Tyler Factor Chapter 38
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Nightmare: Falling

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


Rose’s eyes flew open and she gasped for air only to start coughing as thick ashy air spilled into her mouth. Her eyes began to water as she looked around and found herself in a rocky hillside with thick dark smoke billowing in the air around her. Rose covered her mouth and carefully climbed to her feet. It took her a moment to realize that she had switched memories. The city was long gone and what looked like quarries were barely visible to her through the smoke. She was dressed in a worn out and itchy dress with sturdy old fashioned looking boots. Looking around Rose tried to see if she could find someone.

“Rose!” a voice called out behind her, hushed and low. “Come back inside, it’s not safe. The masters will find you!”

She spun around just in time to catch sight of someone ducking into a tiny cave opening. It was positioned in the shadows of several boulders and Rose doubted she’d have spotted it easily.  But she hesitated and turned to look back through the smoke. In the distance she thought she could see large metal ships moving through the pollution and a hint of the city skyline, but the mere sight of these sent a terrified shiver through her. Rose wasn’t sure where it had come from, but after another moment she turned and headed into the cave.

Up ahead it went down sharply and the low light from the smoky outside quickly faded away. Thankfully just as she was becoming nervous Rose stumbled around a corner and spotted the flickering glow of a line of small lamps. They were electric and flickered wildly, but they gave off a faint glow that when combined let her see the path worn into the rock. She sighed in relief and began to follow the pathway, keeping her eyes open for anyone else.

The cavern seemed to stretch ahead of her forever and the small lamps didn’t give off much light. Yet Rose had the odd sense that she was seeing better than normal. Rose put her hand on the cavern wall in an attempt to keep steady as she carefully navigated her way down a slope in the pathway. She nearly lost her balance twice and felt oddly faint.

Then the caves opened up and Rose stepped into a large open space filled with the sounds of people and the low flickering of lamps. She could see tents and long tables set up everywhere and a small river running through the cavern with multiple water wheels on it.

Curious, Rose slipped into one of the tents at the far end of the camp only to gasp in shock. Nude dead bodies were piled up in a large tent that Rose stepped into at the edge of the camp in the cavern. The stench of decay hit her hard and sent her stumbling back. The bodies were stacked neatly one on top of each other in an alternating pattern like a flesh jenga puzzle. Just thinking of such a comparisons made Rose ducked out of the tent and back into the main area. Somehow the smell was confined to the tent and Rose was grateful for it even as it confused her. She looked around the camp and noticed that there were only a few people moving about and noticed several small dark areas where small niches were dug into the side of the cavern.

Deciding that those were probably safer than the tents, Rose walked forward and peered into one. Dark eyes stared back at her out of a frail and gaunt face. It was a girl about her age with twisted arms and legs sitting amongst several other deformed people. One of them reached towards her and Rose saw deep scars covering their limbs and small electronic plates fused to their skin and bones in places.

She just stood there staring, her mind trying to understand what it was that she was seeing. Someone stepped up behind her and Rose tensed as she heard a deep sigh.

“Poor things,” a gravely male voice said out loud. “But luckier than most.” She turned to see a tall thin man of Asian descent with several long scars over his face. He gave her a smile with dirty teeth. “We’re the really lucky ones uh Rose, never captured.”

“Right,” she answered weakly feeling sick to her stomach.

The man gave her a worried look, but nodded hesitantly before he slipped away. She watched him go for a moment. There was a tingling sense of him being so familiar to her, but it slipped away like the memory of a dream. The irony of that comparison wasn’t lost on Rose. She turned back to the people who was shivering together and as bile rose in her throat she walked away.

All through camp there were signs of a very terrible life. Children were working alongside adults in moving heavy stones, grinding flour of some kind and even a few helping to stack bodies in tents. She could hear whispers about the ‘masters’, ‘resistance’ and ‘death’ all around her. Fear was creeping up her spine at the constant onslaught of despair from all sides. A group of armed men and women stumbled into the cavern with ashen faces and several more of the weak and sickly looking humans who had wires connected to them.

She stayed at the side as the people were all but dumped into another little hole and the fighters went off in the other direction. No one spoke to her and there was a tense silence suddenly hanging over the place. Rose walked toward the hole full of new arrivals and looked in at them. They looked even worse than the others with red bloodshot eyes, visible veins and small pieces of technology hooked up to them that looked very painful. One of them was a child no older than seven who looked at her fearfully.

Rose’s knees began to buckle even as she closed her eyes and took slow deep breaths. She turned and stumbled away from the hole and to the edge of the camp. No one moved to speak with her or help her. “This isn’t real,” Rose whispered to herself. “This isn’t a part of your life or your world. It’s terrible and sad that there are worlds where this is history, but it isn’t your world.”

Laughter echoed around Rose in the cavern and she couldn’t help but shiver from the sound. In front of her the sickly humans didn’t seem to notice anything and just huddled closer to together with labored breathing. Around them the gases billowed out of the vents and the low growling in the distance continued.

“This isn’t real, I’m not really here,” Rose told herself again even as the giggling became louder.

“Oh look at the frightened little Defender of Earth. It’s not so easy now is it, to be brave when you don’t have your Doctor or the Guardians watching over you. I suppose in the end you’re just a little girl who just lost Daddy again.”

“What do you want?” Rose demanded as the Nightmare Man slunk out of the shadows with a wide grin.

“Life,” the Nightmare man breathed happily. “Your nightmares, your fear, they're giving me such power. One more little nightmare from you, and I'll be in your world.”

“You can't,” Rose insisted trying to sound brave and confident and failing horribly.

“I'll send everyone into an eternal sleep. A whole world of nightmares for me to feed upon. And I'll grow stronger and stronger,” the Nightmare Man told her gleefully. “Oh, it's going to be so good. And it's all because of you, Rosie.”

“Where are you from?” Rose asked, her fingers clenching in the fabric of her dress.

“What?” the Nightmare Man asked, tilting his head at her.

“What planet are you from?”

“I'm from nowhere. I'm from everywhere.”

“You're just an alien, and I've stopped aliens before,” Rose said both to herself and the Nightmare Man.

“But wouldn't it be terrifying if I was so much more than that? Get ready for the end of the world, Rose,” the Nightmare giggled with widening eyes. “An eternal sleep of nightmares. Oh, and it's all your fault. You’re a nice little crack between the worlds, a link between realities that I can force my way through. Goodbye Howling, hello planet Earth!”


Sarah Jane sighed loudly and sat down in the armchair with her eyes on Rose. There was a nervous energy beneath her skin as she tried to figure out what to do. She couldn’t help but feel irritated with the girl even as a tiny smirk escaped her. Things always seemed to go sideways when Rose Tyler was around.

Two figures rushed into the attic and it took Sarah Jane a moment to identify them and calm down. She nodded in greeting to Sharon and Shireen, but wasn’t offended when they barely acknowledged her. Sharon knelt down next to Rose, her face completely calm as she checked her friend’s pulse and examined her eye movement. Sarah Jane found her respect for the medical student growing at how professional she was even when confronted by something like this with a friend. Then again she reflected with small smile, Sharon and Shireen had been exposed to plenty of strangeness over the years thanks to their friendship with Rose.

“Well she’s asleep,” Sharon announced with a loud sigh. “Not that I’m telling you anything you don’t already know.”

“Anything else?” Shireen asked as she hovered nearby and gently brushed a stray blonde hair out of Rose’s face.

“No signs of trauma,” Sharon replied with a frown. “But her face is showing signs of distress and her body is pretty tense for being asleep. I’d have to agree that she’s definitely having a nightmare.” Sharon reached out and gently pinched Rose’s arm, but there was no response. “No reaction to outside stimuli. Under normal circumstances I’d want to take her into the hospital as this appears to be some kind of comatose state.”

“We can’t risk that yet,” Sarah Jane insisted with a shake of her head. “I just Rose could have told me more of what is happening.”

Sharon and Shireen exchange knowing smiles that irritated Sarah Jane, but she said nothing. With a shake of her head Shireen put her hand on Rose’s head and gave her an affectionate look.

“Don’t take it personally Sarah Jane,” Shireen told her. “She’s pretty paranoid about keeping timelines straight.”

“She has to be, her whole life is a tangled mess of events that overlap each other,” Sharon added with a chuckle. “And there are things that even she doesn’t know.”

“Careful,” Shireen told her friend sternly. “We’re the secret keepers of that one.”

Sarah Jane gave the young women curious looks, but shook her head and turned back to Spock who was finally getting close to finishing his scan of his system. She’d have a talk with Rose once things were back to normal about adjusting things so he could do other things at the same time. She’d learned long ago that timing was critical. A yawn escaped her despite the tension in the room and Sarah Jane blinked back a wave of exhaustion.


Rose has moved off by herself to try and regain some semblance of balance. Climbing up the slope of the cavern opposite the way she came in, Rose found a quiet spot to think where she could clearly see everything. The Nightmare Man had hinted that fear fed him and she wondered why he was using these sorts of memories rather than drawing on more simple primal sorts of fears. Sitting down on a rock, Rose surveyed the camp and swallowed by a rush of bile. Maybe she was giving him too much credit… or maybe not enough. After all she couldn’t wake up, stimuli wasn’t doing anything to help her and that was no simple task.

Maybe it wasn’t just about simple jump scare sort of fear. Maybe he was trying to immerse her in a hopeless long term kind of terror. Force her to confront a life where she was helpless. Rose nibble on her lip, already feeling a little bit better from being able to work through that much. Thought was the enemy of fear, it kept fear from transforming into primal panic and helped you work your out of being afraid. With a deep breath, Rose looked up towards the cavern roof and tried to think of some way to get away from the Nightmare Man’s power.

Then the cavern began to rumble like an earthquake and everyone below in the camp began to scream and run. From her place up the slope Rose flinched as she saw people climbing over and crushing each other as they tried to head down the cave. She frowned in confusion and looked around wondering what was upsetting them so much. Then she caught sight of metal figures marching down the entrance path, their footsteps adding to the rumbling sound. Each figure was vaguely humanoid, but much bulkier and heavily armed like some kind of battle robot.

Rose’s breath caught in her throat as the things began to fire into the crowd with energy weapons. Red beams of light illuminated the cavern with a violent red glow. She couldn’t move, Rose wanted to, but for some reason it felt like she was chained to the bolder and simply couldn’t move. The metal figures marched through the camp, not even going around tents, but walking straight through them. Humans fell down in front of them and were crushed. The body of tents collapsed and corpses were sent flying.

The rumbling of the cavern grew worse and worse. A high pitched sound made Rose flinch and grit her teeth. As the roof began to shake even more violently Rose looked up towards it. She gasped softly as she watched the rocks above her head begin crumbling. Large boulders came falling and crushed humans, robots and what little remained of the camp. Bright lights appeared far above and Rose shut her eyes against the sudden onslaught. Then as her vision cleared and the sounds of the screams began to fall away with the dying Rose opened her eyes and looked up. A large ship was hovering just above the huge hole with bright searchlights shining down into the devastation.

She couldn’t help it. Her heart was racing, her body felt frozen and rage and terror were clawing at her chest. Rose screamed.


Sarah Jane shook her head in an attempt to stay awake even as she yawned loudly. For some reason over the last few minutes she’d begun to feel very sleepy.

“Mistress,” K-9 called out. “I am detecting unknown radiation in the house.”

“Radiation?” Sarah Jane asked with a slight drawl as she tried to wake herself up.

“Yes Mistress,” K-9 answered rolling towards her. “You must leave the house immediately, further delay will make escape impossible.”

She blinked several times and turned to look towards the girls only to gasp slightly.  Shireen was sprawled out on the floor with her head slumped against the sofa by Rose’s feet and Sharon was snoring softly with her head near Rose’s. Forcing herself to stand up, Sarah Jane shook her head again and started walking towards the doorway.

“Johnny!” she called out loudly. “Luke!” Sarah Jane swayed in the doorway as her knees began to give out.

“Mistress!” K-9 said with hint of worry. “Please resume seated position.”

“I’ll fall asleep K-9,” Sarah Jane argued. “Something is affected us.”

“Affirmative, but that is no longer avoidable Mistress, please resumed seated position to avoid injury.”

The robot dog was right, she realized with a jolt of worry. She was falling asleep and there was nothing she could do about it. If she tried to get down the stairs….

“K-9, you and Spock have to work together,” Sarah Jane told him as she stumbled back to the chair. “We’re counting on both of you.”

“Affirmative Mistress,”

Sarah Jane sunk down into the armchair as her eyes began to feel even heavier. “What is doing this?” she asked softly as her eyelids slid closed. “What does it what?” Her last words were slurred as Sarah Jane felt herself slip away. She fell asleep.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

The Tyler Factor Chapter 37
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Nightmare: Nightmares Will Come

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


Sarah Jane Smith jumped at her son’s cry of alarm and glanced towards her husband. Then years of instinct and practice kicked into gear and she set down the butter knife she’d been using for sandwiches down. Johnny was on her heels as they rushed up the stairs with Clyde and Rani already several steps ahead of them. Bursting into the attic room, Sarah Jane found Luke nervously standing by Rose and calling her name. Clyde and Rani stepped to the side to let her past and Sarah Jane moved to Rose quickly and knelt down next to her. She called Rose’s name as she checked her pulse.

“She’s breathing normally,” Sarah Jane told the others waiting in the room. “Judging from her eye movements she’s dreaming.”

“But she won’t wake up,” Luke repeated with a hint of panic.

“Deep breath Luke,” she ordered him sternly as she stood up and looked at Spock. “He’s still tied up in diagnostics, Luke go and get K-9. He’ll have to do for now.”

“Can’t you get Spock to stop running diagnostics?” Rani questioned as she stepped forward carefully.

“Rose gave the order for him to run them and she is his primary operator,” Sarah Jane explained with sigh as Luke headed out the door and down the stairs. “I’m secondary so I can’t override an order from Rose.”

“How long will it take for him to be free again?” Clyde asked sounding irritated with the situation.

“Hopefully not long, his abilities are a bit more varied than K-9’s,” Sarah Jane admitted sadly just before Luke rushed back into the attic with K-9 in his arms. He set the robotic dog down with a small huff.

“K-9 run a scan on Rose,” Sarah Jane ordered as she stepped back from Rose’s sleeping form.

K-9 rolled forward and extended his scanner with a soft beep. There was a soft ticking sound in the otherwise quiet attic as he processed the scan.

“Mistress Rose is asleep,” K-9 announced making Clyde snort before he continued in his robotic voice. “Brain waves suggest a deep and potentially artificially induced REM cycle that is prevented outside stimuli from breaking through.”

“So she really can’t wake up,” Luke repeated with wide eyes. “Something is keeping her asleep.”

Sarah Jane bent over and pulled Rose’s phone out of her pocket and tossed it to Rani. “Rani, call Rose’s friends Sharon and Shireen. Sharon is a medical student and I want someone we can trust here with us.”

“What about the Doctor?” Rani asked as she looked up from Rose’s phone. “The TARDIS is listed in the phone.”

“Call Sharon first and then I’ll call the Doctor,” Sarah Jane told her as she looked back at Rose. Gently she brushed a strand of hair out of Rose’s face and sighed softly. “Poor kid never seems to catch a break.”

“Mistress,” K-9 called suddenly. “Detecting changes in brain waves, Mistress Rose’s brain is more active than normal for REM cycle.”

“Active? In what parts of her brain?” Sarah Jane asked with a frown.

“Scans indicate increased activity in the medial temporal lobe, part of the brain strongly tied to  declarative and episodic memory.”

“Memory?” Sarah Jane repeated carefully as she looked back at Rose. “That could be very bad with everything that was just dumped into that section of her brain.”


The sky above her was dark with thick clouds and billowing pillars of smoke. Rose could barely breathe in the thick stench of rotting flesh and spilled chemicals, but she kept putting one foot in front of the other. She looked around nervously at her surroundings. Tall buildings made mostly of metal and glass surrounded her with only a few brick buildings scattered on the dark side streets. She didn’t recognize any of it and it filled her with a sense of horror and sadness.

Small fires were lit throughout the large abandoned street with bodies draped over the flames to burn. The scent of cooking meat made her stomach turn as she realized what it was she was smelling. Lifting the scarf wrapped around her neck, she covered her nose and inhaled the scent of dust and smoke instead, but decided that it was better. Rose risked a look into the flames at the nearest body. The clothing had burned away and much of the skin was already on fire, but she could see strange sores still visible on parts of the arms. Shuddering, she stepped back from the fire and looked away from the terrible sight.

In the distance she heard a scream followed by vicious laughter, but she just kept walking up the street. After a few minutes the sounds died away and she let out a soft breath of relief and tightened her right hand around something cold and smooth. Slowly she took more in and realized that she was carrying some kind of metal baseball bat. There was a backpack on her back and heavy duty, but well worn boots on her feet. She was covered in layers of clothing despite the heat of the… she couldn’t tell what time of day it was, but it was very warm and the heat of the scattered fires wasn’t helping.

Rose looked down at her wrist, tugging aside the leather gloves she wore and noticed the absence of her bracelet with a frown. She reached up and brushed behind her ear with a gloved hand checked behind her ear. Her translator was gone and Rose realized with a start that she had very short hair that was cropped close to her scalp. She looked towards one of the buildings and caught her reflection in the glass.

It was hard to recognize herself under the dusty and dark clothing. Around her waist was a belt that connected to the backpack with small pouches. A hood over her head hid the short hair, but her face was visible. The skin was rough and dry, looking cracked in some places. There was a long place scar on her forehead and into her hair line on the right side of her face. A bruise around her eye was mostly faded, but still visible and she was nursing what looking like a recent burn on the left side of her face. Rose was stunned and stared in shock at the ragged looking woman before her.

There was a sudden whining noise over her head and she looked up sharply in time to catch sight of something silver zooming past overhead. A moment later she dashed towards one of the side streets, a sense of fear pounding in her veins. The back alley stank even worse than the street and in the darkness she felt the fear only intensify. Backing into the shadows, Rose panted softly and tried to stay very still as more of the fast silver things zoomed overhead.

On the wall of the alley she spotted a poster of some kind. The writing wasn’t familiar, but it seemed to rearrange itself in front of her eyes until she could read it. There was a warning for the plague urging residents to stay inside and wait for vaccination. A bitter and angry feeling that she didn’t understand rose up sharply in her and Rose leaned against the wall as she tried to calm down.

“Terrible isn’t it,” a voice whispered behind her. Rose spun with the bat at the ready, but there was nothing in the alley. “Plague cripples governments and chaos takes over. Humans killing anyone with the plague to stop it and taking to the streets in guerilla warfare.” The voice told her. “Such terrible terrible things hidden away in your head Rose Tyler. The stuff of nightmares.”

Then a pair of pale blue glowing eyes appeared at the far end of the alley. A chuckle echoed out of the shadows and Rose took a shaky step back before reaching up and pinching her cheek. Nothing happened and the thing in the shadows laughed. A moment later Rose felt faint and darkness crept into her vision. She was falling and something was laughing gleefully.


Sarah Jane paced nervously across the room with the phone in her hand waiting for someone to pick up on the other end. “Come on Doctor,” she growled with a glance towards Rose.

Clyde and Luke had moved her very carefully so that she was fully laying down with her head on a small throw pillow rather than sleeping sitting up with her head hanging back. Rani was downstairs waiting for Sharon and Shireen to show up from across town and Johnny was sitting patiently on the other side of the room watching her and giving silent support.

Sarah Jane yawned loudly just as the phone was answered. “Hello?” a small female voice said.

“Uh?” Sarah Jane replied blinking quickly in surprise. “This is Sarah Jane Smith.”

“I’m Amelia,” the little voice replied happily before she made a small cough. “Oh right, who are you calling for?”

“I’d like to speak with the Doctor please?” Sarah Jane told her gently before her curiosity got the better of her. “Who are you Amelia? Do you travel with the Doctor?”

“Only sometimes. I wish I could all the time, but Rose says that I’m just too young and little to travel with them all the time. I only get to go on trips when I get good grades and after my checkups.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m not sure I should tell you that,” the little girl said a moment later with a hint of suspicion. “Rose tells me to be careful about talking to strangers.”

“Is Rose there?” Sarah Jane asked earning a surprised look from Johnny.

“No she and the Doctor stepped out to stop an alien tyrant after locking me in the TARDIS,” the little girl replied obviously pouting.

There was a noise from the other end of the phone and Sarah Jane heard a familiar voice before it came over the phone. “Hello Sarah Jane, sorry about that,” Rose apologized.

“No problem, but are you and the Doctor adopting now?”

“Something like that I suppose. It’s no secret that Amelia listens to me far more than she does her aunt,” Rose replied sounding a bit out of breath. “What’s up?”

“Well I’m looking at you, younger you on the sofa of my attic, and you won’t wake up.”

“Oh… it’s that time isn’t it,” the older Rose said carefully. “Okay I’ll make a call.”

“A call? Wait aren’t you coming to help?”

“No,” Rose answered shortly. “But it’ll be alright Sarah Jane, I have to go through this. I’m just sorry about… well I’m sorry.”

“Rose!” Sarah Jane called into the phone feeling irritation rising in her, but the other woman had already hung up. Huffing, Sarah Jane tossed the phone onto the sofa where Rose was sleeping. She glared at the young blonde woman for a moment before sighing. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”


Rose came back to herself slowly and looked around nervously, her eyes sweeping over the terrain. She seemed to be nearby her original location, but the buildings were crumbling and parts of the street had collapsed into underground tunnels. Beneath her was cracked concrete with grass starting to grow through. A bark made her jump to her feet as a dog rushed past her with a bone in its mouth and snarled in warning. Its fur was matted and Rose knew in an instant that it was feral. Once it was past Rose looked another look around.  There were no more fires and instead plants were starting to grow over everything, it was almost beautiful except for the horrifying meaning of the growth.

She didn’t doubt that she was in the same place as before, but it was like the fast forward button had been pressed. Walking forward, Rose noted that thick mossy growth covering what glass still remained in the buildings. She couldn’t see her reflection and wondered just how bad she looked, but dismissed the thought as silly. Looking around Rose tried to see any signs of other humans, but everything was horribly quiet. There were no fires burning corpses anymore or sounds of fighting in the distance, there was just nothing. It reminded her of the day that those alien robots had taken all the humans except her.

Except this wasn’t just for a day, this was for a lot longer. She felt ill, but reached over and pinched her arm. Nothing happened and Rose struggled to keep breathing.

“It’s just a dream,” Rose reassured herself as she tried to pinch herself again. The jolt of pain seemed real enough and she wasn’t walking up. “Just a dream,” she repeated. “Probably some alien messing with me.”

A high pitched laugh surprised Rose and she jumped even as she spun around and looked around. It was a small crooked man that looked so ordinary at first glance that Rose thought he was merely part of the dream. He wore a well-worn three piece suit and had a little bowler hat perched at an angle on his head. But he was staring at her with wide pale blue eyes that were horribly bloodshot. It was the small knowing smile on his face that made Rose shiver and really called her attention to him. She was torn between pretending she didn’t notice him and trying to observe him quietly and demanding to know what was happening.

“Rose Tyler,” the man cooed, exposing rotting teeth as he spoke. “Thank you my dear for inviting me.”

“I did not invite you,” Rose replied coldly, narrowing her eyes dangerously.

“Oh but such things inside your head,” the stranger sighed dramatically. “The stuff of nightmares. Horrible imaginings, personal tragedies and dying worlds,” he added as he opened his arms dramatically. “All of this rattling around in that head of yours and an open door just waiting for me to step through.”

“Who are you?” Rose demanded as a sense of dread crept over her even as she began to understand where she really was and what was happening. “How are you in these memories?”

“Just call me the Nightmare Man,” he giggled cheerfully, exposing his rotting teeth again.

Rose kept herself from shivering at the dangerous hint in the being’s tone and instead raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips trying to look unimpressed. To her satisfaction the being seemed less amused.

“That didn’t answer the second question,” Rose informed him in an even voice. “How are you in these memories?”

“Ah yes that famous Rose Tyler spunk,” the Nightmare Man said with a widening grin. “Never let them see you afraid.”

“I’m trapped in a nightmare that is apparently a memory about my species being destroyed by some kind of terrible plague,” Rose observed with bite in her voice. “Of course I’m afraid, I’m not stupid.”

The admission seemed to throw the Nightmare Man for a moment, but then he merely tilted his head at her. “Perhaps something more terrifying is needed,” he muttered thoughtfully, tapping his chin dramatically.

“What are you after?” Rose demanded. “Why can’t I wake up?”

“You’re in too deep,” the Nightmare Man replied with another giggle. “And what I’m after… well we’ll get to that my dear Sleeping Beauty.”

Before Rose could say or so anything, the Nightmare Man raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. Rose tried to say something and moved, but the sense of falling too her over again. Once again darkness surrounded her.

The Tyler Factor Chapter 36
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Six: Nightmare: Don’t Fall Asleep

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I am posting this chapter early as I will be going out of town for the weekend. Thanks for all the awesome reviews on the last episodes, I’m really pleased with the response. Enjoy the first chapter of this episode.  This episode is very loosely based on the Sarah Jane Adventures episode Nightmare Man.


It was mid-February on a chilly weekend with dark thick clouds hanging over London with a promise of rain or if the temperature dropped a little more maybe snow. On a weekend such as this Rose Tyler would usually be found at Cambridge sipping a cup of tea and working on an upcoming paper in preparation for any alien menance that might come her way, but on this particular weekend Rose was seeking some comfort among friends.

The flat that her mates Sharon and Shireen shared was very comfortable and looked much cleaned than her own. Throw pillows, random photos and personal items covered every surface in a sort of controlled chaos in contrast to her own flat that usually had pieces of half ripped apart tech and books scattered about that was nothing but chaos. Rose herself was seated on the overstuffed sofa with her legs tucked underneath her.

"Is it better or worse now?” Sharon asked kindly, handing Rose the glass of wine.

Rose sipped from the glass thoughtfully and then shook her head. “I’m really not sure. When it first happened I was so overwhelmed by the memories of my other life and what… what happened,” Rose said carefully. “I didn’t really notice those things if they were happening.”

“She thought the founding of the Church of England never happened today,” Shireen informed Sharon, giving Rose a worried look.

“There’s just a lot of information in my head now,” Rose defended quickly, trying to suppress the little spark of fear in her gut. “None of it is organized right at the moment, but my life, my real life is still dominant. I know who you are, who I am and I remember my history.”

“Still… some of that information could be harmful to you or draw unwanted attention,” Sharon told her with a glance at Shireen. “Not to mention the other changes.”

“What changes?” Rose asked with a frown, looking between the two women.

“Well your accent for one,” Shireen said delicately. “I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that you speak with less of a cockney accent, you sound a bit more… refined.”

“Are you serious?” Rose demanded with wide eyes, looking over towards Sharon who nodded.

“And you’re dressing a bit differently,” Sharon added. “Fewer hoodies and you’re doing more with your hair and makeup.”

Rose blinked at them, frowning at the words, but she stopped and thought back to the last few mornings. She’d gotten up a little bit earlier and braided her hair on a couple of occasions or curled it a bit. Three months ago she hadn’t even owned a curling iron. When had that…?

“Oh,” Rose breathed. “Bloody hell… I didn’t even realize it, but yeah I went shopping a few days after I got back and…”

“You got things you wouldn’t normally get, but your other self would have,” Sharon finished calmly, putting a hand over Rose’s. “We’ve noticed the slight wardrobe adjustment.”

“What’s happening to me?” Rose asked as she glanced down at what she wearing. She had her usual jeans, but she’d bought a slightly dressier looking pair of boots that were more stylish than her combat boots. Under her t-shirt she had a lacy bottom undershirt that she hadn’t even thought about when she put it on this morning.

“I’m inclined to say you’re experiencing regeneration,” Shireen told her with chuckle. “But it’s just little things, you are right that you are still definitely you.”

“Just you with a couple of new additions.” Sharon added quickly.

“Like a slightly altered accent and sense of style.”

“And being musical all of a sudden,” Sharon finished with a shrug. “Don’t panic, but you need to be aware of it.”

“Mum hasn’t said anything,” Rose told them with a frown, tugging uncomfortably at her t-shirt and glancing down at her boots.

“Well your accent has been thinning for a few years,” Shireen assured her gently. “It’s just more noticeable lately.”

“It was probably just the result of university and being around a great verity of accents,” Sharon agreed with a nod. “I bet ours have changed a little too.”

Rose smiled and nodded, both pleased by the reassurance and suddenly finding herself worrying about just what she sounded like. She tapped her fingers absentmindedly on the armrest as she took a sip of her wine only to paused when she got a look from Sharon.

“What?” Rose asked as she set down her glass and frowned at Sharon.

“That’s a new quirk,” Sharon told her with smile. “Trying to play the piano Rose?”

Freezing, Rose looked down at her fingers and watched them move for a moment. She sighed and rubbed the side of her head.

“I really don’t like this,” Rose grumbled.

“It could be worse,” Shireen told her kindly, reaching over and putting a hand on her shoulder. “Sure it’s weird right now, but you can play instruments and speak French now! That’s got to be worth something.”

“And you have memories of your dad,” Sharon added gently. “The weirdness of it will pass sweetie and soon enough this will all feel natural.”

“I know,” Rose sighed, shaking her head. “And I appreciate the support, but… I don’t know I guess I’m worried about what else is inside my head now.”

“Come again?”

“That other Rose… the other part of me now, the one I guess I sort of… fused with even though my personality traits are dominate, we were a lot of alike and our lives really weren’t that far off.” At the doubtful look her friends gave her Rose shook her head. “I’m serious, the differences in our worlds were based on our history and family members, but in theory I’ve got memories from all sorts of Rose Tylers from all sorts of worlds. I could have memories of a Nazi ruled world rattling around in my head or a dark ages or a post apocalyptic world and I have no control over when or if they come out.” Rose frowned. “I think that’s where that other stuff is coming from, stuff like forgetting about the Glorious Revolution and that scares me a little.”

“Hey,” Sharon said softly, reaching over to put an arm around Rose’s shoulder while Shireen did the same. “We’re worried too, but stressing about it isn’t going to help. That door in your mind if open, at least for a little while. Fixating on it won’t help anything.”

“Exactly,” Shireen agreed. “And besides Rose history has never been your subject so you’ll be fine if anyone notices.”

“Exactly, you’re studying scientific principals and those are well I’d say universal but they sort of transcend that don’t they.”

“Weak joke, but point taken,” Rose sighed with a little smile. “But enough about my drama,” she declared with a big smile. “Sharon anything new with you and that Andrew bloke you were telling us about?”

Sharon grinned and started talking. Rose couldn’t help it as a large yawn escaped her. Thankfylly Sharon looked more worried than hurt.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” Rose said quickly, blinking her eyes. “I’ve just had nightmares the last couple of days.”

“Nightmares,” Shireen repeated with a frown.

“I’m sure that’s totally normal, I’m still dealing with a lot,” Rose told them quickly.

“Anything in particular?”

“I don’t really remember much about them,” Rose replied with a shrug. “They’ll pass, don’t worry so much.”

Sharon and Shireen shared a worried look, but thankfully a few moments later they resumed telling her stories about their own school days and apparently the highly attractive grad student that was flirting with Shireen. Leaning back on the sofa, Rose let the voices of her friends wash over her and tried not to fall asleep.


It was weird being home. Bannerman Road felt odd to her now Rose realized as she climbed out of her SUV and looked up at the brick house she’d bought her mother. Granted she hadn’t grown up here, but her mind kept flashing back to the mansion that she remembered living with her parents in. Rose swallowed and blinked back some tears that prickled at her eyes. There was a lingering sense of loss that Rose didn’t quiet understand how to address. She’d spent a week with the Doctor letting him take her beautiful places, hold her when she broke down and cried and they’d sat in the TARDIS library and just talked plenty of times, but Rose still felt like she was struggling to grieve.

How did you grieve for someone that you’d both just lost and lost long ago. She’d almost mourned on some deep level not having her father, but the very real and recent loss of him was throwing her off badly. But her grief wasn’t just for her father, but for the Rose Tyler that she remembered being who had suddenly blinked out of existence. Sharon and Shireen saw it as a fusing, but in her darker moments Rose wondered if she was really just walking around with the memories of a dead girl. And she couldn’t help but feel for all the people who had died in Apep’s attack even though it had never happened now, the memory of that fear and crushing despair was clinging to her. Rose shook her head and dismissed the depressing thoughts. She needed a good night’s sleep to break her out of this morbid mood.

The house was dark as Rose carefully slipped inside. Rita Anne was actually in the living room asleep on the sofa with the television on. Smiling softly, Rose glanced over the older woman to check that she was positioned alright before deciding to leave her be. Mickey’s grandmother was the definition of tough old woman: she’d raised Mickey and accepted aliens with a great deal more calm than her mother had. Not that the woman was happy with Mickey’s career choice. Rose was honestly still surprised that Mickey had forgiven her for her wedding letting the whole aliens thing out of the bag.

Rose turned on the lamp in the hallway on her way out to give Rita Anne a bit more light to navigate to her room by. Climbing the steps, Rose rolled her shoulders and frowned at how achy she felt. She shrugged it off and went to her room, busying herself and getting ready for bed. The turquoise duvet and curtains made Rose frown. The color no longer appealed to her like it once had. Thinking back on her shopping trip, Rose realized that it seemed purple has usurped turquoise as her favorite color… she supposed it was better than the pink that her other self had favored.

“How does the Doctor do this?” Rose asked out loud, shaking her head and feeling a great deal more empathy for her significant other’s occasional change of body and perferences.

Sighing, Rose climbed into her bed and turned the light out. She hadn’t anticipated it being this difficult to be near her mother, but every time they were alone and it was quiet all she could hear was the final phone conversation between her alternate self and her own mother. Rose slung back the duvet and stood up, grabbing her dressing gown. She tip toed down the hall and carefully peeked into her mother’s bedroom. Her mum was snuggly in bed, a mask of some kind on her face and moisturizing gloves on her hands. If the sight hadn’t been so reassuring to her, Rose would have giggled. Instead she nodded to herself and returned to her own room. Climbing back into her bed, Rose lay back and whispered to herself that everyone was okay, Apep was dead and she was fine.


The darkness in the room felt heavy, unbearable and the stale air was a struggle to breath. In her hands she was grasping some kind of weapon, the weight was familiar, comforting and terrifying all at the same time. Down the long dark corridor beyond where she could see she could hear the thumping of heavy footfalls.

“This is it,” a terrified voice whispered next to her, “We’ve lost. Earth is done for.”

She wanted to argue, wanted to demand an explanation. This… this wasn’t right, something was very wrong. She couldn’t remember what brought her to this point, but it was real. Every sense of tingling and her right arm was in terrible pain from some kind of injury. This wasn’t a  dream, but how could it be real.

Behind her, Rose felt something brush her shoulder and heard a soft high pitched laugh, but when she dared a quick look back there was nothing there.

Rose’s eyes snapped open and she sucked in a deep greedy breath. She became aware that she was lying down and her fingers were twisted in the fabric of her duvet as if she’d been holding on for dear life. Taking a slower breath, Rose looked up at the white ceiling above her, illuminated by the stray moonbeams coming through the window. Her heart was pounding, but beginning to slow down a little.

“It was just a dream,” Rose said out loud and flinching at how thin and weak her voice sounded.

Sitting up slowly, Rose took another deep breath and tried to shake off the dream. Expect it was lingered in her mind. She could recall all the little details, she could even remember the stricken faces.... Rose shook herself and pried her fingers out of the duvet fabric. They were sore and stiff as if they’d been gripping something for dear life.

Rose tossed back the duvet covet and slipped her legs out of the bed. She didn’t put them all the down of the floor and instead sat there with her legs hanging. Breathing slowly in and out, Rose told herself again and again that it was just a silly nightmare brought on by the stress of what was happening. The words didn’t help much and Rose glanced at the clock, frowning in distress at the time. Briefly she considered laying back down and trying to get more sleep, but shuddered at the idea of going back to that nightmare.  She climbed out of bed and put on her slipped, grabbed her laptop and decided to get started on her term papers extra early.

Rose was dragging horribly the next morning, but made a nice breakfast for herself, her mum, Rita Anne and Mickey who stopped by on Sunday mornings. He gave her a worried look, but thankfully didn’t call her out on bad she looked.

“Any plans for this morning?” Mickey asked kindly as he helped Rose clean up the kitchen.

“Yeah I’m going over to Sarah Jane’s to check on Spock before I head back,” Rose answered with a small nod.

“Are you going to be okay to drive?” Mickey questioned, putting a hand on her shoulder. “I mean you could take the train back to Cambridge and I could drive your car up on my day off.”

“I’ll think about it,” Rose promised with a smile, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. “You’re a sweetheart you know that right?”

“Yeah I’m a regular Prince Charming,” Mickey laughed with a shake of his head before he glanced at the clock. “But I’ve also got to get moving, I’ve got drills this afternoon.”

“I’d say have fun, but you know… drills.”

Mickey laughed, reaching over and hugging Rose tightly in an one armed hug. As she scrubbed the last of the dishes Rose heard him saying goodbye to his grandmother and smiled to herself. At least the big things in her life were still in place and dependable. When she finished dishes, Rose headed for the front door and grabbed her leather jacket. She could already hear her mother on the phone with cousin Moe by the sound of the conversation and Rita Anne was in the living room with the television on. Shaking her head, Rose wondered how they didn’t get bored with the routine before stepping outself.

She started walking across the street, pulling out her phone and sending a quick text to Shireen. A sudden chill down her spine made Rose stop and glance around. There was the odd sensation of someone behind her and for a moment Rose stopped breathing. She heard someone breathe her name so softly that she almost missed it. Turning around, Rose searched the area, but didn’t see anyone nearby.

Shivering, Rose wrapped her arms around herself and looked around frantically. It was so strange, but for a moment she’d been sure that there was something behind her. Rose turned slowly and looked around. Everything looked normal on Bannerman Road. Her Mum and Gita were talking over their shared fence, both them talking with their hands and grinning like fools. Luke, Clyde and Rani were chatting happily as they walked down the sidewalk of the street together, all of them holding ice cream bars either from the nearby shop or Clyde’s freezer. Rani’s father was washing the family car in their drive. She knew that Sarah Jane was probably upstairs in the attic at her desk working on an article.

Everything was completely normal for a weekend at Bannerman Road and yet… Rose couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that the nightmare that given her. She couldn’t help but remember the last time that she’d had dreams that vivid. Barely any time had passed since she’d found herself remembering her life as a different Rose Tyler and now here she was going through it all again.

“Might slip through on occasion my ass White Guardian,” Rose growled, shaking her head. “I barely had a week’s peace.”

Still Rose put one foot in front of the other and strode over to Sarah Jane’s front door. Johnny opened it a moment after she knocked, a huge grin on his face that Rose couldn’t help but return.

“Rose!” he greeted, stepping forward and hugging her. Then he turned and called into the house, “Sarah Jane! Rose is here.”

“Thanks for the introduction Johnny,” Rose teased as she stepped inside. “But I know my way to the attic.”

Johnny chuckled and nodded to her, gesturing dramatically to the staircase just as Luke and his friends turned and entered the driveway. Rose waved to the teenagers and started climbing up the stairs.  Above her head she could hear the soft thrumming of Spock’s cooling system and thought that she could hear the clickity clack of Sarah Jane on her computer. With a soft smile Rose stepped into the attic, taking in the various trinkets that Sarah Jane had displayed alongside photos of herself, the Doctor and UNIT staff. Rose’s eyes went to one of her favorite: the photo from Sarah Jane’s wedding with all their companion friends around them. Rose’s smile faded a little at the realization that she should really try to make contact with Liz Shaw.

“Good morning Rose,” Sarah Jane greeted warmly as she stood up from her desk and hugged her tightly. Her smile faded after a moment. “Are you alright?”

“Just a little sleepy,” Rose admitted with a shrug. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Well if you’re sure,” Sarah Jane said uncertainty. “I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”

“Thanks Sarah Jane, this shouldn’t take too long,” Rose told her before she turned towards the brick wall that hid Spock. “Mister Spock, time to rise and shine,” Rose called with smile.

As the wall began to unfold with the hiss of steam, Sarah Jane shook her head and headed out of the attic with her cup of coffee cradled in one hand.

“Good morning Rose,” Spock greeted. “Ready to begin diagnostics.”

“Lovely Spock then go ahead and begin,” Rose replied with a smile. She glanced around and frowned. “Uh Spock where is K-9?”

“I believe the dog is in the yard,” Spock said distastefully as his screen began to change.

Chuckling, Rose sat down on the large sofa in the center of the attic with a soft sigh. She picked up a notepad from the side table and started taking notes as Spock’s system information began to flash across the screen. Her eyes began to feel very heavy, but Rose tried to ignore it and kept taking notes. Then slowly, her eyes slid closed and the pencil slipped from her fingers.

“Rose Mum wants to know if you’re staying for lunch,” Luke called as he walked into the attic. He paused when he saw her asleep on the sofa, Spock still running diagnostics. “Rose?” he asked carefully walking up to her. He debated for a moment about waking her up, but then reached out and gently touched her shoulder as he called her name again.

Rose didn’t move or react in any way. Luke called her again louder this time, but she didn’t respond. Calling her even louder, Luke shook her shoulder, but there was still nothing. Shaking her with both hands, Luke paled and jumped back. He rushed to the doorway and yelled, “Mum! Dad! Rose won’t wake up! I can’t wake her up!”

Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Tyler Factor Chapter 35
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Greatest Deal: Sacrifice

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


“D-dad, November 7th 1987,” Rose said, her voice shaking badly. “What happened?”

Her father stumbled back with a confused and worried look on his face that gradually began to become both horrified and resigned.

“I… I was hit by a car outside of Sarah and oh what was his name’s wedding.  I thought I was dying, I was dying and this… vision in a white cloak appeared. It frightened me at first, it didn’t have a normal face except for a toothy mouth, but it promised to help me.”

“The Trickster,” Rose realized with sharp painful intake of breath.

“He never told me his name,” her father confessed with a thick swallow. “But he offered me a chance to live, to survive the injuries and walk away.”

“What did he want in return?” the General demanded looking thunderous. “What did this alien want?”

“He just told me to be a good father,” Pete replied quickly, glancing towards the General and then turning his attention back to Rose as her face showed only despair.

Rose’s knees threatened to give out and her father reached out quickly to take hold of her arm. She heard him call her name, his voice thick with worry and had to struggle against the urge to break down crying again.

“Yeah,” she finally managed. “Yeah that was all that he needed. You lived and everything changed.”

“What are you talking about?” her father asked urgently. “What does it have to do with this?!”

“The Trickster… he’s well it was explained to me that he’s an extra-dimensional being who along with the rest of the Pantheon of Discord was banished from this universe. They liked chaos too much and their actions were dangerous to the fabric of reality. But he still has enough power to manifest himself within the universe for short periods of time. His goal is to create chaos which gives him power and allows him to do more.  He’s called the Trickster because he offers people deals and uses the little power he has to alter something about the world. On the surface it seems like a good thing since he needs agreement, but it blows up in your face.” Rose pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “He’s an enemy of mine, he’s tried to get me to make a deal before.”

An explosion from the upper levels caused the room to shake and Rose risked a quick glance up at the ceiling as a thin layer of dust fell around them.

“And I made a deal with him,” Pete said carefully as he looked up fearfully. “But what was the point? What was it he was after?” Desperation was creeping into his voice and Rose wanted nothing more than to drop the line of conversation, but the distant sound of energy weapons alerted her that Apep’s troops were trying again.

“You didn’t die,” Rose admitted softly as she forced herself to look back at him, holding back the tears. “In her- my –our original life you died that day.” Rose reached out and gently touched her father’s chest with a shaking hand. “I didn’t have a dad growing up. Mum and I lived in council flats until I turned our lives around, but I-I never knew you.”

“Why would the Trickster want to make such a change?” the General asked sharply looking between them both carefully.

“Because my whole life was altered,” Rose admitted. “He couldn’t get me to make a deal so he went and made a deal to change an event that shaped my entire life. I never met the Doctor when I was eleven, I wasn’t there to save the Doctor’s life against the Nestene Consciousness and I… I’m not the Defender of Earth that I would have been.”

“Defender of Earth?” her father repeated in a stunned voice.

“Yeah,” Rose laughed bitterly. “In that life I’ve stopped a lot of aliens, the Doctor jokes that he doesn’t have to come to Earth anymore. It’s not true of course, but…” Rose shook her head, “But I have a pretty good reputation and aliens friends that I call upon when things get really dangerous: aliens that I’ve helped and saved in the past, but none of that happened.” She gestured towards the General and chuckled, “I actually work as a consultant for UNIT around the world.  I was supposed to help stop the Bane and Apep was supposed to die before he ever had the chance to do this kind of damage.”

Rose stepped back feeling claustrophobic all of a sudden even though the room was large for the number of people inside.  Her eyes were darting between the General and her father. She wanted to look at him, but at the same time felt utterly unable to keep watching him. The sudden cost of seeing him, the price of those happy memories was beginning to sink in. She could now remember the years of longing to know her father, wondering if she was like him and entertaining fanciful thoughts about what her life would have been like if he had lived. It was beyond all her imaginings. She could see herself, both versions of herself so clearly in him and had warm memories of a loving father and had enjoyed a privileged life.

But the Doctor was dead, her lover, her best friend and so much more was gone from this world. He’d been wheeled away while she watched and hadn’t even known just what she was losing. And the world… everything was destroyed. Maybe it could be rebuilt in time, but the wounds would leave scars and without the Doctor...

“Miss Tyler!” the General called, pulling her out of her troubled musings. “What can we do?”

“Right,” Rose managed with a quick nod before forcing herself to look at her father. He was pale and watching her with despair in his eyes.

“Rose?” he asked, reaching underneath his shirt and pulling out a chain that he’d worn for years. She’d stopped noticing it many years ago, but suddenly felt aware of it. She was certain that the original Pete Tyler had nothing of the sort. There was a small square charm made out of metal hanging from the chain that gleamed in the light. “The being gave me this when I made my deal with him.”

“What?” Rose repeated in confusion with a frown, her eyes narrowing on the small charm.

Pete lifted the chain off his neck, his fingers brushing the charm with a frown before he handed it to her. Rose held the thing carefully as if it might burn her at any moment. Nothing about it really stood out, it seemed very ordinary in shape with only a few small designs on it. If it was a language she couldn’t read it, suddenly very aware of her missing translator. Yet the shine of the metal seemed a bit off and she remembered the chronosteel that the White Guardian had once sent her to retrieve.

“I think that this is the conduit of changing the timeline,” Rose said carefully around a lump in her throat. “This and your agreement might be what holds the new timeline in place, anchors it.”

“So in order to set things right…. I have to be dead,” her father said carefully.

“Mister Tyler,” the General started to say, but Pete cut him off.

“Don’t worry General,” Pete said sharply, he looked ill but determined. “I don’t see another way out of this and…” he looked at Rose and managed a small smile. “I want to protect my little girl.” He stepped closer to her. “Rose… in this other life were you happy?”

“Yes,” she answered after a moment, aware of a fresh wave of tears down her face. “I was, am… whatever the proper clause is.”

“But you know about aliens-”

“Yeah I do, but its okay,” Rose tried to explain with a shaky smile. “We don’t really have time for me to explain everything, but… well he thing is that I’m actually involved with the Doctor.”

“What?!” the General snapped with wide eyes and Rose almost laughed at the expression.

“Relax Alistair, you know about it. Heck you were one of the people who suspected it before the relationship became public,” Rose looked back at her stunned father. “I love him, he loves me and we look after each other. My work with UNIT lets me look after Mum, I bought her a nice place in Ealing before I started university. She has good friends, actually likes to garden. We’re okay, we don’t have you,” she explained weakly, “but we’re okay.” A soft sob escaped Rose and she dropped her eyes, unable to look at him any longer.

There was another explosion and in the corner of her eye Rose could see a dark worried expression taking over the General’s face. He was eyeing her father carefully, his hand resting on his firearm, but Rose couldn’t even summon any real anger towards him. Not under the circumstances and barely contained another sob.

“I’m sorry love,” her father told her softly, reaching out and cupping her cheek.

Stepping closer to him, Rose let their foreheads touch as fresh tears slid down her cheeks. This had to work, it was their only chance, but… God she almost wanted it to fail.  Another soft sob escaped Rose as her father gently placed the small cube in her hands.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” her father whispered. “But I want you to know that I’m very proud of you, both versions of you I suppose. I love you and I just wanted to be a good father.”

“You were,” Rose struggled to say around the knot in her throat. “You were and you are.”

“Will you remember?”

“I don’t know,” Rose whispered with slight shake of her head. “Maybe, but maybe not.”

“Well if you do then remember that I love you and that I did my best.”

“I know.”

Pete Tyler took a deep breath and stepped back from his daughter. For a moment he looked lost and uncertain, but then he straightened his shoulders as the General and the UNIT personnel looked on with hesitant expressions.

“Trickster!” Pete called his voice echoing in the room. “Trickster I withdraw my agreement!”

“Do not say such foolish things,” an oily voice declared, the voice seeming to come from all around them. “Would you abandon your little girl and your wife to a life of poverty and grief?”

“I’m trying to save my daughter and Jackie,” Pete declared, looking less nervous now as anger began to take over his features. “You used me to hurt this world.”

“Such chaos,” the oily voice declared with glee. “The Doctor is dead, Earth is in ruins and so many things left undone by Rose Marion Tyler. All the things she’ll never do. I should have tried this plan years ago.”

“Well it’s over now!” Pete snapped. “You need my agreement and I withdraw it!”

“You think it’s that simple?” the voice asked with a chuckle. “That my agreements are so easy to break.”

Pete turned towards Rose, doubt flickering in his eyes. Rose nodded to him and stepped closer, reaching a hand out to him, the charm dangling from it. Her father reached out and touched her hand, his fingers brushing the charm.

“I’m willing to die if it prevents this,” Pete said in a strong loud voice. “I want no part in your deal Trickster, I withdraw my agreement.”  The charm in their linked hands flashed and there was a sudden roar of anger all around them.

A strong gust of wind began to fill the room and the charm began to flash over and over like a strobe light. On instinct, Rose tighten her hold on it and her father’s fingers. Their eyes met as the gust of wind turned into a whirlwind like a tornado in the small room. Then there was a white light so bright that against her will Rose closed her eyes and lost sight of her father.

Gasping for air, Rose tightened her grip on the small metal cube. The world seemed to be falling away around her and turning into a blur of color. It was hard to breath, she couldn’t see anything clearly. Voices were echoing around her, familiar voices saying familiar things.

“Nice to meet you Rose Tyler.”

“Stay out of trouble.”

“Do you Sarah Jane Smith take Johnny Chesterton to be your husband?”

“I love you.”

“Stop this wedding now!”

Her knees shock and Rose felt like she was about to faint when suddenly the whirl stopped. She sucked in a greedy breath and looked around. At first she thought she was in a different room, but after a rapid glance around the room she realized that she hadn’t moved at all.  There were more boxes in the corner and the large table was stacked with smaller boxes and a few random tools and clipboards. She was alone and back in her regular clothes. Behind her ear she could feel the familiar shape of the translator, around her neck hung the sapphire from Queen Jane and her longer chain with the odd things she’d collected and her TARDIS key. On her wrist was her golden bracelet shimmering in the light. But Rose’s mind was focused on one thing: she remembered.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she stood in the quiet storage room. Sooner or later she’d have to move and alert UNIT that she was here, but not yet. In her hands she still cradled the tiny square charm that she thought might still carry a hint of her father’s warmth. Rose wanted to move, to reach for the mobile phone in the back pocket of her jeans.  Her mind was a haze of what the date was, what was the last thing that had happened and the only clear thing was the over whelming sense of loss.

Rose started to shake badly, wanting to hug herself, but afraid of moving her hands. Her legs felt ready to give out when a wheezing sound began to fill the room. Rose opened her eyes, unsure of when she’d closed them and managed a weak happy smile at the wonderful sound. The TARDIS began to materialize just to the right of her in front of the room’s second door. A moment later the TARDIS doors were flung open and her brown haired Doctor in the pinstripe suit stepped out. His expression was pained and urgent as he rushed towards her. Rose didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before she was wrapped in his arms. Collapsing against him, Rose released a soft sigh of relief and inhaled a deep breath, taking in his scent.

He was real, he was alive and he was here. A soft kiss to her forehead made Rose tremble. For a terrible moment she was relieved that Pete had made the choice to save the world and restore time as she now had the Doctor back. The stray thought was followed by a wave of grief and guilt that made her shut her eyes against more tears.

“I’m sorry Rose,” the Doctor whispered in her ear, holding her close. “I’m so so sorry.”

Rose was about to reply when the light in the room rippled. Pulling back from the Doctor she looked around in alarm as a shadow swirled together just in front of them. The Trickster appeared, dressed in his long black robe with his featureless face. He grinned at her with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and chuckled.  Rose’s eyes narrowed on him as rage boiled beneath her skin so hot that she barely noticed a flash of white and black as the White and Black Guardians appeared in the room.

“You!” Rose snarled, lunging towards the grinning Trickster. She was caught around the waist by the Black Guardian who secured her in place, ignoring her protests. As she struggled against him, the Doctor stepped up beside them and wrapped his arms around Rose. Thankfully the Black Guardian released her, but the Doctor did not let her go.

“Rose Tyler,” the Trickster greeted with a chuckle. “I suppose that I was not able to destroy you, but at least I have some small comfort in knowing that I have hurt you.”  He long bony fingers reached towards her, but he came no closer.

“You’ve done enough for today,” the White Guardian announced sternly, staring at the Trickster as if he was some vermin on the floor of a kitchen. “Be gone.”

“Reverted or not Guardians I gained power from that little adventure,” the Trickster mocked happily. “All that chaos, the web of time beginning to fall apart as life all across Earth was extinguished… glorious.”

“Trickster,” the Doctor growled in a voice so dark and angry that Rose forgot her own grief for a moment and looked at him in worry. “Don’t test my limits today. I am angry and that’s never a good thing for those that anger me.”

“For once I am in agreement with the Doctor,” the Black Guardian announced in a tight voice tat promised pain. “Be gone from here.”

There was a flicker of fear on the Tricksters features as he surveyed those glaring at him. He gave Rose one last toothy smile and began to shimmer out of view.

“Trickster!” Rose shouted angrily, “Whatever it is that you’re so afraid of me becoming- I will become and I will come for you!”

The Trickster vanished without another word and the Doctor gently eased his grip on her. Rose had to fight down the urge to snap at him for holding her, but a small part of her knew that she was in pain and not thinking straight. Instead the Doctor dropped his hand and gently took her hand in his threading their fingers together. Instantly Rose felt a tiny bit better and couldn’t repress a tiny shiver, remembering the feeling of knowing he was dead. She was gripped by a sudden desire to hold him and kiss him, but the Guardians were turning to look at them.

“Rose Tyler,” the Black Guardian said with small nod to her before he looked towards the Doctor. With a small sneer, he nodded to the Doctor and vanished in a burst of darkness.

The White Guardian sighed softly and shook his head, turning to look at Rose. “We are very fortunate that the Silver Lord’s plan in Utah was of use today.”

“What?” Rose asked, completely thrown by the words.

“The Silver Lord in Utah created a connection between your alternate selves and you Rose,” the Doctor told her gently, rubbing her hand. “At least that’s how you’ve explained it to me.”

“Indeed, that connection gave you the memories of alternate versions of yourself, something that could survive even time being rewritten and called upon when survival depended on it.”

“So other versions of me can remember my life?” Rose asked with wide eyes, her world suddenly tilting terribly.

“Potentially, but it will take just the right circumstances for them to ever become aware of the imprint. You… her… connected because you were a rewritten version of the same person in what should have been one reality. The Trickster’s ability to rewrite time is imperfect and leaves scaring, that’s why it is so easy to force to revert.”

Rose tensed at the suggestion that her father sacrificing his life was easy, but the White Guardian merely gave her a soft smile. “Be warned though Miss Tyler that the door in your mind to the memories of alterative lives has been opened. Other things may start to slip through now and again.”

The warning was just vague enough while his voice had a ring of certainty to it that Rose felt her hairs standing on edge. The White Guardian watched her for a moment, his eyes dropping to the small chronosteel square in her hands, but he didn’t comment on it.

“I leave Miss Tyler in your hands Doctor,” the White Guardian said politely with a nod before he looked at Rose. “My condolences Miss Tyler, but if I may be so bold you do now have the memories of a life with your father. That is more than most people could ever dream of.”

Rose wanted to hit the White Guardian now too even as she felt a little of the rage draining out of her. Suddenly her whole body felt weak and beat down. The Doctor’s hand began to rub her back and the White Guardian vanished in a flash of light. As soon as the Guardian vanished, the Doctor pulled Rose back against him in a tight hug.

“He saved the world,” Rose whispered into the Doctor’s neck, grateful for his arms around her. It was the only thing keeping her on her feet.

“Course he did,” the Doctor replied gently, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “He’s a Tyler, that’s what you do.”

A blended sob and chuckle escaped Rose and she inhaled the smell of the Doctor and the TARDIS. They stood there like that for some time until the tears finally ran out and she could breathe again. Without ever releasing her the Doctor began to guide Rose towards the TARDIS and softly whispered,  “Come on let’s go home.”

“What happens now,” Rose asked in a soft almost frightened voice.

“You stay with me until you feel ready to go back to life on Earth,” he told her gently. “One step at a time.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed with a little nod, finally stepping away from the Doctor, though she didn’t release his hand. “Once step at a time.” She looked down at the small piece of chronosteel in her hand and swallowed thickly. Then she turned the Doctor’s hand so it was opened. With a deep breath of determination, Rose placed the chronosteel square in his hand and closed his fist around it. “Keep this safe for me.”

“I will,” the Doctor promised her, leaning forward and kissing her forehead. “He won’t use it again, I promise.”

“Thank you.” Rose told him before she gave him a soft smile. “I love you. Even in a life with my father… I,” she couldn’t finish, but the Doctor nodded with a sad smile.

“Where do you want to go?”

Rose paused and swallowed thickly, shivering at a terrible memory. “London, I need to see my mother. I need to see that she’s alright… after that I don’t know, but let’s start there.”

“Your wish is my command,” the Doctor replied, stepping back and carefully putting the chronosteel into a jacket pocket. He retook her hand and tugged her towards the controls. With a dramatic throw of a switch the TARDIS shuddered and they were dematerializing into the time space vortex, leaving behind an empty room with papers blowing in the wind.

………….Next Time………

The darkness in the room felt heavy, unbearable and the stale air was a struggle to breath. In her hands she was grasping some kind of weapon, the weight was familiar, comforting and terrifying all at the same time. Down the long dark corridor beyond where she could see she could hear the thumping of heavy footfalls.

“This is it,” a terrified voice whispered next to her, “We’ve lost. Earth is done for.”

She wanted to argue, wanted to demand an explanation. This… this wasn’t right, something was very wrong. She couldn’t remember what brought her to this point, but it was real. Every sense of tingling and her right arm was in terrible pain from some kind of injury. This wasn’t a  dream, but how could it be real.

Behind her, Rose felt something brush her shoulder and heard a soft high pitched laugh, but when she dared a quick look back there was nothing there.

Chapter Thirty-Six

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