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[sticky post]Master Lists of Doctor Who Stories
Rose and Eleven
This is a list of my master lists of my Doctor Who stories that appear in my livejournal account. I am working on updating this to create a complete listing.

Guardians of the Universe Series

The Blonde Girl Master List
Title: The Blonde Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: All it took to change the universe was one little alteration to the time line of Rose Tyler when she was eleven years old.  Confronted with a shape changing alien preying on children, Rose meets a remarkable man who calls himself the Doctor. Suddenly her childhood is full of adventure, aliens and lots of running that will change the course of her life. Three full adventures. First in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Defender of the Earth Master List
Title: Defender of the Earth
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and others
Summary: Sequel to The Blonde Girl. Rose Tyler has survived three alien encounters before her sixteenth birthday, but with UNIT knocking at her door will she make it through what is ahead of her? Guest starring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Doctor/Rose romance will start in this story. Second in the Guardians of the Universe series.

The Companion Connection Master List
Title: The Companion Connection
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Lethbridge-Stewart and others.
Summary: Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth and Star Knight has saved the world and the universe enough times to impress even the Doctor.  Now she is a student at Cambridge, but with UNIT on campus and alien plots around the corner, her adventures have only just begun. Thirteen full episodes. Third in the Guardians of the Universe Series.

Time and the Trickster Master List
Title: Time and the Trickster
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: In Progress
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Alister Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith and others.
Summary: Sequel to The Companion Connection. Rose Tyler is the Defender of Earth in her own right and the girlfriend of the Doctor in a temporally complicated relationship. Now with her second year at university starting she knows that life isn't going to be calm or easy, but even Rose has no idea what is in store. Thirteen adventures and fourth in the Guardians of the Universe series.

The Tyler Factor Master List
Title: The Tyler Factor
Author: Lumendea
Rating: Teen
Status: In Progress
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Alister Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, John Benton, Malcolm Taylor, Toshiko Sato, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Barbara Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Sarah Jane Smith and others.
Summary: Sequel to The Companion Connection. Rose Tyler is the Defender of Earth in her own right and the girlfriend of the Doctor in a temporally complicated relationship. Now with her second year at university starting she knows that life isn't going to be calm or easy, but even Rose has no idea what is in store. Thirteen adventures and fourth in the Guardians of the Universe series.

Legacy of the Bad Wolf Series

Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master List
Title: Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink Master
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf First Story
Characters: Doctor/Rose, John Smith/Rose Tyler, Martha Jone, Timothy
Summary: Rose Tyler has been living in her alternate world for five years until she encounters the weeping angels who send her back to November 1, 1913. The thing Rose doesn't know is that she is now before the split of the universes and that a certain human John Smith is only miles away with dangerous aliens on his trail.

Survivors of Gallifrey Master List
Title: Survivors of Gallifrey
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Series: Legacy of the Bad Wolf Second Story
Characters: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Saxon Master and Timothy
Summary: Sequel of Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink. The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Timothy Latimer continue their travels together in the TARDIS, but something is looming over the horizon. An old enemy will rise and threaten the fragile life the Doctor and Rose had rebuilt. Retelling of Utopia, Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lord with Rose and Timothy.

Timey Wimey.... Stuff Series

To the Past From the Future Master List
Title: To the Past From the Future
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: First in the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and Torchwood
Summary: Picks up right after Martha leaves the TARDIS as the Doctor prepares to leave Earth someone very special walks into the TARDIS to change his life and future. In the future the Doctor and Rose seek her younger self in the alternate world. Rose/Ten reunion and family story.

Sugar Rush: All Ages
Halloween with the Doctor, Rose and their family both in the past and the future. Fluff alert

Building Blocks: All Ages
The Doctor just loves these little toys. Officially part of the Timey Wimey. Stuff series, but it can be read alone.

Twin Time: All Ages
A look at the future and present of the twins Alex and Abby with their parents. Family time with Rose/Doctor. Part of the Timey Wimey series.

Human Holidays Master List
Title: Human Holidays
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff Series
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Peter Tyler and others
Summary:The Christmas Special of the Timey Wimey Stuff series. Rose and the Doctor celebrate Christmas at different points in their lives together.

Since We're Here Master List
Title: Since We're Here
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Series: Part of the Timey Wimey... Stuff
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tegan Jovanka, Tenth Doctor, Fifth Doctor and Turlough
Summary: An encounter between the Tenth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor leaves the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Tegan babysitting a four-year-old Time Lord by the name of Sammy.

Multi-Chapter Stories

The Doctor's Secret Army Master List
Title: The Doctor's Secret Army
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: What if Wilf had kept a hidden webcam and Rose was able to join the others in their planning. Will it be enough to save the Earth and the Doctor. Fix it story for Journey's End.

Wolf Signal Master List
Title: Wolf Signal
Author: Lumendea
Rating: PG13
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Jenny, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Gwen and Ianto
Summary: Jenny has crashed on a distant planet while on her adventures and has crossed paths with a very odd woman who fell from the night sky without injury. Rose Tyler has enjoyed a long human life with her husband John Noble, but on her death bed something happens that offers her another chance at another life.

Unexpected Girl Master List
Title: Unexpected Girl
Author: Lumendea
Rating: All Ages
Status: Complete
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Donna, Jack, Martha, Torchwood and Sarah Jane
Summary: Post Doomsday. The Doctor meets an odd girl in an alien marketplace, but she isn't who he was expecting. She does however hold the key to the Doctor's entire future.

One Shots

Don't Imagine: All Ages
"The Doctor didn't want to imagine the feel of her lips against his, something he had only felt once in this body if you counted Cassandra. He didn't want to guess how many times his other self felt her kiss every day."

Going to Have to Hurt: All Ages
There would come a day when he didn't turn to look for her every time he stepped into the TARDIS. There would be a day when he didn't reach for her hand when he started to run. There would be a day when he didn't look for her when he heard his name.

Series of Moments: All Ages
The story of Rose and the Doctor is a series of moments that wove together to form a journey. Rose/Ten reunion

Gallifrey: All Ages
The universe called her Gallifrey, but the Time Lords called her home. Written before End of Time.

Ten: All Ages
"Really I'm Rose Tyler," Rose lowered her hand and softened her smile, "I just wanted to meet you and say thank you Martha Jones." A late celebration, but hey it's time travel.

Should Have Kissed Him: All Ages
Rose knew she should have kissed him, but maybe she'll get another shot at it.

Surprising Phone Call: All Ages
The day is January 17, 2008 and Martha Jones phones up the Doctor, but isn't the one who answers the phone. Rose/Ten fun with lots of room for your imagination.

Do You Really Think?: All Ages
The Bad Wolf thinks of the Doctor after Doomsday and smiles.

There They Will Be: All Ages
The Doctor and Rose will be there for each other, even if the time lines cross for them to do it. Serious tissue warning.

Hands Off the Blonde: All Ages
Rose has a new tee shirt, compliments of Jack Harkness. Could be either Nine or Ten.

The Tyler Factor Chapter 38
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Nightmare: Falling

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


Rose’s eyes flew open and she gasped for air only to start coughing as thick ashy air spilled into her mouth. Her eyes began to water as she looked around and found herself in a rocky hillside with thick dark smoke billowing in the air around her. Rose covered her mouth and carefully climbed to her feet. It took her a moment to realize that she had switched memories. The city was long gone and what looked like quarries were barely visible to her through the smoke. She was dressed in a worn out and itchy dress with sturdy old fashioned looking boots. Looking around Rose tried to see if she could find someone.

“Rose!” a voice called out behind her, hushed and low. “Come back inside, it’s not safe. The masters will find you!”

She spun around just in time to catch sight of someone ducking into a tiny cave opening. It was positioned in the shadows of several boulders and Rose doubted she’d have spotted it easily.  But she hesitated and turned to look back through the smoke. In the distance she thought she could see large metal ships moving through the pollution and a hint of the city skyline, but the mere sight of these sent a terrified shiver through her. Rose wasn’t sure where it had come from, but after another moment she turned and headed into the cave.

Up ahead it went down sharply and the low light from the smoky outside quickly faded away. Thankfully just as she was becoming nervous Rose stumbled around a corner and spotted the flickering glow of a line of small lamps. They were electric and flickered wildly, but they gave off a faint glow that when combined let her see the path worn into the rock. She sighed in relief and began to follow the pathway, keeping her eyes open for anyone else.

The cavern seemed to stretch ahead of her forever and the small lamps didn’t give off much light. Yet Rose had the odd sense that she was seeing better than normal. Rose put her hand on the cavern wall in an attempt to keep steady as she carefully navigated her way down a slope in the pathway. She nearly lost her balance twice and felt oddly faint.

Then the caves opened up and Rose stepped into a large open space filled with the sounds of people and the low flickering of lamps. She could see tents and long tables set up everywhere and a small river running through the cavern with multiple water wheels on it.

Curious, Rose slipped into one of the tents at the far end of the camp only to gasp in shock. Nude dead bodies were piled up in a large tent that Rose stepped into at the edge of the camp in the cavern. The stench of decay hit her hard and sent her stumbling back. The bodies were stacked neatly one on top of each other in an alternating pattern like a flesh jenga puzzle. Just thinking of such a comparisons made Rose ducked out of the tent and back into the main area. Somehow the smell was confined to the tent and Rose was grateful for it even as it confused her. She looked around the camp and noticed that there were only a few people moving about and noticed several small dark areas where small niches were dug into the side of the cavern.

Deciding that those were probably safer than the tents, Rose walked forward and peered into one. Dark eyes stared back at her out of a frail and gaunt face. It was a girl about her age with twisted arms and legs sitting amongst several other deformed people. One of them reached towards her and Rose saw deep scars covering their limbs and small electronic plates fused to their skin and bones in places.

She just stood there staring, her mind trying to understand what it was that she was seeing. Someone stepped up behind her and Rose tensed as she heard a deep sigh.

“Poor things,” a gravely male voice said out loud. “But luckier than most.” She turned to see a tall thin man of Asian descent with several long scars over his face. He gave her a smile with dirty teeth. “We’re the really lucky ones uh Rose, never captured.”

“Right,” she answered weakly feeling sick to her stomach.

The man gave her a worried look, but nodded hesitantly before he slipped away. She watched him go for a moment. There was a tingling sense of him being so familiar to her, but it slipped away like the memory of a dream. The irony of that comparison wasn’t lost on Rose. She turned back to the people who was shivering together and as bile rose in her throat she walked away.

All through camp there were signs of a very terrible life. Children were working alongside adults in moving heavy stones, grinding flour of some kind and even a few helping to stack bodies in tents. She could hear whispers about the ‘masters’, ‘resistance’ and ‘death’ all around her. Fear was creeping up her spine at the constant onslaught of despair from all sides. A group of armed men and women stumbled into the cavern with ashen faces and several more of the weak and sickly looking humans who had wires connected to them.

She stayed at the side as the people were all but dumped into another little hole and the fighters went off in the other direction. No one spoke to her and there was a tense silence suddenly hanging over the place. Rose walked toward the hole full of new arrivals and looked in at them. They looked even worse than the others with red bloodshot eyes, visible veins and small pieces of technology hooked up to them that looked very painful. One of them was a child no older than seven who looked at her fearfully.

Rose’s knees began to buckle even as she closed her eyes and took slow deep breaths. She turned and stumbled away from the hole and to the edge of the camp. No one moved to speak with her or help her. “This isn’t real,” Rose whispered to herself. “This isn’t a part of your life or your world. It’s terrible and sad that there are worlds where this is history, but it isn’t your world.”

Laughter echoed around Rose in the cavern and she couldn’t help but shiver from the sound. In front of her the sickly humans didn’t seem to notice anything and just huddled closer to together with labored breathing. Around them the gases billowed out of the vents and the low growling in the distance continued.

“This isn’t real, I’m not really here,” Rose told herself again even as the giggling became louder.

“Oh look at the frightened little Defender of Earth. It’s not so easy now is it, to be brave when you don’t have your Doctor or the Guardians watching over you. I suppose in the end you’re just a little girl who just lost Daddy again.”

“What do you want?” Rose demanded as the Nightmare Man slunk out of the shadows with a wide grin.

“Life,” the Nightmare man breathed happily. “Your nightmares, your fear, they're giving me such power. One more little nightmare from you, and I'll be in your world.”

“You can't,” Rose insisted trying to sound brave and confident and failing horribly.

“I'll send everyone into an eternal sleep. A whole world of nightmares for me to feed upon. And I'll grow stronger and stronger,” the Nightmare Man told her gleefully. “Oh, it's going to be so good. And it's all because of you, Rosie.”

“Where are you from?” Rose asked, her fingers clenching in the fabric of her dress.

“What?” the Nightmare Man asked, tilting his head at her.

“What planet are you from?”

“I'm from nowhere. I'm from everywhere.”

“You're just an alien, and I've stopped aliens before,” Rose said both to herself and the Nightmare Man.

“But wouldn't it be terrifying if I was so much more than that? Get ready for the end of the world, Rose,” the Nightmare giggled with widening eyes. “An eternal sleep of nightmares. Oh, and it's all your fault. You’re a nice little crack between the worlds, a link between realities that I can force my way through. Goodbye Howling, hello planet Earth!”


Sarah Jane sighed loudly and sat down in the armchair with her eyes on Rose. There was a nervous energy beneath her skin as she tried to figure out what to do. She couldn’t help but feel irritated with the girl even as a tiny smirk escaped her. Things always seemed to go sideways when Rose Tyler was around.

Two figures rushed into the attic and it took Sarah Jane a moment to identify them and calm down. She nodded in greeting to Sharon and Shireen, but wasn’t offended when they barely acknowledged her. Sharon knelt down next to Rose, her face completely calm as she checked her friend’s pulse and examined her eye movement. Sarah Jane found her respect for the medical student growing at how professional she was even when confronted by something like this with a friend. Then again she reflected with small smile, Sharon and Shireen had been exposed to plenty of strangeness over the years thanks to their friendship with Rose.

“Well she’s asleep,” Sharon announced with a loud sigh. “Not that I’m telling you anything you don’t already know.”

“Anything else?” Shireen asked as she hovered nearby and gently brushed a stray blonde hair out of Rose’s face.

“No signs of trauma,” Sharon replied with a frown. “But her face is showing signs of distress and her body is pretty tense for being asleep. I’d have to agree that she’s definitely having a nightmare.” Sharon reached out and gently pinched Rose’s arm, but there was no response. “No reaction to outside stimuli. Under normal circumstances I’d want to take her into the hospital as this appears to be some kind of comatose state.”

“We can’t risk that yet,” Sarah Jane insisted with a shake of her head. “I just Rose could have told me more of what is happening.”

Sharon and Shireen exchange knowing smiles that irritated Sarah Jane, but she said nothing. With a shake of her head Shireen put her hand on Rose’s head and gave her an affectionate look.

“Don’t take it personally Sarah Jane,” Shireen told her. “She’s pretty paranoid about keeping timelines straight.”

“She has to be, her whole life is a tangled mess of events that overlap each other,” Sharon added with a chuckle. “And there are things that even she doesn’t know.”

“Careful,” Shireen told her friend sternly. “We’re the secret keepers of that one.”

Sarah Jane gave the young women curious looks, but shook her head and turned back to Spock who was finally getting close to finishing his scan of his system. She’d have a talk with Rose once things were back to normal about adjusting things so he could do other things at the same time. She’d learned long ago that timing was critical. A yawn escaped her despite the tension in the room and Sarah Jane blinked back a wave of exhaustion.


Rose has moved off by herself to try and regain some semblance of balance. Climbing up the slope of the cavern opposite the way she came in, Rose found a quiet spot to think where she could clearly see everything. The Nightmare Man had hinted that fear fed him and she wondered why he was using these sorts of memories rather than drawing on more simple primal sorts of fears. Sitting down on a rock, Rose surveyed the camp and swallowed by a rush of bile. Maybe she was giving him too much credit… or maybe not enough. After all she couldn’t wake up, stimuli wasn’t doing anything to help her and that was no simple task.

Maybe it wasn’t just about simple jump scare sort of fear. Maybe he was trying to immerse her in a hopeless long term kind of terror. Force her to confront a life where she was helpless. Rose nibble on her lip, already feeling a little bit better from being able to work through that much. Thought was the enemy of fear, it kept fear from transforming into primal panic and helped you work your out of being afraid. With a deep breath, Rose looked up towards the cavern roof and tried to think of some way to get away from the Nightmare Man’s power.

Then the cavern began to rumble like an earthquake and everyone below in the camp began to scream and run. From her place up the slope Rose flinched as she saw people climbing over and crushing each other as they tried to head down the cave. She frowned in confusion and looked around wondering what was upsetting them so much. Then she caught sight of metal figures marching down the entrance path, their footsteps adding to the rumbling sound. Each figure was vaguely humanoid, but much bulkier and heavily armed like some kind of battle robot.

Rose’s breath caught in her throat as the things began to fire into the crowd with energy weapons. Red beams of light illuminated the cavern with a violent red glow. She couldn’t move, Rose wanted to, but for some reason it felt like she was chained to the bolder and simply couldn’t move. The metal figures marched through the camp, not even going around tents, but walking straight through them. Humans fell down in front of them and were crushed. The body of tents collapsed and corpses were sent flying.

The rumbling of the cavern grew worse and worse. A high pitched sound made Rose flinch and grit her teeth. As the roof began to shake even more violently Rose looked up towards it. She gasped softly as she watched the rocks above her head begin crumbling. Large boulders came falling and crushed humans, robots and what little remained of the camp. Bright lights appeared far above and Rose shut her eyes against the sudden onslaught. Then as her vision cleared and the sounds of the screams began to fall away with the dying Rose opened her eyes and looked up. A large ship was hovering just above the huge hole with bright searchlights shining down into the devastation.

She couldn’t help it. Her heart was racing, her body felt frozen and rage and terror were clawing at her chest. Rose screamed.


Sarah Jane shook her head in an attempt to stay awake even as she yawned loudly. For some reason over the last few minutes she’d begun to feel very sleepy.

“Mistress,” K-9 called out. “I am detecting unknown radiation in the house.”

“Radiation?” Sarah Jane asked with a slight drawl as she tried to wake herself up.

“Yes Mistress,” K-9 answered rolling towards her. “You must leave the house immediately, further delay will make escape impossible.”

She blinked several times and turned to look towards the girls only to gasp slightly.  Shireen was sprawled out on the floor with her head slumped against the sofa by Rose’s feet and Sharon was snoring softly with her head near Rose’s. Forcing herself to stand up, Sarah Jane shook her head again and started walking towards the doorway.

“Johnny!” she called out loudly. “Luke!” Sarah Jane swayed in the doorway as her knees began to give out.

“Mistress!” K-9 said with hint of worry. “Please resume seated position.”

“I’ll fall asleep K-9,” Sarah Jane argued. “Something is affected us.”

“Affirmative, but that is no longer avoidable Mistress, please resumed seated position to avoid injury.”

The robot dog was right, she realized with a jolt of worry. She was falling asleep and there was nothing she could do about it. If she tried to get down the stairs….

“K-9, you and Spock have to work together,” Sarah Jane told him as she stumbled back to the chair. “We’re counting on both of you.”

“Affirmative Mistress,”

Sarah Jane sunk down into the armchair as her eyes began to feel even heavier. “What is doing this?” she asked softly as her eyelids slid closed. “What does it what?” Her last words were slurred as Sarah Jane felt herself slip away. She fell asleep.

The Tyler Factor Chapter 37
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Nightmare: Nightmares Will Come

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


Sarah Jane Smith jumped at her son’s cry of alarm and glanced towards her husband. Then years of instinct and practice kicked into gear and she set down the butter knife she’d been using for sandwiches down. Johnny was on her heels as they rushed up the stairs with Clyde and Rani already several steps ahead of them. Bursting into the attic room, Sarah Jane found Luke nervously standing by Rose and calling her name. Clyde and Rani stepped to the side to let her past and Sarah Jane moved to Rose quickly and knelt down next to her. She called Rose’s name as she checked her pulse.

“She’s breathing normally,” Sarah Jane told the others waiting in the room. “Judging from her eye movements she’s dreaming.”

“But she won’t wake up,” Luke repeated with a hint of panic.

“Deep breath Luke,” she ordered him sternly as she stood up and looked at Spock. “He’s still tied up in diagnostics, Luke go and get K-9. He’ll have to do for now.”

“Can’t you get Spock to stop running diagnostics?” Rani questioned as she stepped forward carefully.

“Rose gave the order for him to run them and she is his primary operator,” Sarah Jane explained with sigh as Luke headed out the door and down the stairs. “I’m secondary so I can’t override an order from Rose.”

“How long will it take for him to be free again?” Clyde asked sounding irritated with the situation.

“Hopefully not long, his abilities are a bit more varied than K-9’s,” Sarah Jane admitted sadly just before Luke rushed back into the attic with K-9 in his arms. He set the robotic dog down with a small huff.

“K-9 run a scan on Rose,” Sarah Jane ordered as she stepped back from Rose’s sleeping form.

K-9 rolled forward and extended his scanner with a soft beep. There was a soft ticking sound in the otherwise quiet attic as he processed the scan.

“Mistress Rose is asleep,” K-9 announced making Clyde snort before he continued in his robotic voice. “Brain waves suggest a deep and potentially artificially induced REM cycle that is prevented outside stimuli from breaking through.”

“So she really can’t wake up,” Luke repeated with wide eyes. “Something is keeping her asleep.”

Sarah Jane bent over and pulled Rose’s phone out of her pocket and tossed it to Rani. “Rani, call Rose’s friends Sharon and Shireen. Sharon is a medical student and I want someone we can trust here with us.”

“What about the Doctor?” Rani asked as she looked up from Rose’s phone. “The TARDIS is listed in the phone.”

“Call Sharon first and then I’ll call the Doctor,” Sarah Jane told her as she looked back at Rose. Gently she brushed a strand of hair out of Rose’s face and sighed softly. “Poor kid never seems to catch a break.”

“Mistress,” K-9 called suddenly. “Detecting changes in brain waves, Mistress Rose’s brain is more active than normal for REM cycle.”

“Active? In what parts of her brain?” Sarah Jane asked with a frown.

“Scans indicate increased activity in the medial temporal lobe, part of the brain strongly tied to  declarative and episodic memory.”

“Memory?” Sarah Jane repeated carefully as she looked back at Rose. “That could be very bad with everything that was just dumped into that section of her brain.”


The sky above her was dark with thick clouds and billowing pillars of smoke. Rose could barely breathe in the thick stench of rotting flesh and spilled chemicals, but she kept putting one foot in front of the other. She looked around nervously at her surroundings. Tall buildings made mostly of metal and glass surrounded her with only a few brick buildings scattered on the dark side streets. She didn’t recognize any of it and it filled her with a sense of horror and sadness.

Small fires were lit throughout the large abandoned street with bodies draped over the flames to burn. The scent of cooking meat made her stomach turn as she realized what it was she was smelling. Lifting the scarf wrapped around her neck, she covered her nose and inhaled the scent of dust and smoke instead, but decided that it was better. Rose risked a look into the flames at the nearest body. The clothing had burned away and much of the skin was already on fire, but she could see strange sores still visible on parts of the arms. Shuddering, she stepped back from the fire and looked away from the terrible sight.

In the distance she heard a scream followed by vicious laughter, but she just kept walking up the street. After a few minutes the sounds died away and she let out a soft breath of relief and tightened her right hand around something cold and smooth. Slowly she took more in and realized that she was carrying some kind of metal baseball bat. There was a backpack on her back and heavy duty, but well worn boots on her feet. She was covered in layers of clothing despite the heat of the… she couldn’t tell what time of day it was, but it was very warm and the heat of the scattered fires wasn’t helping.

Rose looked down at her wrist, tugging aside the leather gloves she wore and noticed the absence of her bracelet with a frown. She reached up and brushed behind her ear with a gloved hand checked behind her ear. Her translator was gone and Rose realized with a start that she had very short hair that was cropped close to her scalp. She looked towards one of the buildings and caught her reflection in the glass.

It was hard to recognize herself under the dusty and dark clothing. Around her waist was a belt that connected to the backpack with small pouches. A hood over her head hid the short hair, but her face was visible. The skin was rough and dry, looking cracked in some places. There was a long place scar on her forehead and into her hair line on the right side of her face. A bruise around her eye was mostly faded, but still visible and she was nursing what looking like a recent burn on the left side of her face. Rose was stunned and stared in shock at the ragged looking woman before her.

There was a sudden whining noise over her head and she looked up sharply in time to catch sight of something silver zooming past overhead. A moment later she dashed towards one of the side streets, a sense of fear pounding in her veins. The back alley stank even worse than the street and in the darkness she felt the fear only intensify. Backing into the shadows, Rose panted softly and tried to stay very still as more of the fast silver things zoomed overhead.

On the wall of the alley she spotted a poster of some kind. The writing wasn’t familiar, but it seemed to rearrange itself in front of her eyes until she could read it. There was a warning for the plague urging residents to stay inside and wait for vaccination. A bitter and angry feeling that she didn’t understand rose up sharply in her and Rose leaned against the wall as she tried to calm down.

“Terrible isn’t it,” a voice whispered behind her. Rose spun with the bat at the ready, but there was nothing in the alley. “Plague cripples governments and chaos takes over. Humans killing anyone with the plague to stop it and taking to the streets in guerilla warfare.” The voice told her. “Such terrible terrible things hidden away in your head Rose Tyler. The stuff of nightmares.”

Then a pair of pale blue glowing eyes appeared at the far end of the alley. A chuckle echoed out of the shadows and Rose took a shaky step back before reaching up and pinching her cheek. Nothing happened and the thing in the shadows laughed. A moment later Rose felt faint and darkness crept into her vision. She was falling and something was laughing gleefully.


Sarah Jane paced nervously across the room with the phone in her hand waiting for someone to pick up on the other end. “Come on Doctor,” she growled with a glance towards Rose.

Clyde and Luke had moved her very carefully so that she was fully laying down with her head on a small throw pillow rather than sleeping sitting up with her head hanging back. Rani was downstairs waiting for Sharon and Shireen to show up from across town and Johnny was sitting patiently on the other side of the room watching her and giving silent support.

Sarah Jane yawned loudly just as the phone was answered. “Hello?” a small female voice said.

“Uh?” Sarah Jane replied blinking quickly in surprise. “This is Sarah Jane Smith.”

“I’m Amelia,” the little voice replied happily before she made a small cough. “Oh right, who are you calling for?”

“I’d like to speak with the Doctor please?” Sarah Jane told her gently before her curiosity got the better of her. “Who are you Amelia? Do you travel with the Doctor?”

“Only sometimes. I wish I could all the time, but Rose says that I’m just too young and little to travel with them all the time. I only get to go on trips when I get good grades and after my checkups.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m not sure I should tell you that,” the little girl said a moment later with a hint of suspicion. “Rose tells me to be careful about talking to strangers.”

“Is Rose there?” Sarah Jane asked earning a surprised look from Johnny.

“No she and the Doctor stepped out to stop an alien tyrant after locking me in the TARDIS,” the little girl replied obviously pouting.

There was a noise from the other end of the phone and Sarah Jane heard a familiar voice before it came over the phone. “Hello Sarah Jane, sorry about that,” Rose apologized.

“No problem, but are you and the Doctor adopting now?”

“Something like that I suppose. It’s no secret that Amelia listens to me far more than she does her aunt,” Rose replied sounding a bit out of breath. “What’s up?”

“Well I’m looking at you, younger you on the sofa of my attic, and you won’t wake up.”

“Oh… it’s that time isn’t it,” the older Rose said carefully. “Okay I’ll make a call.”

“A call? Wait aren’t you coming to help?”

“No,” Rose answered shortly. “But it’ll be alright Sarah Jane, I have to go through this. I’m just sorry about… well I’m sorry.”

“Rose!” Sarah Jane called into the phone feeling irritation rising in her, but the other woman had already hung up. Huffing, Sarah Jane tossed the phone onto the sofa where Rose was sleeping. She glared at the young blonde woman for a moment before sighing. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”


Rose came back to herself slowly and looked around nervously, her eyes sweeping over the terrain. She seemed to be nearby her original location, but the buildings were crumbling and parts of the street had collapsed into underground tunnels. Beneath her was cracked concrete with grass starting to grow through. A bark made her jump to her feet as a dog rushed past her with a bone in its mouth and snarled in warning. Its fur was matted and Rose knew in an instant that it was feral. Once it was past Rose looked another look around.  There were no more fires and instead plants were starting to grow over everything, it was almost beautiful except for the horrifying meaning of the growth.

She didn’t doubt that she was in the same place as before, but it was like the fast forward button had been pressed. Walking forward, Rose noted that thick mossy growth covering what glass still remained in the buildings. She couldn’t see her reflection and wondered just how bad she looked, but dismissed the thought as silly. Looking around Rose tried to see any signs of other humans, but everything was horribly quiet. There were no fires burning corpses anymore or sounds of fighting in the distance, there was just nothing. It reminded her of the day that those alien robots had taken all the humans except her.

Except this wasn’t just for a day, this was for a lot longer. She felt ill, but reached over and pinched her arm. Nothing happened and Rose struggled to keep breathing.

“It’s just a dream,” Rose reassured herself as she tried to pinch herself again. The jolt of pain seemed real enough and she wasn’t walking up. “Just a dream,” she repeated. “Probably some alien messing with me.”

A high pitched laugh surprised Rose and she jumped even as she spun around and looked around. It was a small crooked man that looked so ordinary at first glance that Rose thought he was merely part of the dream. He wore a well-worn three piece suit and had a little bowler hat perched at an angle on his head. But he was staring at her with wide pale blue eyes that were horribly bloodshot. It was the small knowing smile on his face that made Rose shiver and really called her attention to him. She was torn between pretending she didn’t notice him and trying to observe him quietly and demanding to know what was happening.

“Rose Tyler,” the man cooed, exposing rotting teeth as he spoke. “Thank you my dear for inviting me.”

“I did not invite you,” Rose replied coldly, narrowing her eyes dangerously.

“Oh but such things inside your head,” the stranger sighed dramatically. “The stuff of nightmares. Horrible imaginings, personal tragedies and dying worlds,” he added as he opened his arms dramatically. “All of this rattling around in that head of yours and an open door just waiting for me to step through.”

“Who are you?” Rose demanded as a sense of dread crept over her even as she began to understand where she really was and what was happening. “How are you in these memories?”

“Just call me the Nightmare Man,” he giggled cheerfully, exposing his rotting teeth again.

Rose kept herself from shivering at the dangerous hint in the being’s tone and instead raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips trying to look unimpressed. To her satisfaction the being seemed less amused.

“That didn’t answer the second question,” Rose informed him in an even voice. “How are you in these memories?”

“Ah yes that famous Rose Tyler spunk,” the Nightmare Man said with a widening grin. “Never let them see you afraid.”

“I’m trapped in a nightmare that is apparently a memory about my species being destroyed by some kind of terrible plague,” Rose observed with bite in her voice. “Of course I’m afraid, I’m not stupid.”

The admission seemed to throw the Nightmare Man for a moment, but then he merely tilted his head at her. “Perhaps something more terrifying is needed,” he muttered thoughtfully, tapping his chin dramatically.

“What are you after?” Rose demanded. “Why can’t I wake up?”

“You’re in too deep,” the Nightmare Man replied with another giggle. “And what I’m after… well we’ll get to that my dear Sleeping Beauty.”

Before Rose could say or so anything, the Nightmare Man raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. Rose tried to say something and moved, but the sense of falling too her over again. Once again darkness surrounded her.

The Tyler Factor Chapter 36
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Six: Nightmare: Don’t Fall Asleep

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: I am posting this chapter early as I will be going out of town for the weekend. Thanks for all the awesome reviews on the last episodes, I’m really pleased with the response. Enjoy the first chapter of this episode.  This episode is very loosely based on the Sarah Jane Adventures episode Nightmare Man.


It was mid-February on a chilly weekend with dark thick clouds hanging over London with a promise of rain or if the temperature dropped a little more maybe snow. On a weekend such as this Rose Tyler would usually be found at Cambridge sipping a cup of tea and working on an upcoming paper in preparation for any alien menance that might come her way, but on this particular weekend Rose was seeking some comfort among friends.

The flat that her mates Sharon and Shireen shared was very comfortable and looked much cleaned than her own. Throw pillows, random photos and personal items covered every surface in a sort of controlled chaos in contrast to her own flat that usually had pieces of half ripped apart tech and books scattered about that was nothing but chaos. Rose herself was seated on the overstuffed sofa with her legs tucked underneath her.

"Is it better or worse now?” Sharon asked kindly, handing Rose the glass of wine.

Rose sipped from the glass thoughtfully and then shook her head. “I’m really not sure. When it first happened I was so overwhelmed by the memories of my other life and what… what happened,” Rose said carefully. “I didn’t really notice those things if they were happening.”

“She thought the founding of the Church of England never happened today,” Shireen informed Sharon, giving Rose a worried look.

“There’s just a lot of information in my head now,” Rose defended quickly, trying to suppress the little spark of fear in her gut. “None of it is organized right at the moment, but my life, my real life is still dominant. I know who you are, who I am and I remember my history.”

“Still… some of that information could be harmful to you or draw unwanted attention,” Sharon told her with a glance at Shireen. “Not to mention the other changes.”

“What changes?” Rose asked with a frown, looking between the two women.

“Well your accent for one,” Shireen said delicately. “I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that you speak with less of a cockney accent, you sound a bit more… refined.”

“Are you serious?” Rose demanded with wide eyes, looking over towards Sharon who nodded.

“And you’re dressing a bit differently,” Sharon added. “Fewer hoodies and you’re doing more with your hair and makeup.”

Rose blinked at them, frowning at the words, but she stopped and thought back to the last few mornings. She’d gotten up a little bit earlier and braided her hair on a couple of occasions or curled it a bit. Three months ago she hadn’t even owned a curling iron. When had that…?

“Oh,” Rose breathed. “Bloody hell… I didn’t even realize it, but yeah I went shopping a few days after I got back and…”

“You got things you wouldn’t normally get, but your other self would have,” Sharon finished calmly, putting a hand over Rose’s. “We’ve noticed the slight wardrobe adjustment.”

“What’s happening to me?” Rose asked as she glanced down at what she wearing. She had her usual jeans, but she’d bought a slightly dressier looking pair of boots that were more stylish than her combat boots. Under her t-shirt she had a lacy bottom undershirt that she hadn’t even thought about when she put it on this morning.

“I’m inclined to say you’re experiencing regeneration,” Shireen told her with chuckle. “But it’s just little things, you are right that you are still definitely you.”

“Just you with a couple of new additions.” Sharon added quickly.

“Like a slightly altered accent and sense of style.”

“And being musical all of a sudden,” Sharon finished with a shrug. “Don’t panic, but you need to be aware of it.”

“Mum hasn’t said anything,” Rose told them with a frown, tugging uncomfortably at her t-shirt and glancing down at her boots.

“Well your accent has been thinning for a few years,” Shireen assured her gently. “It’s just more noticeable lately.”

“It was probably just the result of university and being around a great verity of accents,” Sharon agreed with a nod. “I bet ours have changed a little too.”

Rose smiled and nodded, both pleased by the reassurance and suddenly finding herself worrying about just what she sounded like. She tapped her fingers absentmindedly on the armrest as she took a sip of her wine only to paused when she got a look from Sharon.

“What?” Rose asked as she set down her glass and frowned at Sharon.

“That’s a new quirk,” Sharon told her with smile. “Trying to play the piano Rose?”

Freezing, Rose looked down at her fingers and watched them move for a moment. She sighed and rubbed the side of her head.

“I really don’t like this,” Rose grumbled.

“It could be worse,” Shireen told her kindly, reaching over and putting a hand on her shoulder. “Sure it’s weird right now, but you can play instruments and speak French now! That’s got to be worth something.”

“And you have memories of your dad,” Sharon added gently. “The weirdness of it will pass sweetie and soon enough this will all feel natural.”

“I know,” Rose sighed, shaking her head. “And I appreciate the support, but… I don’t know I guess I’m worried about what else is inside my head now.”

“Come again?”

“That other Rose… the other part of me now, the one I guess I sort of… fused with even though my personality traits are dominate, we were a lot of alike and our lives really weren’t that far off.” At the doubtful look her friends gave her Rose shook her head. “I’m serious, the differences in our worlds were based on our history and family members, but in theory I’ve got memories from all sorts of Rose Tylers from all sorts of worlds. I could have memories of a Nazi ruled world rattling around in my head or a dark ages or a post apocalyptic world and I have no control over when or if they come out.” Rose frowned. “I think that’s where that other stuff is coming from, stuff like forgetting about the Glorious Revolution and that scares me a little.”

“Hey,” Sharon said softly, reaching over to put an arm around Rose’s shoulder while Shireen did the same. “We’re worried too, but stressing about it isn’t going to help. That door in your mind if open, at least for a little while. Fixating on it won’t help anything.”

“Exactly,” Shireen agreed. “And besides Rose history has never been your subject so you’ll be fine if anyone notices.”

“Exactly, you’re studying scientific principals and those are well I’d say universal but they sort of transcend that don’t they.”

“Weak joke, but point taken,” Rose sighed with a little smile. “But enough about my drama,” she declared with a big smile. “Sharon anything new with you and that Andrew bloke you were telling us about?”

Sharon grinned and started talking. Rose couldn’t help it as a large yawn escaped her. Thankfylly Sharon looked more worried than hurt.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” Rose said quickly, blinking her eyes. “I’ve just had nightmares the last couple of days.”

“Nightmares,” Shireen repeated with a frown.

“I’m sure that’s totally normal, I’m still dealing with a lot,” Rose told them quickly.

“Anything in particular?”

“I don’t really remember much about them,” Rose replied with a shrug. “They’ll pass, don’t worry so much.”

Sharon and Shireen shared a worried look, but thankfully a few moments later they resumed telling her stories about their own school days and apparently the highly attractive grad student that was flirting with Shireen. Leaning back on the sofa, Rose let the voices of her friends wash over her and tried not to fall asleep.


It was weird being home. Bannerman Road felt odd to her now Rose realized as she climbed out of her SUV and looked up at the brick house she’d bought her mother. Granted she hadn’t grown up here, but her mind kept flashing back to the mansion that she remembered living with her parents in. Rose swallowed and blinked back some tears that prickled at her eyes. There was a lingering sense of loss that Rose didn’t quiet understand how to address. She’d spent a week with the Doctor letting him take her beautiful places, hold her when she broke down and cried and they’d sat in the TARDIS library and just talked plenty of times, but Rose still felt like she was struggling to grieve.

How did you grieve for someone that you’d both just lost and lost long ago. She’d almost mourned on some deep level not having her father, but the very real and recent loss of him was throwing her off badly. But her grief wasn’t just for her father, but for the Rose Tyler that she remembered being who had suddenly blinked out of existence. Sharon and Shireen saw it as a fusing, but in her darker moments Rose wondered if she was really just walking around with the memories of a dead girl. And she couldn’t help but feel for all the people who had died in Apep’s attack even though it had never happened now, the memory of that fear and crushing despair was clinging to her. Rose shook her head and dismissed the depressing thoughts. She needed a good night’s sleep to break her out of this morbid mood.

The house was dark as Rose carefully slipped inside. Rita Anne was actually in the living room asleep on the sofa with the television on. Smiling softly, Rose glanced over the older woman to check that she was positioned alright before deciding to leave her be. Mickey’s grandmother was the definition of tough old woman: she’d raised Mickey and accepted aliens with a great deal more calm than her mother had. Not that the woman was happy with Mickey’s career choice. Rose was honestly still surprised that Mickey had forgiven her for her wedding letting the whole aliens thing out of the bag.

Rose turned on the lamp in the hallway on her way out to give Rita Anne a bit more light to navigate to her room by. Climbing the steps, Rose rolled her shoulders and frowned at how achy she felt. She shrugged it off and went to her room, busying herself and getting ready for bed. The turquoise duvet and curtains made Rose frown. The color no longer appealed to her like it once had. Thinking back on her shopping trip, Rose realized that it seemed purple has usurped turquoise as her favorite color… she supposed it was better than the pink that her other self had favored.

“How does the Doctor do this?” Rose asked out loud, shaking her head and feeling a great deal more empathy for her significant other’s occasional change of body and perferences.

Sighing, Rose climbed into her bed and turned the light out. She hadn’t anticipated it being this difficult to be near her mother, but every time they were alone and it was quiet all she could hear was the final phone conversation between her alternate self and her own mother. Rose slung back the duvet and stood up, grabbing her dressing gown. She tip toed down the hall and carefully peeked into her mother’s bedroom. Her mum was snuggly in bed, a mask of some kind on her face and moisturizing gloves on her hands. If the sight hadn’t been so reassuring to her, Rose would have giggled. Instead she nodded to herself and returned to her own room. Climbing back into her bed, Rose lay back and whispered to herself that everyone was okay, Apep was dead and she was fine.


The darkness in the room felt heavy, unbearable and the stale air was a struggle to breath. In her hands she was grasping some kind of weapon, the weight was familiar, comforting and terrifying all at the same time. Down the long dark corridor beyond where she could see she could hear the thumping of heavy footfalls.

“This is it,” a terrified voice whispered next to her, “We’ve lost. Earth is done for.”

She wanted to argue, wanted to demand an explanation. This… this wasn’t right, something was very wrong. She couldn’t remember what brought her to this point, but it was real. Every sense of tingling and her right arm was in terrible pain from some kind of injury. This wasn’t a  dream, but how could it be real.

Behind her, Rose felt something brush her shoulder and heard a soft high pitched laugh, but when she dared a quick look back there was nothing there.

Rose’s eyes snapped open and she sucked in a deep greedy breath. She became aware that she was lying down and her fingers were twisted in the fabric of her duvet as if she’d been holding on for dear life. Taking a slower breath, Rose looked up at the white ceiling above her, illuminated by the stray moonbeams coming through the window. Her heart was pounding, but beginning to slow down a little.

“It was just a dream,” Rose said out loud and flinching at how thin and weak her voice sounded.

Sitting up slowly, Rose took another deep breath and tried to shake off the dream. Expect it was lingered in her mind. She could recall all the little details, she could even remember the stricken faces.... Rose shook herself and pried her fingers out of the duvet fabric. They were sore and stiff as if they’d been gripping something for dear life.

Rose tossed back the duvet covet and slipped her legs out of the bed. She didn’t put them all the down of the floor and instead sat there with her legs hanging. Breathing slowly in and out, Rose told herself again and again that it was just a silly nightmare brought on by the stress of what was happening. The words didn’t help much and Rose glanced at the clock, frowning in distress at the time. Briefly she considered laying back down and trying to get more sleep, but shuddered at the idea of going back to that nightmare.  She climbed out of bed and put on her slipped, grabbed her laptop and decided to get started on her term papers extra early.

Rose was dragging horribly the next morning, but made a nice breakfast for herself, her mum, Rita Anne and Mickey who stopped by on Sunday mornings. He gave her a worried look, but thankfully didn’t call her out on bad she looked.

“Any plans for this morning?” Mickey asked kindly as he helped Rose clean up the kitchen.

“Yeah I’m going over to Sarah Jane’s to check on Spock before I head back,” Rose answered with a small nod.

“Are you going to be okay to drive?” Mickey questioned, putting a hand on her shoulder. “I mean you could take the train back to Cambridge and I could drive your car up on my day off.”

“I’ll think about it,” Rose promised with a smile, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. “You’re a sweetheart you know that right?”

“Yeah I’m a regular Prince Charming,” Mickey laughed with a shake of his head before he glanced at the clock. “But I’ve also got to get moving, I’ve got drills this afternoon.”

“I’d say have fun, but you know… drills.”

Mickey laughed, reaching over and hugging Rose tightly in an one armed hug. As she scrubbed the last of the dishes Rose heard him saying goodbye to his grandmother and smiled to herself. At least the big things in her life were still in place and dependable. When she finished dishes, Rose headed for the front door and grabbed her leather jacket. She could already hear her mother on the phone with cousin Moe by the sound of the conversation and Rita Anne was in the living room with the television on. Shaking her head, Rose wondered how they didn’t get bored with the routine before stepping outself.

She started walking across the street, pulling out her phone and sending a quick text to Shireen. A sudden chill down her spine made Rose stop and glance around. There was the odd sensation of someone behind her and for a moment Rose stopped breathing. She heard someone breathe her name so softly that she almost missed it. Turning around, Rose searched the area, but didn’t see anyone nearby.

Shivering, Rose wrapped her arms around herself and looked around frantically. It was so strange, but for a moment she’d been sure that there was something behind her. Rose turned slowly and looked around. Everything looked normal on Bannerman Road. Her Mum and Gita were talking over their shared fence, both them talking with their hands and grinning like fools. Luke, Clyde and Rani were chatting happily as they walked down the sidewalk of the street together, all of them holding ice cream bars either from the nearby shop or Clyde’s freezer. Rani’s father was washing the family car in their drive. She knew that Sarah Jane was probably upstairs in the attic at her desk working on an article.

Everything was completely normal for a weekend at Bannerman Road and yet… Rose couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that the nightmare that given her. She couldn’t help but remember the last time that she’d had dreams that vivid. Barely any time had passed since she’d found herself remembering her life as a different Rose Tyler and now here she was going through it all again.

“Might slip through on occasion my ass White Guardian,” Rose growled, shaking her head. “I barely had a week’s peace.”

Still Rose put one foot in front of the other and strode over to Sarah Jane’s front door. Johnny opened it a moment after she knocked, a huge grin on his face that Rose couldn’t help but return.

“Rose!” he greeted, stepping forward and hugging her. Then he turned and called into the house, “Sarah Jane! Rose is here.”

“Thanks for the introduction Johnny,” Rose teased as she stepped inside. “But I know my way to the attic.”

Johnny chuckled and nodded to her, gesturing dramatically to the staircase just as Luke and his friends turned and entered the driveway. Rose waved to the teenagers and started climbing up the stairs.  Above her head she could hear the soft thrumming of Spock’s cooling system and thought that she could hear the clickity clack of Sarah Jane on her computer. With a soft smile Rose stepped into the attic, taking in the various trinkets that Sarah Jane had displayed alongside photos of herself, the Doctor and UNIT staff. Rose’s eyes went to one of her favorite: the photo from Sarah Jane’s wedding with all their companion friends around them. Rose’s smile faded a little at the realization that she should really try to make contact with Liz Shaw.

“Good morning Rose,” Sarah Jane greeted warmly as she stood up from her desk and hugged her tightly. Her smile faded after a moment. “Are you alright?”

“Just a little sleepy,” Rose admitted with a shrug. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Well if you’re sure,” Sarah Jane said uncertainty. “I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”

“Thanks Sarah Jane, this shouldn’t take too long,” Rose told her before she turned towards the brick wall that hid Spock. “Mister Spock, time to rise and shine,” Rose called with smile.

As the wall began to unfold with the hiss of steam, Sarah Jane shook her head and headed out of the attic with her cup of coffee cradled in one hand.

“Good morning Rose,” Spock greeted. “Ready to begin diagnostics.”

“Lovely Spock then go ahead and begin,” Rose replied with a smile. She glanced around and frowned. “Uh Spock where is K-9?”

“I believe the dog is in the yard,” Spock said distastefully as his screen began to change.

Chuckling, Rose sat down on the large sofa in the center of the attic with a soft sigh. She picked up a notepad from the side table and started taking notes as Spock’s system information began to flash across the screen. Her eyes began to feel very heavy, but Rose tried to ignore it and kept taking notes. Then slowly, her eyes slid closed and the pencil slipped from her fingers.

“Rose Mum wants to know if you’re staying for lunch,” Luke called as he walked into the attic. He paused when he saw her asleep on the sofa, Spock still running diagnostics. “Rose?” he asked carefully walking up to her. He debated for a moment about waking her up, but then reached out and gently touched her shoulder as he called her name again.

Rose didn’t move or react in any way. Luke called her again louder this time, but she didn’t respond. Calling her even louder, Luke shook her shoulder, but there was still nothing. Shaking her with both hands, Luke paled and jumped back. He rushed to the doorway and yelled, “Mum! Dad! Rose won’t wake up! I can’t wake her up!”

Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Tyler Factor Chapter 35
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Greatest Deal: Sacrifice

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


“D-dad, November 7th 1987,” Rose said, her voice shaking badly. “What happened?”

Her father stumbled back with a confused and worried look on his face that gradually began to become both horrified and resigned.

“I… I was hit by a car outside of Sarah and oh what was his name’s wedding.  I thought I was dying, I was dying and this… vision in a white cloak appeared. It frightened me at first, it didn’t have a normal face except for a toothy mouth, but it promised to help me.”

“The Trickster,” Rose realized with sharp painful intake of breath.

“He never told me his name,” her father confessed with a thick swallow. “But he offered me a chance to live, to survive the injuries and walk away.”

“What did he want in return?” the General demanded looking thunderous. “What did this alien want?”

“He just told me to be a good father,” Pete replied quickly, glancing towards the General and then turning his attention back to Rose as her face showed only despair.

Rose’s knees threatened to give out and her father reached out quickly to take hold of her arm. She heard him call her name, his voice thick with worry and had to struggle against the urge to break down crying again.

“Yeah,” she finally managed. “Yeah that was all that he needed. You lived and everything changed.”

“What are you talking about?” her father asked urgently. “What does it have to do with this?!”

“The Trickster… he’s well it was explained to me that he’s an extra-dimensional being who along with the rest of the Pantheon of Discord was banished from this universe. They liked chaos too much and their actions were dangerous to the fabric of reality. But he still has enough power to manifest himself within the universe for short periods of time. His goal is to create chaos which gives him power and allows him to do more.  He’s called the Trickster because he offers people deals and uses the little power he has to alter something about the world. On the surface it seems like a good thing since he needs agreement, but it blows up in your face.” Rose pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “He’s an enemy of mine, he’s tried to get me to make a deal before.”

An explosion from the upper levels caused the room to shake and Rose risked a quick glance up at the ceiling as a thin layer of dust fell around them.

“And I made a deal with him,” Pete said carefully as he looked up fearfully. “But what was the point? What was it he was after?” Desperation was creeping into his voice and Rose wanted nothing more than to drop the line of conversation, but the distant sound of energy weapons alerted her that Apep’s troops were trying again.

“You didn’t die,” Rose admitted softly as she forced herself to look back at him, holding back the tears. “In her- my –our original life you died that day.” Rose reached out and gently touched her father’s chest with a shaking hand. “I didn’t have a dad growing up. Mum and I lived in council flats until I turned our lives around, but I-I never knew you.”

“Why would the Trickster want to make such a change?” the General asked sharply looking between them both carefully.

“Because my whole life was altered,” Rose admitted. “He couldn’t get me to make a deal so he went and made a deal to change an event that shaped my entire life. I never met the Doctor when I was eleven, I wasn’t there to save the Doctor’s life against the Nestene Consciousness and I… I’m not the Defender of Earth that I would have been.”

“Defender of Earth?” her father repeated in a stunned voice.

“Yeah,” Rose laughed bitterly. “In that life I’ve stopped a lot of aliens, the Doctor jokes that he doesn’t have to come to Earth anymore. It’s not true of course, but…” Rose shook her head, “But I have a pretty good reputation and aliens friends that I call upon when things get really dangerous: aliens that I’ve helped and saved in the past, but none of that happened.” She gestured towards the General and chuckled, “I actually work as a consultant for UNIT around the world.  I was supposed to help stop the Bane and Apep was supposed to die before he ever had the chance to do this kind of damage.”

Rose stepped back feeling claustrophobic all of a sudden even though the room was large for the number of people inside.  Her eyes were darting between the General and her father. She wanted to look at him, but at the same time felt utterly unable to keep watching him. The sudden cost of seeing him, the price of those happy memories was beginning to sink in. She could now remember the years of longing to know her father, wondering if she was like him and entertaining fanciful thoughts about what her life would have been like if he had lived. It was beyond all her imaginings. She could see herself, both versions of herself so clearly in him and had warm memories of a loving father and had enjoyed a privileged life.

But the Doctor was dead, her lover, her best friend and so much more was gone from this world. He’d been wheeled away while she watched and hadn’t even known just what she was losing. And the world… everything was destroyed. Maybe it could be rebuilt in time, but the wounds would leave scars and without the Doctor...

“Miss Tyler!” the General called, pulling her out of her troubled musings. “What can we do?”

“Right,” Rose managed with a quick nod before forcing herself to look at her father. He was pale and watching her with despair in his eyes.

“Rose?” he asked, reaching underneath his shirt and pulling out a chain that he’d worn for years. She’d stopped noticing it many years ago, but suddenly felt aware of it. She was certain that the original Pete Tyler had nothing of the sort. There was a small square charm made out of metal hanging from the chain that gleamed in the light. “The being gave me this when I made my deal with him.”

“What?” Rose repeated in confusion with a frown, her eyes narrowing on the small charm.

Pete lifted the chain off his neck, his fingers brushing the charm with a frown before he handed it to her. Rose held the thing carefully as if it might burn her at any moment. Nothing about it really stood out, it seemed very ordinary in shape with only a few small designs on it. If it was a language she couldn’t read it, suddenly very aware of her missing translator. Yet the shine of the metal seemed a bit off and she remembered the chronosteel that the White Guardian had once sent her to retrieve.

“I think that this is the conduit of changing the timeline,” Rose said carefully around a lump in her throat. “This and your agreement might be what holds the new timeline in place, anchors it.”

“So in order to set things right…. I have to be dead,” her father said carefully.

“Mister Tyler,” the General started to say, but Pete cut him off.

“Don’t worry General,” Pete said sharply, he looked ill but determined. “I don’t see another way out of this and…” he looked at Rose and managed a small smile. “I want to protect my little girl.” He stepped closer to her. “Rose… in this other life were you happy?”

“Yes,” she answered after a moment, aware of a fresh wave of tears down her face. “I was, am… whatever the proper clause is.”

“But you know about aliens-”

“Yeah I do, but its okay,” Rose tried to explain with a shaky smile. “We don’t really have time for me to explain everything, but… well he thing is that I’m actually involved with the Doctor.”

“What?!” the General snapped with wide eyes and Rose almost laughed at the expression.

“Relax Alistair, you know about it. Heck you were one of the people who suspected it before the relationship became public,” Rose looked back at her stunned father. “I love him, he loves me and we look after each other. My work with UNIT lets me look after Mum, I bought her a nice place in Ealing before I started university. She has good friends, actually likes to garden. We’re okay, we don’t have you,” she explained weakly, “but we’re okay.” A soft sob escaped Rose and she dropped her eyes, unable to look at him any longer.

There was another explosion and in the corner of her eye Rose could see a dark worried expression taking over the General’s face. He was eyeing her father carefully, his hand resting on his firearm, but Rose couldn’t even summon any real anger towards him. Not under the circumstances and barely contained another sob.

“I’m sorry love,” her father told her softly, reaching out and cupping her cheek.

Stepping closer to him, Rose let their foreheads touch as fresh tears slid down her cheeks. This had to work, it was their only chance, but… God she almost wanted it to fail.  Another soft sob escaped Rose as her father gently placed the small cube in her hands.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” her father whispered. “But I want you to know that I’m very proud of you, both versions of you I suppose. I love you and I just wanted to be a good father.”

“You were,” Rose struggled to say around the knot in her throat. “You were and you are.”

“Will you remember?”

“I don’t know,” Rose whispered with slight shake of her head. “Maybe, but maybe not.”

“Well if you do then remember that I love you and that I did my best.”

“I know.”

Pete Tyler took a deep breath and stepped back from his daughter. For a moment he looked lost and uncertain, but then he straightened his shoulders as the General and the UNIT personnel looked on with hesitant expressions.

“Trickster!” Pete called his voice echoing in the room. “Trickster I withdraw my agreement!”

“Do not say such foolish things,” an oily voice declared, the voice seeming to come from all around them. “Would you abandon your little girl and your wife to a life of poverty and grief?”

“I’m trying to save my daughter and Jackie,” Pete declared, looking less nervous now as anger began to take over his features. “You used me to hurt this world.”

“Such chaos,” the oily voice declared with glee. “The Doctor is dead, Earth is in ruins and so many things left undone by Rose Marion Tyler. All the things she’ll never do. I should have tried this plan years ago.”

“Well it’s over now!” Pete snapped. “You need my agreement and I withdraw it!”

“You think it’s that simple?” the voice asked with a chuckle. “That my agreements are so easy to break.”

Pete turned towards Rose, doubt flickering in his eyes. Rose nodded to him and stepped closer, reaching a hand out to him, the charm dangling from it. Her father reached out and touched her hand, his fingers brushing the charm.

“I’m willing to die if it prevents this,” Pete said in a strong loud voice. “I want no part in your deal Trickster, I withdraw my agreement.”  The charm in their linked hands flashed and there was a sudden roar of anger all around them.

A strong gust of wind began to fill the room and the charm began to flash over and over like a strobe light. On instinct, Rose tighten her hold on it and her father’s fingers. Their eyes met as the gust of wind turned into a whirlwind like a tornado in the small room. Then there was a white light so bright that against her will Rose closed her eyes and lost sight of her father.

Gasping for air, Rose tightened her grip on the small metal cube. The world seemed to be falling away around her and turning into a blur of color. It was hard to breath, she couldn’t see anything clearly. Voices were echoing around her, familiar voices saying familiar things.

“Nice to meet you Rose Tyler.”

“Stay out of trouble.”

“Do you Sarah Jane Smith take Johnny Chesterton to be your husband?”

“I love you.”

“Stop this wedding now!”

Her knees shock and Rose felt like she was about to faint when suddenly the whirl stopped. She sucked in a greedy breath and looked around. At first she thought she was in a different room, but after a rapid glance around the room she realized that she hadn’t moved at all.  There were more boxes in the corner and the large table was stacked with smaller boxes and a few random tools and clipboards. She was alone and back in her regular clothes. Behind her ear she could feel the familiar shape of the translator, around her neck hung the sapphire from Queen Jane and her longer chain with the odd things she’d collected and her TARDIS key. On her wrist was her golden bracelet shimmering in the light. But Rose’s mind was focused on one thing: she remembered.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she stood in the quiet storage room. Sooner or later she’d have to move and alert UNIT that she was here, but not yet. In her hands she still cradled the tiny square charm that she thought might still carry a hint of her father’s warmth. Rose wanted to move, to reach for the mobile phone in the back pocket of her jeans.  Her mind was a haze of what the date was, what was the last thing that had happened and the only clear thing was the over whelming sense of loss.

Rose started to shake badly, wanting to hug herself, but afraid of moving her hands. Her legs felt ready to give out when a wheezing sound began to fill the room. Rose opened her eyes, unsure of when she’d closed them and managed a weak happy smile at the wonderful sound. The TARDIS began to materialize just to the right of her in front of the room’s second door. A moment later the TARDIS doors were flung open and her brown haired Doctor in the pinstripe suit stepped out. His expression was pained and urgent as he rushed towards her. Rose didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before she was wrapped in his arms. Collapsing against him, Rose released a soft sigh of relief and inhaled a deep breath, taking in his scent.

He was real, he was alive and he was here. A soft kiss to her forehead made Rose tremble. For a terrible moment she was relieved that Pete had made the choice to save the world and restore time as she now had the Doctor back. The stray thought was followed by a wave of grief and guilt that made her shut her eyes against more tears.

“I’m sorry Rose,” the Doctor whispered in her ear, holding her close. “I’m so so sorry.”

Rose was about to reply when the light in the room rippled. Pulling back from the Doctor she looked around in alarm as a shadow swirled together just in front of them. The Trickster appeared, dressed in his long black robe with his featureless face. He grinned at her with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and chuckled.  Rose’s eyes narrowed on him as rage boiled beneath her skin so hot that she barely noticed a flash of white and black as the White and Black Guardians appeared in the room.

“You!” Rose snarled, lunging towards the grinning Trickster. She was caught around the waist by the Black Guardian who secured her in place, ignoring her protests. As she struggled against him, the Doctor stepped up beside them and wrapped his arms around Rose. Thankfully the Black Guardian released her, but the Doctor did not let her go.

“Rose Tyler,” the Trickster greeted with a chuckle. “I suppose that I was not able to destroy you, but at least I have some small comfort in knowing that I have hurt you.”  He long bony fingers reached towards her, but he came no closer.

“You’ve done enough for today,” the White Guardian announced sternly, staring at the Trickster as if he was some vermin on the floor of a kitchen. “Be gone.”

“Reverted or not Guardians I gained power from that little adventure,” the Trickster mocked happily. “All that chaos, the web of time beginning to fall apart as life all across Earth was extinguished… glorious.”

“Trickster,” the Doctor growled in a voice so dark and angry that Rose forgot her own grief for a moment and looked at him in worry. “Don’t test my limits today. I am angry and that’s never a good thing for those that anger me.”

“For once I am in agreement with the Doctor,” the Black Guardian announced in a tight voice tat promised pain. “Be gone from here.”

There was a flicker of fear on the Tricksters features as he surveyed those glaring at him. He gave Rose one last toothy smile and began to shimmer out of view.

“Trickster!” Rose shouted angrily, “Whatever it is that you’re so afraid of me becoming- I will become and I will come for you!”

The Trickster vanished without another word and the Doctor gently eased his grip on her. Rose had to fight down the urge to snap at him for holding her, but a small part of her knew that she was in pain and not thinking straight. Instead the Doctor dropped his hand and gently took her hand in his threading their fingers together. Instantly Rose felt a tiny bit better and couldn’t repress a tiny shiver, remembering the feeling of knowing he was dead. She was gripped by a sudden desire to hold him and kiss him, but the Guardians were turning to look at them.

“Rose Tyler,” the Black Guardian said with small nod to her before he looked towards the Doctor. With a small sneer, he nodded to the Doctor and vanished in a burst of darkness.

The White Guardian sighed softly and shook his head, turning to look at Rose. “We are very fortunate that the Silver Lord’s plan in Utah was of use today.”

“What?” Rose asked, completely thrown by the words.

“The Silver Lord in Utah created a connection between your alternate selves and you Rose,” the Doctor told her gently, rubbing her hand. “At least that’s how you’ve explained it to me.”

“Indeed, that connection gave you the memories of alternate versions of yourself, something that could survive even time being rewritten and called upon when survival depended on it.”

“So other versions of me can remember my life?” Rose asked with wide eyes, her world suddenly tilting terribly.

“Potentially, but it will take just the right circumstances for them to ever become aware of the imprint. You… her… connected because you were a rewritten version of the same person in what should have been one reality. The Trickster’s ability to rewrite time is imperfect and leaves scaring, that’s why it is so easy to force to revert.”

Rose tensed at the suggestion that her father sacrificing his life was easy, but the White Guardian merely gave her a soft smile. “Be warned though Miss Tyler that the door in your mind to the memories of alterative lives has been opened. Other things may start to slip through now and again.”

The warning was just vague enough while his voice had a ring of certainty to it that Rose felt her hairs standing on edge. The White Guardian watched her for a moment, his eyes dropping to the small chronosteel square in her hands, but he didn’t comment on it.

“I leave Miss Tyler in your hands Doctor,” the White Guardian said politely with a nod before he looked at Rose. “My condolences Miss Tyler, but if I may be so bold you do now have the memories of a life with your father. That is more than most people could ever dream of.”

Rose wanted to hit the White Guardian now too even as she felt a little of the rage draining out of her. Suddenly her whole body felt weak and beat down. The Doctor’s hand began to rub her back and the White Guardian vanished in a flash of light. As soon as the Guardian vanished, the Doctor pulled Rose back against him in a tight hug.

“He saved the world,” Rose whispered into the Doctor’s neck, grateful for his arms around her. It was the only thing keeping her on her feet.

“Course he did,” the Doctor replied gently, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “He’s a Tyler, that’s what you do.”

A blended sob and chuckle escaped Rose and she inhaled the smell of the Doctor and the TARDIS. They stood there like that for some time until the tears finally ran out and she could breathe again. Without ever releasing her the Doctor began to guide Rose towards the TARDIS and softly whispered,  “Come on let’s go home.”

“What happens now,” Rose asked in a soft almost frightened voice.

“You stay with me until you feel ready to go back to life on Earth,” he told her gently. “One step at a time.”

“Yeah,” Rose agreed with a little nod, finally stepping away from the Doctor, though she didn’t release his hand. “Once step at a time.” She looked down at the small piece of chronosteel in her hand and swallowed thickly. Then she turned the Doctor’s hand so it was opened. With a deep breath of determination, Rose placed the chronosteel square in his hand and closed his fist around it. “Keep this safe for me.”

“I will,” the Doctor promised her, leaning forward and kissing her forehead. “He won’t use it again, I promise.”

“Thank you.” Rose told him before she gave him a soft smile. “I love you. Even in a life with my father… I,” she couldn’t finish, but the Doctor nodded with a sad smile.

“Where do you want to go?”

Rose paused and swallowed thickly, shivering at a terrible memory. “London, I need to see my mother. I need to see that she’s alright… after that I don’t know, but let’s start there.”

“Your wish is my command,” the Doctor replied, stepping back and carefully putting the chronosteel into a jacket pocket. He retook her hand and tugged her towards the controls. With a dramatic throw of a switch the TARDIS shuddered and they were dematerializing into the time space vortex, leaving behind an empty room with papers blowing in the wind.

………….Next Time………

The darkness in the room felt heavy, unbearable and the stale air was a struggle to breath. In her hands she was grasping some kind of weapon, the weight was familiar, comforting and terrifying all at the same time. Down the long dark corridor beyond where she could see she could hear the thumping of heavy footfalls.

“This is it,” a terrified voice whispered next to her, “We’ve lost. Earth is done for.”

She wanted to argue, wanted to demand an explanation. This… this wasn’t right, something was very wrong. She couldn’t remember what brought her to this point, but it was real. Every sense of tingling and her right arm was in terrible pain from some kind of injury. This wasn’t a  dream, but how could it be real.

Behind her, Rose felt something brush her shoulder and heard a soft high pitched laugh, but when she dared a quick look back there was nothing there.

Chapter Thirty-Six

The Tyler Factor Chapter 34
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Greatest Deal: Awaken Rose Tyler

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Wow this is a long one and the final chapter will probably be just as long.


Everything had faded away, leaving only a vague feeling of warmth and safety. Whatever concerns she’d had before were gone.  She was floating in a haze, there was really no other word for it. It was like being wrapped up in a thick duvet with extra blankets on top, sort of how her mum had wrapped her up that times she’d gotten the flue really bad when she was ten.  Around her she could hear voices and other strange and unfamiliar noises, but they were all muffled.

“Rose,” a soothing voice called, cutting through the din. “There isn’t much time. I need to you try and remember.”

She couldn’t quite place the voice and couldn’t help the instinctive shudder that ran through her. Rose didn’t want someone influencing her, this was her mind. A place that was important to her, to who she was and other people weren’t supposed to be in here. ON instinct, Rose retreated from the voice and wrapped herself up tighter in the vague warmth surrounding her. Everything became more muffled even as she could hear the voice calling to her.  Then slowly it began to fade.

It was like dreaming as images and sounds began to slowly and softly replay around her. The sight of a woman with blonde bleached hair who was older than her filled Rose with warmth, happiness, regret and sorrow for reasons she didn’t fully understand. Like a parade, memories slowly played themselves out as she watched detached from it all, removed from the joy, horror, excitement and sorrow of them.

“Rose, please try and wake up,” a voice called to her an unknown time later. It sounded very familiar, warm and worried. A jolt of memory surged through her head and provided the words: father and dad, but it was soon followed with a feeling of confusion and regretful grief.

But that didn’t make sense, her father was dead. He wasn’t in the memories, he was dead and gone. Her mother had told her the story often enough: her father had run out of a wedding and been hit by a car. A blonde woman had held his hand as he died while her mother kept her baby self away from the scene. So why was he here? Why did she know that was his voice? The fog closed in around her and Rose sank deeper down, surrounded by a wave of moments once again, but once more detached.

“Why won’t she wake up?” a stern voice demanded, cutting through the fog. “It’s been three days Doctor Henderson and our best chance is in a coma.”

“I don’t understand it sir,” the voice she’d been hearing so often said, sounding frantic. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Whatever caused Miss Tyler’s odd behavior and mental state seems to have activated once I put her into the hypnotic state.”

“But we are still no closer to understanding what is happening?”

“No sir, I still don’t understand,” the voice confessed softly. There was a long pause, “Any luck with the sonic screwdriver?”

“Doctor Shaw is testing different settings. The controls on it are extremely tiny and require very delicate touches. She suspects that it might actually have a neural interface for the Doctor’s telepathy that helps him use it.”

“Can it help in the base defense?”

“She is trying to isolate the setting Miss Tyler used with the sound system. Mister Tyler is assisting her the best he can around his visits,” the deeper voice replied, sounding tired. “I never should have suggested this. Her memories might have helped us, but now…”

“There was no way to know sir,” the other voice offered carefully. “And we don’t know what’s going on in her head right now. Maybe…” the voice trailed off as the fog swallowed Rose again, but a few things kept echoing in her mind:

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Doctor Shaw and UNIT. A sense of danger and urgency tickled at her consciousness and Rose struggled harder against the fog. Earth was in danger, she was its Defender. She was its Champion, a thought reminded her and Rose could see a strange creature with a sword. She’d won, her mind provided, won and given a Champion’s command for the sake of Earth.

More thoughts and memories trickled to the surface, little things like her mates Sharon and Shireen whose faces she could suddenly see clearly.  A familiar sounding laugh, a manic grin, icy blue eyes, warm brown eyes and a cheerful green ones. But it wasn’t enough to break though the haze completely and a few moments later Rose was pulled under once more.


“Rose!” the voice shouted, this time sounding desperate and scared. “Rose! Wake up, you need to wake up now. The base is under attack again! The main defenses have fallen.”

Someone was touching her arms, but Rose couldn’t quiet react to it.

“There’s no time for this!” an unfamiliar voice shouted at a greater distance. “We’ll have to try moving her.”

“That might not be safe! She’s still in a hypnotic state, much deeper than normal. The more we disrupt her the greater the danger!”

“We’ve got to move her! They’re inside! I don’t think those aliens are going to be concerned about her health.”

“What about the sonic screwdriver?”

“Doctor Shaw has it, she went to the main doors to see if she could replicate what Tyler did, but we have to move her. This floor is being evacuated to the lower levels.”

“Going further into a mountain with no way out,” the other voice grumbled and Rose felt herself being shifted, but couldn’t quite get herself to move.

There was a growing sense of urgency in her chest, fear whispering in her ear that she was in danger. Rose could feel her heart speeding up just as she was suddenly lurched about and moved. Loud noises in the distance battered at the thick fog and it started to clear a little bit. She tried to remember where she was, why she was here and what was going on. Something had happened, something terrible was going on. There was fear, desperation and resignation in the voices around her.

She was aware of her closed eyes suddenly as bright light appeared and vanished over her in rapid succession. Moving… she was moving, probably on a bed of some kind. There were soft straps around her wrists, but they had a long length to them. They were the sort meant to keep patients from pulling on tubes, she recalled. She wasn’t a prisoner, but the feeling and urgency and fear was still strong.

They stopped a short time later and Rose was aware of the two leaving her side. She tried to move, but the fog was too strong. It was wrapped around her mind, dulling her sensations, her thoughts and ability to move. It was familiar somehow, like a thick heavy blanket with no end that was thrown over her head. She couldn’t see, but she could see flashes of memory…. It was all so familiar.

Rose Tyler Defender of Earth, she repeated to herself in her head. Sonic screwdriver, that sounded important and caused a spark of something in her chest.  This was just too familiar… what was happening to her.  Rose fought against the fog, pushing against it as if trying to push wet snow off of a box.  It retreated for a moment, but that moment gave Rose a chance to glimpse something important.

She was by a lake and surrounded by something thick and dark. There were flashes of images, sounds and waves of feelings that didn’t belong to her. She saw others of herself, the children she might have had, the lives she might have lived and the deaths she might has faced. It had been locked away to keep her safe, but now it was the only thing she had.  A loud scream echoed around her, a flash of fear pushed away the last of the fog. Desperation to survive, the human survival instinct shattered a lock.

There was an audible snap. Everything was suddenly in place. Memories of the Piped Piper, living on the Powell Estate with her Mum, Sharon, Shireen, the Mona Lisa, an alien friend named Eve, Horath Academy and Astra.  Hundreds of emotionally raw, exciting and frightening events fell into place, overlapping the quieter memories of a life with Pete and Jackie Tyler. Rose sucked in a deep breath, her back arching slightly off a bed as she tried to force her eyes open.

The sounds of screaming broke through the fog, banishing the last vestiges of it. Eyes flying open, Rose barely spared a glance towards the ceiling and tried to roll off the bed. Velcro straps were holding her in place and Rose realized with a grimace that she had tubes in her arms, down her nose and coming out of certain places. A woman in medical scrubs ran into the small room, a look of panic on her face. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of Rose.

“Oh my-”

“Get these things out of me,” Rose ordered sharply as another scream echoed outside of the door. They weren’t in the base’s medical wing anymore, more like a supply room in the lower level. “Now!”


Her entire body ached, her legs shaking badly as she forced her feet into the shoes provided by the medical aid. The woman’s body language was frightened even as she’d focused on Rose. The process of removing all the tubes was more painful than Rose figured it was supposed to be. Her throat was aching, but there had only been a small glass of water avalible to ease it. Forcing herself to ignore the physical pain, Rose tied her shoes and stood up.

The room shuddered for a moment as Rose felt a rush dizziness, but she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Miss Tyler I’m not sure that you should be up,” the medical aid told her, glancing fearfully towards the door as another explosion could be heard in the distance.

Rose frowned at being called Miss Tyler. No one at UNIT really called her that anymore. She was usually Thorn or simply Rose. Shrugging it off, Rose rubbed her right wrist absent mindedly and then froze. Her bracelet was gone and she noted that her skin showed no sign of always having a bracelet on. Rather than the band of white skin that she should have there was only normal skin tone.

“What is going on?” Rose asked out loud.

“The aliens have come back,” the medical aid informed her. “We’ve evacuated down to the lower levels.”

“Who is in command?”

“General Lethbridge-Stewart.”

Rose frowned again, wondering when Alistair had come out of retirement again. He’d seemed very happy to turn everything over to Benton not that long ago.

“Where is he?”

“Probably in the lower control room.”

Another explosion made the walls shudder and Rose looked up towards the ceiling in alarm.

“Where are the invaders?” Rose asked sharply getting a terrified look from the aid.

“The soldiers were reinforcing the alpha sector to try and keep them out of the base.”

“How do I get there?”

“The stairs are just down the hall, but you can’t be seriously considering-”

Rose was rushing down the hall before they could finish the sentence. As difficult as standing had been, somehow running was simple and natural. The halls were horribly empty even as the alarms blared and Rose felt horribly naked without her sword as she raced forward. She rounded a corner without slowing down, coming to a frantic halt as two soldiers made of stone appeared at the far end of the hall. One of them leveled  staff towards her and moment later it flashed red.

Rose dodged the bolt of energy, pressing herself against slanting wall as instinct kicked in. Her eyes traced the advancing stone soldiers as her frown deepened.  The haze was still clinging to her mind and she wasn’t sure what exactly was happening. But she recognized the UNIT base and these things did not belong here.

They began moving towards her, much faster than she would have figured they could move. She ducked into a small access hatch area in the wall to avoid the blasts, trying to figure out what to do. Then they were upon on her and Rose felt her instincts take over. One of them held its staff up near her chest and with no expression of its painted face made the staff begin to glow.

Rose ducked the blast and grabbed the staff with both hands, pulling it to the side sharply to line it up with the second soldier. The red blast filled her eyes and she had to slam them shut, but heard the crumbling of stone. A harsh blow from the stone soldier into  her chest knocked Rose into the wall. Gasping to catch her breath, Rose dropped to the floor to avoid another red blast. To the side in the pile of rubble that used to be the second soldier was its staff weapon. Rose grabbed it, bringing it up with a quickness born of desperation. Her fingers slipped into the small grooves on the center area and she felt a tiny button. Pressing it, Rose aimed it at the soldier as she stepped to the side to dodge another blast. Her staff glowed red and the beam of energy collided with the stone soldier. It staggered and began to fall apart right in front of her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Rose tightened her hold on the staff and pecked around the corner. There were more soldiers much further down the hall, but they weren’t moving. She realized with a sick feeling in her stomach that they were guarding the main entrance from anyone trying to escape. Rose knelt down and collected the second staff, shrugging out of her hoodie and using it to fashion a rough sling to carry the second staff of her staff.

Her eyes traced the area for any other threats as she side stepped towards the small control room. She stepped into the small control room and couldn’t contain a gasp of horror. Charred bodies were scattered in the room with two others half crushed by the collapsing roof. One of them she recognized as Ross with a small sound of despair. Kneeling next to Ross’ fallen form, Rose checked his neck for a pulse only to have his death confirmed by the glassiness of his eyes. She swallowed thickly and gently brushed his eyes closed.  Across the room she caught sight of another form and stopped short. It was an older woman, Doctor Shaw, she realized with an odd jolt in her brain.  Rose nearly stumbled as memories raced over her mind, providing her with information.

“What the hell,” Rose gasped, grasping at the wall as she tried to steady herself. “Bloody hell what is going on here?”

No one answered the question and Rose was pulled out her churning shocked thoughts by the sound of an explosion too close for comfort.  She looked athe nearby controls, they were for a sound system, but they had been fired by some kind of energy blast. Blue caught her attention in the corner of her eye and Rose turned slightly and caught sight of the sonic screwdriver on the floor. It was surrounded by debris, but with a sigh of relief Rose realized that it was intact. Another explosion rocked the room and Rose scoped up the sonic screwdriver. With a glance at the two bodies, Rose gave them a sad smile.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll do what I can to help,” she promised gently before taking a deep breath and stepping back into the hall.

 Running the other way down the hall, Rose forced herself to ignore the soldiers in the distance. She had to find the General, something very bad was happening and she had to keep running. Rose tried to remember how to navigate the base, humorlessly reminding herself that last time a lot of ventilation ducts had been involved.

Rose had to blast two more stone soldiers in the back as she search further into the base. The sonic screwdriver in her pocket gave her a little more courage and she wished that she had her phone. Where was the Doctor? She stumbled over the thought, feeling like she was forgetting something very important, but it wasn’t coming. The haze in her mind was still there, teasing her with glimpses of something.

Descending another level, Rose called out for anyone who was still around. A tentative voice called back and Rose headed towards it with relief. She followed it around two more corners and stopped short when suddenly confronted with a barricade of soldiers who all had their weapons trained on her.

“I have a present,” Rose said with a small smile as she held out the staff in her hands to one of the soldiers.

They glanced towards the officer who was staring at her in shock. Rose frowned at that, she has enough of a reputation that they usually didn’t look at her like that anymore. The officer nodded and the soldier stepped forward to take the staff. With quick movements, Rose showed him how to position his hands and pointed out the small firing control. She thun swung the second one off her back and handed it to another soldier.

“I need to see the General,” Rose informed the officer firmly.

They blinked, but nodded and gestured to the doors behind them.

“He’s just in there Miss Tyler.”

“Thank you,” Rose replied with a nod, once again thrown off being called Miss Tyler, but she stepped through the doors.

It was a large windowless room that was mostly grey with one door on the far side of the room that only slightly ajar. A large table filled the center of the room with printed out maps scattered across it. Computers filled one wall and there was stacks of boxes in a far corner. The General was standing by the table with two officers arguing over something. He looked up at Rose a moment later, his eyes widening.

“Miss Tyler I wasn’t aware that you were awake. I’m afraid we have little communication ability anymore.” He frowned and glanced at one of the officers, not picking up on Rose’s confusion. He tended to call her Thorn and where was Benton? “What is she doing running around by herself.”

“Rose,” another voice called as the door on the far side of the room opened.

Rose turned towards the voice and her eyes widened, her mind sputtered to a halt. Her father, her long dead father was standing right there, clear as daylight. His suit was messy and rumpled from days of wearing nothing else, he looked exhausted, but relieved to see her. Rose’s mind tripped over him being there and she could do nothing but stare at Pete Tyler as he stepped forward and hugged. Slowly, Rose brought her arms up and returned the hug, completely overwhelmed by the sensation and smell of her father.  He was real, he as solid and he was here. She couldn’t hold back a sob of conflicting emotions: joy, sorrow, regret, relief, doubt and guilt.

“Mister Tyler Miss Tyler, I’m sorry but we are in a dangerous situation. There isn’t time for this.”

Rose pressed her face against her father’s chest, her knees buckling as the last little pieces began to fit together. In her brain, two sets of competing memories settled alongside each other, both feeling completely real. She couldn’t breath and felt like she was going to fall if her father hadn’t been holding her up. Tears escaped her eyes, she had her father back. Somehow the universe had given him back to her.

Except… the Doctor was dead. It was like a knife was stabbed into her chest at that realization. He’d died because she wasn’t there to save him, he’d been so lost and hurting after the Time War and had never met her to let the wounds start healing. He’d died alone because she wasn’t the girl who could help him.

And Apep wasn’t dead, she hadn’t killed him on top of a pyramid in ancient Egypt. He’d brought Sekmet back in New York like he’d originally planned and apparently she’d had technology stashed somewhere based on the ships and army they suddenly had. Millions if not billions were dead and there was nothing that UNIT could do.

Hers legs gave out as an agonized sob escaped her, muffled in her father’s chest. He gently lowered her to the ground and let her cry. Rose tightened her fingers int eh fabric of his suit, telling herself to pull together. She had to do something, but what could she possibly do. Was she in an alternate reality? She had to be and it was dying. Everything was wrong, this wasn’t her, she’d been rewritten.


The Doctor’s, her Doctor’s words about time being rewritten slammed into Rose. She was so startled that she stopped crying with soft hiccup. Looking up at her father, Rose drank in the look of worry and adoration that she saw there before she wiped away her tears. She took a shaky breath and forced herself to let go of her father’s jacket.

“General,” Rose said slowly as she climbed to her feet and brushed her hair out of her face. She squared her shoulders and raised her chin. “I’m the person that you were digging for.”

“And just who are you?” the General asked carefully, his expression distrustful and cautious.

“I’m Rose Tyler,” she replied calmly with a sad little smile. “Except I’m a version of Rose Tyler that actually has a chance of helping you. Shaw was close, alternative realities isn’t too far off expect…” Rose glanced towards her father, trying to make sense of the churning emotions in her chest. “It’s not actually an alternate reality; at least I don’t think it is.”

“Miss Tyler, we haven’t got the time for this.”

“If I’m right then you have to make time,” Rose snapped more harshly than she meant to. “Time can be written and I think it has been,” she added in a calmer voice after taking a deep breath. “That’s why I… she had some of my memories. It’s like…. a layer of paint over another layer of paint. If it gets chipped then the paint underneath becomes visible. The hypnotic state teamed with the crisis around me peeled the paint away. I now remember two lifetimes one as this timeline’s Rose Tyler and another as another Rose Tyler.”

“Let’s say you’re right about that,” Pete said, stepping closer to her a strange disbelieving look on his face. “How does that help us now?”

Rose turned to face her father slowly, her heart twisting painfully in her chest. She looked at him, really looked at him and tried to absorb every little detail. He has starting to grey and his hairline was receding unlike all his photos. His face was full of laugh lines, but right now he looked terrified, like he was desperate to reach out to her, but couldn’t bring himself to. He looked exhausted, but his mouth was thin in determination, an expression that Rose recognized all too well from herself.

“Because time can be rewritten,” Rose intoned carefully, feeling a sinking sense of certainty. “And potentially restored.”

“Miss Tyler-” the General began to shout.

“D-dad, November 7th 1987,” Rose said, her voice shaking badly. “What happened?”

Chapter Thirty-Five

The Tyler Factor Chapter 33
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Greatest Deal: Theories and Memories

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


“Miss Tyler,” the General said slowly and deliberately. “Explain yourself. How did you know to do that and how did you get ahold of a sonic screwdriver?” He repeated giving her a stern look before his eyes dropped down to the sonic screwdriver that Rose was clenching tightly.

Rose fought back the urge to scrim and swallowed quickly, fighting back the fear that they were going to take the sonic screwdriver away from her. While she hesitated, the General motioned one of the officers out of the room and she guessed he was going to secure the barricades and get the base locked down again. Briefly she wondered how bad the damage was, but it wasn’t enough to distract her from the heavy gazes locked on her.

“I found it, the night all those shop window dummies came alive. I was by the river and a man… the Doctor was taken away. His hand dropped off the gurney and the sonic screwdriver rolled away.”

“And how did you know how to use it?” Doctor Shaw asked urgently.

“Well… after I picked it up… this is going to sound crazy, but I started having dreams and flashes of… different things.” After hesitating a moment, Rose reached into her bag, noting that the General tensed up and one of the soldiers behind him had his weapon trained on her. Carefully, Rose pulled out her journal and held it out. Doctor Shaw snatched it up eagerly and began flipping through it. “I’m not really sure what is going on, but sometimes I just… know things.”

“Know things?” the General repeated carefully. He looked doubtful, but was keeping his express mostly in check.

“I knew your name before we were introduced and I know what your daughter Kate looks like, what her voice sounds like and that she has a really pretty laugh. It’s like I’ve met her, but I haven’t before,” Rose admitted in a rush, looking at the floor to avoid seeing the General’s face when she spoke about his daughter. The revelation that Kate was probably dead still stung.

“And some of the UNIT personnel are really familiar; this place is familiar like I’ve been here before. I know how to use at least some features of the sonic screwdriver and other machines and pieces of technology that I shouldn’t understand.” Rose sucked in a deep breath. “Sometimes I find myself remembering things that I know didn’t happen to me, I can do weird mathematical equations and….” Rose shook her head and leaned back against the edge of the control panel. “And I don’t know why.”
There was a moment of silence in the room and Rose desperately ignored the horrified and worried look from her father. It actually felt good to have said those things out loud. Even when she was seeing a doctor about it she’d never wanted to say everything. Aliens and all that, she would have been sectioned in seconds.

“It all started when you picked up the sonic screwdriver correct?” Doctor Shaw asked eagerly.

Rose nodded and Doctor Shaw held open Rose’s journal and showed a couple of pages to the General. “What is it?” Rose asked.

“You’ve drawn the Doctor,” Shaw informed her, turning the journal to show the assortment of faces that Rose had drawn.  “And the TARDIS.”

“TARDIS…” Rose repeated thoughtfully as her mind suddenly called up weird images of glass and bronze, coral and a blue box. There was a rush of warmth through her mind.

“We found it soon after the Doctor’s death,” Shaw added, “Nearby on the South Bank.”

“Unfortunately the TARDIS was being stored elsewhere and we no longer have access to it. Do you have a theory Doctor Shaw?” the General asked, still very tense.

“Perhaps the Doctor’s death made some kind of imprint on the sonic screwdriver. A way to pass on some of his knowledge and experience. He was telepathic after all and he may have believed that a UNIT personnel would be the one to pick it up. It would be a way for him to help protect Earth even after his death.”

“He died too quickly to regenerate,” the General countered with a frown. “He wouldn’t have had time.”

“Maybe there is a limit to how many times he can regenerate and this was his final death,” Shaw suggested sadly before looking at Rose. “What about me Miss Tyler? You knew who the General was; do you know who I am?”

“No,” Rose said with a frown and a shake of her head. “You’re not familiar to me.”

“Well he did spend more time with you than me,” Doctor Shaw said to the General. “Back in the old days.”

“But I remember the General as he is now,” Rose interrupted. “Not as a younger man, but at this age. But I also remember a …. Brigadier Benton,” Rose said slowly, testing the name. It sounded right.

“Sergeant Benton knew the Doctor in the past, but he does not hold that rank. He was long retired when all this started. Had there been time I would have requested him,” the General informed her, giving her a careful look. “What other names do you know? Does the name Jo Grant sound familiar?”

The name sent jolts through her mind and Rose couldn’t help but smile. “Of course, Jo Jones, formerly Jo Grant. Sweet, compassionate, protester on environmental issues, tons of grandchildren…” Rose paused and closed her eyes as the conversation started pulling other faces and names to the front of her mind. “Ian and Barbara Chesterton, teachers at Cambridge University, they’ve barely aged due to using a different time ship to get back to Earth. Their son Johnny married Sarah Jane Smith, the journalist who traveled with the Doctor. She’s the adoptive mother of Luke who as made by the Bane as the archetype. The Doctor sent her K-9 to look after her since her curiosity gets her into so much trouble.”

Rose opened her eyes, but she could barely breath. She wanted to stop talking, the flow of names and information frightening her deeply. “Tegan Jovanka works on Aboriginal rights in Australia, there was a ship inside Uluru. Ace runs A Charitable Earth, it’s not her real name…. Dorothy is and she calls the Doctor the Professor and likes chemistry. Victoria is married to an ambassador who doesn’t know she’s from another time, but she traveled with Jamie who was from Jacobian Scotland for a time. I don’t’ remember him, but I’ve heard of him. Ben and Polly got married and run an orphanage in India. Mel lives in California and still works with computers. She’s sweet, but a serious chatterbox and-”

“Miss Tyler!” the General cut in, stepping forward and grabbing her upper arms. “Breathe.”

The order cut through the haze and panic that had taken her over and Rose sucked in a fast breath. She exhaled only a little before taking another breath. Her head felt fuzzy and light, but it was starting to go away.

“But you don’t know me,” Doctor Shaw said with a frown beyond the General. “I’m not at all familiar to you.”

“No I don’t,” Rose agreed a moment later. “I’m sorry, but your theory isn’t right. What I… remember doesn’t feel like it came from the Doctor. It feels more… personal.”

“Then what happened? Do you have any theories?”

“I don’t know,” Rose said softly, shaking her head. “But this isn’t something left by the Doctor. Those memories…. I think they really are mine, just… not mine.”

“What does that mean Miss Tyler?” the General asked, stepping back from her.

“I don’t really know sir,” Rose replied sadly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know.”

“Sir,” Doctor Shaw said as she stepped up next to him and showed him another page. “These mummies look familiar don’t they?”

“Indeed,” the General took the journal and showed Rose and open pages with the drawings of the mummies and Apep’s snake head. “Miss Tyler what do you know about these invaders.”

“I think his name is Apep,” Rose told them carefully. “He is an Osirian, probably the last one… no in New York he was trying to get another one to wake up. One of the mummies on display there was really a comatose Osirian…. Sekmet. Maybe he was successful in New York City and now there are two of them. She might have known where more Osirian technology was hidden on Earth, that could explain them having so many ships and such a large force,” she rambled off thoughtfully, her mind jumping sharply between the facts. It was a bit scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

“What’s this about cutting off his head?” the General asked, tapping the words she’s scrawled.

Rose risked a glance at her father. He was pale and staring at her with barely concealed shock and terror. She wondered what kind of thoughts were going through his head right now and felt a terrible stab of guilt for not telling him anything about this in the past couple of months. Reaching towards him, Rose was relieved when he stepped over and took her hand. Thankfully, the General was silent and gave them a moment.

“Miss Tyler?”

“I’m not sure,” Rose said softly, squeezing her father’s hand. “I… sort of remember fighting him, I had a sword. At least I think it was a sword, but it was really light. Anyway he was on his knees, his snake head… and I cut it off. It’s been a dream I’ve been having.”

“You killed him,” the General repeated carefully.

“That doesn’t make sense, clearly that hasn’t happened,” Doctor Shaw insisted. “Perhaps it was a different Osirian.”

“Maybe,” Rose offered doubtfully.

“Are there are consistencies in these memories?” Doctor Shaw asked after taking a slow breath. “Anything that always seems the same?”

“Not really, I mean I can’t see what I look like, but it feels like I’m myself. I don’t seem taller or shorter or anything like that.”

“Any people who are consistent?”

“A few people who appear a couple of times, but there isn’t anyone who is always there. There’s these two girls my age, but I’ve never seen them before who I’ve seen several times. Sarah Jane Smith appears in a lot of the memories along with the Chestertons,” Rose admitted before reaching cautiously for the book. After a moment it was surrendered to her and Rose regretfully let go of her father’s hand. She flipped to the page filled with drawings of the Doctor and pointed at the last three images. “But these men reappear the most; it’s always a little different.”

“His personality changes,” the General observed. “But you know that already don’t you.”

“I guess so,” Rose agreed carefully. “That’s the thing, there’s a lot… rattling around in my head now for some reason. I know things, but I’m not … aware of them.”

“Is my daughter in trouble or in danger?” her father suddenly demanded, stepping up next to Rose and wrapping an arm around here.

“Mister Tyler your daughter clearly is under some kind of influence,” the General said bluntly, slightly raising an eyebrow at her father.  “Surely that concerns you?”

“Of course,” her father replied sharply. “But she doesn’t know what is happening any more than you do. Are these questions truly going to help? Are the priority right now?”

“We have to know if Miss Tyler is a threat,” Doctor Shaw informed her father, glancing towards Rose in time to see her flinch.

“You must be joking!” her father gasped, glaring at them both. “She just saved this base.”

“Using alien technology that even she has no explanation for how she knows how to use it,” Doctor Shaw countered while the General watched the exchange. Rose looked at him and met his eyes, trying to hide her own nervousness and fear.

“Enough,” the General ordered a moment later, still looking at Rose. “Miss Tyler, you said that you knew me, please elaborate.”

“Uh… Rose stumbled for a moment, playing nervously with the sonic screwdriver. “Well when I met you I had this really strong feeling of familiarity and… I guess affection. But I knew that I could trust you, that you’re a good man. A bit stubborn, but a good man” Rose pondered her thoughts for a moment and closed her eyes. The others were quiet, giving her a few moments.

“Well,” the General said slowly. “I’m afraid Miss Tyler that you just became our best chance to stop what is happening.”

“Wait what?” Rose asked as her father made a similar sound of displeasure and disbelief.

“I could take the sonic screwdriver from you of course, but then what? You seem to at least have some idea of how to use it to stop these things while my people don’t.”


“I dislike not understanding this as much as you,” the General said to Doctor Shaw sharply. “But we don’t have the time or the resources for trial and error right now. We need a plan of attack and we need it fast.”

“I’m not sure I can really help,” Rose protested softly. “I don’t understand it myself.”

“But it is inside of your head,” the General reminded her before he sighed loudly. “Miss Tyler if you have an alternative then speak up, otherwise you’re what we’ve got.”

“The other UNIT-” Rose’s father began to cut in.

“We’ve lost contact with most of them Mister Tyler, right now we have limited contact with the American’s Section 13 and the Welsh branch of Torchwood.”

Both names sent a shock through Rose’s brain, a disturbing blend of worry and fondness teamed with a sharp bolt of loathing that she couldn’t explain. The General was watching her, his eyes sharp and calculating.

“Those names mean something to you Miss Tyler.”

“I… I guess so. Section 13… I think they’re okay, but I… I felt anger towards Torchwood.”

“Interesting and perhaps not surprisingly. Officially Torchwood and UNIT have no relationship and previous to this we acted as if we didn’t know they existed. They are the UK nationalist focused alien agency.” He gestured towards her journal. “And if you are connected to the Doctor then you might know that they want him arrested.”

“Hartman,” Rose supplied quickly, blinking in surprise at herself.

“Indeed, Hartman was their leader. Torchwood headquarters was destroyed after they used one of their weapons on an invading ship. Acted too quickly, not that I completely blame them under the circumstances. But you shouldn’t know her name Miss Tyler, I don’t believe even the Doctor knew of her and Torchwood,” he added with a glance towards Doctor Shaw. “I’m sorry Miss Tyler, I wish we could help you with an explanation, but right now that has to wait.”

“What should we do with her?” Doctor Shaw asked calmly and Rose gripped her father’s hand tightly, suddenly frightened.

“She has information locked in her head, brief Doctor Henderson and see what he can do.”

Rose tensed, her heart tightening and the feeling of something heavy on her chest. What did they mean by that?! Her father stepped forward, carefully blocking her and the General turned to look at them. There was an odd flash of something in his eyes.

“Doctor Henderson is the base’s counselor,” the General explained, his voice becoming a touch more gentle. “She has successfully used hypnosis in the past on some of the troops suffering from combat related stress problems,” he explained calmly making Rose’s father relax.

Yet Rose couldn’t quiet shake off the fear, the idea of hypnosis of someone being in her head alarmed her in a way that she couldn’t understand. She stayed silent and tried to bring the ear under control while Shaw spoke in a low voice over a nearby phone. None the less when an escort arrived for her a few minutes later, Rose forced a smile for her father and followed them into the base. She glanced back only once to see staff reinforcing the base’s defenses and her father speaking with Doctor Shaw.


The room was small and tucked away near the medical wing of the base. There were groans spilling out into the corridor that made Rose feel very ill. A simple door with the sign ‘Doctor Henderson’ hung up next to it gave her pause as she heard someone moving inside.

“Here we are,” the private said kindly and Rose glanced at him. To her relief she didn’t recognize him and managed to give him a shaky smile. He nodded to her, no doubt trying to be comforting, but he was clearly uncertain.

“Thank you,” Rose managed, wondering if he was going to leave now, but he reached forward and knocked on the door.

“Rose Tyler, Doctor Henderson.”
“Come in, come in,” a feminine voice called from inside and Rose released a small breath of relief, unsure of why.

The private pushed the door open and Rose could see into a small office with no windows, but a handsome wooden desk and comfortable looking chairs. There was a lounge set up where a dark haired woman was moving some boxes off of. She turned around and gave Rose a small smile.

“Miss Tyler, Doctor Henderson. I’ll be outside if you need anything,” the private informed them both as Rose stepped over the threshold. The door clicked shut behind her a moment later and Rose did her best not to fidget.

“Hello Miss Tyler, I’m Doctor Henderson,” the woman said calmly. His introduction was professional, but there was a hint of warmth and gentleness in it that helped Rose calm down. “I’m one of the base’s counselor,” she explained to her. “People who work for UNIT see and live through a lot of things that are beyond the normal human experience. People like me try to help them cope in whatever why they need.”

There was a sudden face of a smiling face in her mind at the descriptions, a very familiar one that Rose thought she might have seen in a dream before. Doctor Henderson noticed, “Did you remember something Miss Tyler?”

“Sort of, but not really,” Rose told him with a shrug as she tried to ignore the nervousness churning her in the stomach.

“Do you understand why you’re here?”

“To help me remember things,” Rose muttered, looking down at her hands. “So I can help fight the aliens.”

“Yes, that is the short of it,” Doctor Henderson agreed with a nod. “We don’t want to hurt you and to honest I have no idea why you have these strange insights. Doctor Shaw has a few working theories, one of which includes alternate realities if I understand her correctly. The explanation I got while you came down was very rushed.”

“I don’t know either,” Rose replied quickly. “I have not idea if you can help or not.”

“Well, please have a seat and we’ll try. I’m going to hypnotize you,” she said as Rose sank down into one of the overstuffed chairs. “Have you ever been hypnotized before?”

“No-maybe,” Rose said with a frown. “Maybe,” she finally repeated and saw Doctor Henderson scribbling something on a notepad.

“Alright then, Rose close your eyes. I’m going to guide you to sleep and we’ll see what we can find out.”

Nodding, Rose leaned her head back against the back of the chair and closed her eyes. For several minutes it was almost impossible to push away the chaotic thoughts on the surface of her mind: her mother’s death, her confusion over what was happening to her and an overwhelming fear of the aliens coming back. But the soothing voice of Doctor Henderson slowly and surely pushed its way through the haze. The soft chair beneath her and perfect temperature of the room slowly pushed her under and Rose drifted off.

Chapter Thirty-Four

The Tyler Factor Chapter 32
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-Two: The Greatest Deal: Advance

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


There was no sense of time in the mountain base.  Rose sat quietly at the side of the room and watched her father and the other scientists move between tables, argue with each other with words that she didn’t really understand and speak with any officers that came in. She did her best to be invisible and quiet, but boredom was difficult to hold off.  Sitting quietly so soon after losing her mother and while knowing that the rest of the world was in terrible danger made it far too easy to think about regrets and cry.  Rose wished that she’d spoken to her mother that day outside of the phone, she couldn’t remember the last time that she’d hugged her Mummy and now….

Rose sniffed and wiped at her eyes, trying to distract herself. She wished that she could be of help in the lab and help in the brainstorming, but she was a music student with a few business classes. This wasn’t her domain…. Rose paused and then shook her head. She didn’t want to think about the odd dreams and strange visions, but her hand crept into her bag and pulled out the journal.  Rose looked at it with a frown, of all the things she’d owned and cherished, what she’d ended up with was a couple of textbooks, this journal and a sonic screwdriver.

Opening the journal, Rose skipped over the pages with faces drawn on them. She couldn’t face the odd pang in the heart that she felt when she looked at them today, there was too much else weighing her down. Her fingers stopped flipping pages as she found a rough drawing a serpent headed creature with the name Apep scribbled next to it along with the words: Osirian and ‘cut off his head.’ There was a drawing of a mummy with a large chest near the bottom of the page. Biting her lip, Rose stared at the images, actually wishing that she knew more. This was the invading alien, she was sure of it.

Rose tried to remember more about the dream she’d had before writing this down. Her notes on the page were messy, little fragments of thoughts. It said Horath Academy, New York and Egypt in different places, no doubt scrawled when she was still asleep which only confused her. There was a note that said ‘incompatible with sword’, but she had no idea what she’d meant when she wrote that down. Groaning in frustration, Rose ran a hand through her messy blond hair and told herself sternly to breath.

“I know this facility isn’t much Doctor Shaw,” General Lethbridge-Stewart said as he and an older woman in a lab coat strode through the door. “But I’m grateful that you’re here. I’m afraid with the loss of most of the Science Department and only a few of the new recruits arriving here we are lacking direction.”

“Of course General,” the woman replied with a nod. “I’ll do everything that I can.”

Rose stood up nervously, gripping her journal tightly as the woman glanced her direction. Her stern expression softened as she took her in and Rose had to wonder how bad she looked.

“This is Peter Tyler’s daughter,” the General said before frowning, clearly not recalling her name.

“Rose ma’am.”

“I’m Doctor Elizabeth Shaw,” the tall older woman greeted her. She had greying hair, sad eyes, but a determined frown on her face. “I’m sorry you are stuck here young lady.”

“It’s better than being out there,” Rose admitted in a soft voice. “But thank you.”

“Indeed, I was stationed on the UNIT moonbase,” Doctor Shaw informed her with a shake of her head. “I was only back on Earth for a short time.”

“There’s a moon base?”

“There was, the ship neutralized it six hours ago,” Doctor Shaw replied, her eyes flashing before she turned to the General. “Brig- General are they any ships available for us to use, any alien technology at this point could be helpful in launching some sort of counter strike.”

“Nothing I’m afraid. We took over some wreckage a few months ago, but it was a merchant ship.”

“Any aliens who might be able to help us?”

“They were transported to a facility in Africa,” the General admitted with a strange expression. “I’m afraid that we don’t have the ability to move those distances anymore without running a high risk of being injured.”

“And no chance of the Doctor, none at all.”

“You were informed of his passing,” the General said and Rose felt her heart clench painfully again. She knew she wasn’t a part of this conversation, but she kept listening.

“He has a time machine, surely there is a chance that a younger form of him could appear.”

“There is a chance Doctor Shaw, but I’ve known him a long time. He may not have the best sense of time, but even he wouldn’t be this late.” The General shook his head, “No I’m afraid that we are truly on our own.”

Doctor Shaw nodded slowly, her eyes glistening. “I’m sorry about Kate,” Doctor Shaw said gently. “She was a wonderful young woman.”

“She was going to join with Science Department soon,” the General replied thickly. “I was very proud of her.”

Rose nearly started crying, she wasn’t sure why, but she could feel hot tears prickling at her eyes. Sitting down in her chair, Rose tried to appear small and avoid attention from Doctor Shaw and the General. They glanced towards her, both with worried expressions on their faces, but they said nothing. The General and Doctor Shaw walked further into the room and called everyone to attention. Rose closed her eyes tightly and tried to ignore the sudden rush of strange memories about a woman named Kate, a man named Malcolm, a woman named Tosh, her mother and most of all a brown eyed, sometimes blue or green-eyed man.


Rose woke up slowly as she heard an alarm echoing in the distance. Her eyes were heavy and she was very groggy. N ache in her shoulders made itself known to protest her falling asleep in a chair rather than the comfortable bed at home or at least a small bunkbeds down the corridor. A moment later the alarms began to blare in the room with her, jolting her awake just before her father rushed over to her.

“Rose!” He called, grabbing her hand and pulling her up from the chair. “We have to go!”

Across the room, Rose saw Doctor Shaw grabbing something from a table as UNIT soldiers rushed into the room and began escorting people out.

“What’s going on? Where are we going?”

“Into the lower levels of the base,” Doctor Shaw said quickly as she walked over to them and nodded towards the door. “I’m afraid the alien forces have located us much more quickly than expected.”

Rose allowed herself to be pulled out of the room and began walking with the crowd towards a large set of double metal doors at the end of he hallway. Doctor Shaw stayed near Rose and her father as they walked, a frown on her face.

“How could they have found us so quickly?” her father asked, his face pale. “It’s only bee a few hours since…. And this place is supposed to be shielded.”

“They may have access UNIT information during the first wave of the invasion,” Doctor Shaw said with a slightly shrug. “Or someone told them.”

‘Colonel Adams,’ a voice whispered in Rose’s head. ‘Traitor, freed Apep from the Black Archives.’

“What are the Black Achieves?” Rose asked out loud before she could think better of it.

Her question got her a confused look from her father and a startled and then suspicious look from Doctor Shaw and she instantly wished that she could take back the question. None the less, they walked through the double doors which sealed with a hiss behind them. Doctor Shaw reached over and gripped Rose’s arm.

“Come with me,” she ordered sharply, pulling Rose towards a door just to the right of them. Rose heard her father begin to protest, but she was tugged into the room before she could say anything.

“general!” Doctor Shaw called as they entered the control room. “This girl-”

“Not now!” The General barked, looking up at monitors of the corridors beyond.

The cameras near the front door showed a blasted in, twisted pieces of metal that used to be the base’s first line of defense. Stone soldiers were marching into the base, stepping over the corspes of the human soldiers they’d already killed. Even over the cameras, Rose could see the tell tale glow of their staffs each time one of them blasted a human trying to fight back. A moment later that camera went dead.

“Blast!” the General snapped, reaching for the intercom. “All units converge on the main cooridor. We have to try and push them back.”

“Isn’t there a way out?” her father asked, his face determined, but pale.

“No Mister Tyler, not anymore,” the General replied before glancing their way. “Shaw what the devil are these civilians doing here?”

“This girl know about the Black archives,” Shaw said quickly, pushing Rose forward.

The General studied Rose for a moment, but then turned his attention back to another monitor as the soldiers came into view. Rose could see in another monitor further down the hall that UNIT soldiers were taking up defensive positions behind barricades, their weapons perched and ready to fire.

“I don’t see how that matters right now,” the General said, sounding very old and weary. “If we drive them off then we can have this conversation.”

“But sir, she might know something,” Doctor Shaw gave Rose a calculating look. “Or she might be working with the aliens.”

“I would never help Apep!” Rose snapped, a flash of red hot anger shooting through her that she didn’t completely understand. The General, her father and Doctor Shaw all gave her stunned looks.

“Apep?” the General questioned, his attention now focused on Rose. “Is that it’s name? How do you know that?”

“I… I,” Rose stuttered.

An explosion rocked the room and Rose stumbled to the ground as the General shouted orders through the intercom system. The corridor shuddered as the soldiers marched further in and echoed with the steady rhythm of their footfalls. Rose shivered and tried to curl up into a tighter ball as the UNIT personnel in the room took up their weapons and readied them. Her eyes traced the outline of the weapon and Rose’s chest tightened as she mentally listed off the parts. There was a strange echo in her finger tips, a memory of what one of those felt like that Rose didn’t understand. She’d never held a gun in her life.

They were getting closer and closer, Rose could see the soldiers getting closer to the barricade down the hall. Those men and women were about to die. Her fingers tightened around the sonic screwdriver and she remembered how the one soldier that attacked her car had gone down. Pulling it out, Rose stared at the sonic screwdriver for a moment. Something was tingling painfully at the back of her mind and Rose had to breath out slowly. If she used this, something was going to change. She knew that somehow, she didn’t know how or what would change, but something was going to change. Her instincts were screaming against it, but a small little voice at the back of her mind was urging her own.  Rose sighed and began to stand up, trying to figure out what the bloody hell she was actually going to do. The little voice at the back of her head sounded much more confident than she was and as crazy as it seemed, that made her feel braver.

The General snapped another order in the intercom system and Rose’s eyes widened as she looked at it. There were a variety of controls, but one of them was a larger than normal and looked like something slotted down into it. Transducer, her mind whispered and Rose leapt forward, pushing past the General. In one smooth motion, she pressed the top of the sonic screwdriver down into the transducer and flicked the controls.

A terrible deep ringing sound filled the base and Rose’s knees threatened to buckle. She saw the others cover their eyes around her, but didn’t dare more as she looked up at the monitor. The stone soldiers were shaking violently, the weapons dropping to the ground. Then one of their faces began to crumble as it fell to the ground. One after another they dropped and Rose stayed completely still, her ears ringing painfully until the last one had fallen. Sucking in a deep breath, Rose pulled out the sonic screwdriver and ended the terrible noise.

Everything was silent around her, even though through the cameras she could hear the soldiers moving and the firing of their weapons into the more intact stone soldiers. A hand came up and rested on her shoulder and Rose was suddenly swept up with the instinct to grab the hand and do some kind of shoulder throw. Her father’s voice cut through the haze of instinct.

“Rose, how did you do that?”

“Indeed Mister Tyler,” the stern voice of the General suddenly said behind her. “How did you know to do that and how did you get ahold of a sonic screwdriver?”

Rose turned around to face three faces ranging from worry, anger and curiosity. But she had no idea how to even begin as she clutched the sonic screwdriver like a lifeline. Then with a sinking feeling, she realized that it was.

Chapter Thirty-Three

The Tyler Factor Chapter 31
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty-One: The Greatest Deal: Mount Snowden

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

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Rose managed to come out of the haze of fear, grief and helplessness that had clouded her mind  just as the plane began to descend. As they left the clouds, Rose could see sprawling farming fields of gold and green, tiny sheep in the pastures and a few cars on the road, no doubt looking for a safe place to run.  She wondered what they’d find and silently wished them the best. Maybe they’d find shelter in less populated areas or escape on a boat to one of the tiny northern islands and be safe there. Rose shook her head and tried to put the what ifs and dark thoughts out of her mind.  Instead she focused on looking ahead of the plan as best she manage. Up head the rolling hills turned to mountains and Rose felt a twinge of worry for just where they were supposed to be landing.

Rose tightened her seatbelt and held tightly to the armrests as the plane descended further. The small plane shook in the winds around the mountains and Rose felt her stomach begin to turn over as her heart pounded. She’d never been this nervous in a plane before, but as it shook again Rose closed her eyes. Her father reached over and put his hand over hers, squeezing it gently. For a moment the tight knot in Rose’s chest eased a little at the reminder that she wasn’t alone and she forced herself to take a deep breath and open her eyes. Around them the mountains came into view as they flew into a narrow valley and Rose hoped that the pilot was very good at their job. She didn’t even have a chance to see the ground rise up to meet them before the plane was bumping on a runway.

“That wasn’t so bad was it,” her father teased gently as the plan slowed down and rolled along the runway. Then he turned serious. “Now Rose, I don’t know what is going to happen once we get in there. I’ll try to keep you close to me, but if I can’t or if I get really busy please remember that I’m trying to help stop this and that I love you more than anything.”

Her father’s need to say that made Rose nervous, but she forced a small smile and nodded to him. “I love you too Daddy and I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

The plane stopped and a few moment later the doorway and opened and the stairs folded down. Rose slowly stood up, her legs a little shaky and as everyone filed out, she realized that no one had luggage with them. It hit her how much of a fleeing flight this had been and she almost started to laugh as she stepped outside.  What little had been loaded on the plane like her father’s supplies was already being off loaded into a jeep by men who kept looking nervously up into the air. Rose wondered how long it would take the aliens to find them, a thought that made her chest tighten painfully.

Up ahead of her was a huge mountain with a snow capped peak. There was a large doorway into it the mountain and small jut outs were satellite dishes and other technology could be seen. Rows of jeeps and heavy vehicles were vanishing through the doorway and Rose exhaled softly as they were loaded into a jeep. As they drove into the mountain, Rose looked over her shoulder at the blue sky, wondering when she’d see it again. Soon enough the sky was gone and the thick rock in which the base was carved took its place with artificial lights glaring overhead instead of the sun.

The jeep drove down a curving road deeper into the mountain and just as Rose was beginning to get carsick from all the turns, it finally stopped in front of a huge heavy metal door. There were guards on either side of the door and small guard posts just off to the side with heavy looking guns in plain view with another pair of soldiers manning each one. Rose felt a flicker of nervousness. What if they weren’t okay with her being here?

She looked back at some of the other civilians who had been brought in on the plane. There were a few children younger than her and Rose calmed herself down. They wouldn’t throw out children, not now. That would cause the people they brought in distress and they needed them. She breathed out slowly as she climbed out of the jeep and the doors slid open.  A long grey corridor was in front of them and Rose felt a little disappointed. A female colonel stepped out and nodded to all of them.

“Welcome I am Colonel Tia Karim. I am the commander of this base, though under the circumstances more senior officers are now in charge of the operation,” the attractive dark haired woman greeted with nod. Rose felt a strange hot flash of anger when she looked at the woman, followed by a sense of surprise. It was difficult to ignore and she missed the colonel speaking with them.

“Follow me,” the Colonel ordered them as she turned on her heel and began to lead them into the main base.

The UNIT base was a long maze of grey corridors, bright doors, flashing lights and fast walking people that gave Rose a headache.  People were moving about them in uniforms, lab coats and jumpsuits, almost none of them looking at them too long. Rose wondered how long they’d been here and if their own families were safe.

With every step they took in the base, there was a sharp pain at the side of her head that almost felt like she needed to reach into her own brain and scratch at it.  Something about the place just seemed too familiar, but she couldn’t place it. The colonel made her feel angry and there was a nagging little voice at the back of her head that said: traitor over and over again. As one young UNIT man walked by Rose felt the odd certainty that she’d seen him before and his name was Ross. Then she glanced at his nametag and her stomach turned when it was confirmed.

Forcing herself to take low deep breathes, Rose focused on following her father down the long corridors. She tried to ignore the little things that kept popping into her head. As they passed  cafeteria, Rose couldn’t help but remember making a phone call on the phone just outside the doors. The names Shireen, Sharon and Spock echoed in her head for some reason. When she glanced into the cafeteria, Rose had a strange vision of odd smoke filling the place, making it hard to breath. She shook her head, pushing the odd flashes and visions away. They were of no help.

Except, that wasn’t completely true was it. Somehow she’s used the sonic screwdriver to save herself while escaping London. A part of her, some distant and buried part of her knew how to use the sonic screwdriver. And that part of her knew this place, had known that man that the UNIT soldiers took away from the banks of the Thames. She couldn’t even being to explain it, but she couldn’t deny it anymore.

They stepped into a large conference room that looked out over on a large control room filled with monitors. Many of them were black and a few were filled with static. Rose peeked down to see rows of computers set up and men and women in the UNIT uniforms working at them, no one looked up into the room at them. The far door opened a several men in the UNIT uniforms stepped into the room, one of them much older than the others.        

“Mister Tyler,” the older man greeted her father. He was fairly tall despite his age with heavy worry wrinkles, grey and white hair and a thick moustache.  “I’m glad that you made it out of London. We’ve lost over half of our British agents and other countries are reporting even worse losses. I am-”

‘Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart,’ Rose’s mind provided suddenly making her shiver.

“General Lethbridge-Stewart, under the circumstances I am in command on UNIT UK. We have contact with most of the other branches.”

“I’m glad to hear that at least,” her father replied, oblivious to Rose’s internal breakdown. She had to fight back the urge to hyperventilate. Her hands were shaking and Rose shoved them into her pockets to try and hide her discomfort. What was happening to her? Was she crazy? Was she suddenly physic or in some kind of crazy half remember time loop?

“Your daughter will be quite safe,” the General said, drawing Rose’s attention back to the conversation. “This base is hidden deep in the mountain and we’ve begun to withdraw exterior units to limit aerial visibility of our location. Higgins.”

Another soldier with the red UNIT hat stepped forward at the General’s call. “Yes sir?”

“Take Miss Tyler down to the civilian quarters.”

“I’d prefer to keep her with me,” her father said quickly, reaching over and putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Mister Tyler, this is a military base-”

“I understand that General,” her father cut in with a nod. “But how much does any of that really matter. The population centers are under attack which means that secrets really don’t mean much anymore. I’ll work better and think better if I can see my daughter and know that she’s safe.”

The General was eyeing her father, his expression guarded, but there was a shadow of sadness in them. The name Kate echoed in Rose’s mind and she suddenly felt like she was going to be sick.  Rose couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened to her to put that look on the General’s face. Then the General nodded, his expression becoming blank and professional and Higgins stepped back.

“Very well Mister Tyler,” the General turned his attention to Rose. She felt her back straighten a tiny bit and there was a strange warm sensation in her chest. Fondness… for this man that she couldn’t explain. “Do stay out of trouble Miss Tyler, we cannot afford any accidents or mistakes right now. We have to find a way to stop these things.”

“Understood,” Rose choked out. “I promise I’ll do nothing with instructions or permission.” The words were difficult to get out, her lips tripped over them as if she’d been about to say something else.

The General nodded satisfied and then turned back the series of monitors. Her father took that as them being dismissed and pulled gently on her hand, leading out of the room where their escort was waiting.

“You okay?” her father asked in a low voice as they walked down the corridor.

It was a stupid question. She’d just lost her mother and was keening aware that the world was being destroyed.  Her father was just as lost as she was, but at least he had some knowledge that could potentially help. Rose just felt useful, confused and frustrated. The pain in her head was getting worse and worse and the sense that she was supposed to be doing something was fading way anymore.

“I’m fine,” Rose muttered softly. “As much as can expected at least.”

She followed her father and their escort down two levels, her eyes catching sight of the large ventilation system. A smile tugged at her lips before she could think about it. Those ducts weren’t so bad for climbing around in and Rose almost tripped at the strange thought. She kept moving, her mind turning over the odd detail that it had just provided her with. As they walked into large work area, already filled with people, table covered with odd bits and pieces, Rose sank into a nearby chair and took a deep breath.

Yes, there was a part of her that knew this place, these people and it was definitely getting stronger.  Rose swallowed, her fingers slipping into her pocket and touching the sonic screwdriver. Even if it had save her life, she couldn’t help but feel afraid of it. Where had it come from? How was it happening? How could it help her? And worst of all, if she gave into it, what would be left of her?

Chapter 32

The Tyler Factor Chapter 30
Rose and Eleven
The Tyler Factor
By Lumendea
Chapter Thirty: Life Not Lived: Doomsday

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

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The world began to truly end on a Tuesday. Rose had just finished classes for the day and after some pleading from her friends, headed out with them to a nearby café to relax and talk. She was mostly silent, uncertain about speaking about her own distraction lately. In her shoulder bag, Rose could feel the journal she’d been keeping pressing against the side of her leg. The sonic screwdriver had taunted her for days until she’d finally surrendered and slipped it into a small pen hole in her purse. Most of the time it was easy to ignore.

“Are you okay Rose?” Elizabeth asked with small pout and a raised eyebrow. “You’re acting very odd lately.”

“I haven’t been sleeping well,” Rose lied easily, it wasn’t completely false. She gave them a forced smile. “Don’t worry, I’m seeing a doctor about it.”

“Oh well that’s good,” her other friend remarked. “You’re not as much fun lately.”

“Sorry Chelsey,” Rose apologized. She was about to say more when sudden noise from the other side of the café near the news television caught her attention.

“Oh God not again!” Someone shouted, pointed wildly at the screen. “The aliens are back!”

“Bloody hell!” another voice called, “Look at those things.”

Before her friends could say anything, Rose grabbed her bag from the floor and her coffee, stalking over to the television. She squeezed her way through the gathering crowd until she could clearly see the television screen. Her heart began to race as the screen showed footage from a high up camera of rows and rows of troops marching into Time Square New York. It was hard to see what was going on, but at the edge of the frame was what looking like he same shining ship from the Met incident.

Then the footage changed, showing a nervous looking reporter a few yards ahead of the soldiers. Rose couldn’t’ make out what he was saying and a moment later, the camera shifted off of him and zoomed in on the advancing forces. The soldiers were stone; at least they looked like it as they walked in long rows. They glinted in the sunlight, a pale golden sort of color that would have been beautiful in any other circumstance. Their faces were unmoving with Egyptian looking headdresses carved into the top of them. Each one carried an odd looking staff that glowed on one end.  The camera shook as the cameraman backed away from the advancing forces. Mixed in with the soldiers were several of the large slow moving wrapped creatures from the museum footage.

Words from the reporter were drowned out as people rushed to get away from the soldiers. Another blast of light from above the camera was followed in seconds by another line of the stone soldiers appearing only a short distance from the news camera.  The images shook badly, turning towards the ground and then showing the backs of people as they ran away.  There were screams and then were with strange high pitched whining noises. An explosion near the cameraman sent him flying as flames appeared at the edge of the frame. The camera hit the ground on its side, but somehow kept filming and transmitting. Hundreds of feet were visible as people kept running, but debris began to rain down on the street.

The television went to static and a moment later a familiar looking British newscaster appeared on screen.

“I’m afraid ladies and gentleman that we are facing an invasion. While there was originally only one ship in New York City, reports are coming in from many major cities across the globe of similar ships and armies being deployed.”

The café was completely silent, everyone holding their breath.

“As of yet, no ships have been seen above the United Kingdom,” the newcaster said with shaking hand. “But people are urged to prepare themselves-”

Rose didn’t wait to hear the rest. A small voice in her head was whispering the word ‘run’ over and over again. Barely holding back  shiver, Rose waved farewell to her  confused friends nd rushed out the door. Her small car was parked just down the block and Rose jumped into it, starting it up with shaking hands. Even as a voice in her head told her that she’d never make it out of London, the city was too big and she was right by Soho! But the other voice just kept whispering: run and so she started to run.


Traffic was normal for the first fifteen minutes or so before the news spread and people began to panic. She’d made her way to M1 and was keeping her foot on the floor as she raced towards home. Rose didn’t dare take her eyes off the road as more and more cars began to crowd onto the roads. The urge to look back was growing and Rose finally risked a glance into her rearview mirror.

During the initial report there hadn’t been a ship in London, but now that had changed. A large ship shaped like a pyramid was hovering over the center of the city behind Rose. Fear clawed at her heart and Rose had to force herself to focus on the road, shaking off the sense that the ship looking familiar.

Then she saw a car fly off the road ahead of her. Slamming on the brakes, Rose barely avoided hitting the car in front of her. The driver stumbled out of the car and took off running past her car, screaming something she couldn’t make out. There was another explosion up ahead and Rose flinched at the noise. Her hand went to her seatbelt as another car went slamming into the barricade to the right. Fumbling with the seatbelt, Rose finally got it off and kept her eyes on the car in front of her.  But a moment later it was hit with a bright red blast and knocked to the side of the road. Rose gasped, suddenly staring down a long empty corridor in the road as one of the stone soldiers she’d seen on television, used some kind of staff weapon to blast cars out of his way. She couldn’t move as it turned and looked right at her and started walking towards her.

It had dull painted looking eyes that suddenly glowed red before it raised its staff. The end of it glowed, as it glared at Rose through her windshield. Flailing, Rose knocked her bag open as she tried to duck out of view and hopefully out of range. The sonic screwdriver slipped out of its small holder and rolled out onto the seat next to her.

The high pitched whine of the weapon made Rose flinch, she struggled to breathe. Then her hand moved, grabbing the sonic screwdriver before she could think of what she was doing. In one smooth, unfamiliar and yet… practiced action, Rose sat up and raised the sonic screwdriver. Her fingers moved on it, like she was adjusted the tightness of her violin and just as the staff turned a violent red, the end of the sonic screwdriver came to live as a vibrant blue.

There was a moment of utter stillness, Rose couldn’t hear anything and couldn’t breathe. The staff sparked in the soldier’s hand, the red glow fading instantly. As the soldier looked down at it, Rose’s fingers pressed the sonic screwdriver again. It whirled loudly and the blue diode flashed. The soldier jerked and stumbled, dropping the staff. Spinning on its heels, it moved away from her car and then clattered to the ground at the side of the road.

Rose sat completely still for only a moment before the shapr whisper to run returned. Stepping on the gas, Rose carefully steered the car around the remains of the others cars, trying not to look at what remained of the drivers. She could feel tears running down her cheeks as her vision blurred, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop. In the rear view mirror, smoke was rising out of London and she thought that she could hear screaming. Up ahead there was a small passage between the scattered cars and Rose forced herself to focus on it and drive.


What felt like days later, Rose sighed in relief as her house came into view. There’d been no sign of the soldiers for the last few miles. Everything was focused on the city and she’d gotten out just in time. Her stomach turned and she wondered about the friends she’d left behind. She hadn’t been thinking about an invasion of London at the time, she’d just needed to get away. If she’d…. Rose shook her head.

“Don’t go there Rose,” she told herself firmly. “You didn’t know. You can’t save everyone.”

She shivered at the words and fought down a wave of nausea. Those words were too familiar, too cold and she had the terrible feeling she’d said them before. She pulled up to the house, her entire body shaking as the car came to a stop.  Her father’s SUV was parked just ahead of her and the back was open, revealing several metal boxes.  The front door of the house opened and her father rushed out, a phone to his ear. He froze when he saw her, a look of overwhelming relief on his face.

“Daddy,” Rose called weakly. “Daddy…. the aliens…”

“I know,” her told her calmly, moving towards her and pulling her into a tight hug. Rose muffled her soft cries in her father’s chest. “I know sweetheart.” Then he changed the angle he was holding the phone. “I’ve got my daughter, we’re leaving for the landing strip now. I’ll be there soon.”

Her dad hung up the phone and tugged her towards the SUV. “Get in and buckle up Rose.”

“Where are we going?” Rose asked even as she obeyed the order, climbing into the passenger side.

“Somewhere that is hopefully safe.”

“Where’s Mum?” Rose asked, looking back towards the house as her father started the SUV.

“I don’t know,” her father admitted after a long pause. He sighed and shook his head. “She went into London earlier today… I haven’t heard from her.”

“We have to find-”

“Rose!” her father snapped. “I don’t know how the hell you got out of there. I’m grateful that you did, but I am not taking you back into London.” The doors of the SUV locked with a loud click and they pulled away from the house.

“I’m calling her, maybe she’s nearby,” Rose said urgently, scrambling for her phone. Her fingers brushed the sonic screwdriver and she couldn’t help but shiver.

The phone rang and rang, Rose’s heart sinking with each moment. Her father was driving them away from London and Rose resisted the urge to yell at him for giving up so quickly. Then finally, her mother picked up.

“Mum!” Rose called in relief, fresh tears flowing down her cheeks. “Are you okay? I made it home, I’m with Daddy. Where are you?”

“Rose I’m in town. The aliens…. Oh god they’re destroying everything. Don’t you dare come back into London.” There was a loud crash over the phone.

“Mum?” Rose called into the phone. “MUM!” She shouted as her fear and desperation rose harshly.

“Rose, sweetheart, I love you,” her mother’s voice said softly into the phone, barely a whisper. “Go with your Daddy. He’ll keep you safe.”

Rose looked desperately over at her father as he jerked the steering wheel and turned them onto a paved side road. He didn’t look at her.

“But Mummy-”

“You can’t come into London, it’s a disaster here,” her mother whispered, her voice sounding choked. “And you’d never find me.”


The phone was gently tugged from her grasp and her father brought it up to his ear.

“Where are you Jacks?” he asked and Rose swallowed, hoping that maybe they’d turn around. But then her father’s shoulders sagged and he took a shaky breath. “Yeah, you’re right. We can’t get there…. I’m sorry.”

“Daddy?” Rose asked, half whining in desperation. “We can’t leave her-”

“She’s pined down in a mall Rose,” her father said sternly, his eyes shining both with tears and determination. “There are soldiers just out in the halls, we won’t get in and it’s only a matter of time before they find her.” He paused and took a deep breath. “Jackie, just in case you do escape. I’m taking Rose with me up to Mount Snowden, I know it’s a long way, but-” He went silent, swallowed and nodded. “Yeah, I’m sorry too Jacks. I love you and I don’t regret a thing.”

He nodded again, blinking back a wave of tears and then pulled the phone away from his ear, handing it off to Rose. Without a word, Rose took the phone again and held it up to her ear with shaking hands.


“They’re sweeping the mall sweetheart,” her mother whispered. “It won’t be long… oh god they’re coming. Rose I’m very proud of you and I love you. Stay with your Daddy and don’t do anything foolish. I want you to get through this.”

“Mummy! Please Mum… I love you,” Rose choked out, her fingers clutching the phone tightly.

There was a sudden high pitched sound on the other end of the phone followed by a small explosive sound.

“I’m going to go now Rose, don’t call back. I don’t want you to hear this,” her mother told her in a clearer voice, sounding far too resigned. “I love you baby, you and your Daddy.”

The call ended and Rose sat frozen in her seat, still gripping the phone. Every instinct screamed at her to call her mother back or make her father turn the SUV around, but she didn’t move. A moment later the phone was pulled out of her hands by her father who carefully tucked it back into his suit jacket. With one hand on the wheel, he reached over and took her hand, squeezing it gently.

Exhaling slowly, Rose was only aware of the sheer numbness that she was feeling. Out the window she could see only the outskirts of London and when she turned her head, she saw an ominous black clouds rising in the distance. She wondered just how much of the city was on fire and if anything could be salvaged.  The sharp sound of a jet overhead caught her attention and Rose twisted so she could see a small group of jets flying towards London.  Would they be of any help?   The black columns of smoke rippled in the air and Rose took a shaky breath as the reality of it all began to sink in.

“Mum’s dead,” she whispered to herself, but she heard her father make a soft sad sound. “Those aliens killed her.”

“Rose…” her father began to say. “I’m sorry sweetheart.”

She nodded, unable to speak and lowered her head into her hands, staring to cry. Rose didn’t move and didn’t talk as the SUV sped down unfamiliar roads. Tension was radiating off her father and Rose wished that he’d explain what they were doing. They were going north, maybe heading for Scotland or Wales, less populated area. Who’d he been talking to?

“Rose,” her father called some time later. “We’re almost to the airstrip.”

She looked up and saw what looked like a small airport. A shining silvery plane was sitting on a runway and people were boarding it in a hurry. Her father jerked the wheel and the SUV made a sharp turn into the small entrance in the chain link fence.  He parked the car and left the keys in the ignition.

“Come on,” he told her. “We need to unload quickly.”

“What is that stuff?” Rose asked softly as she unbuckled her seatbelt and put her phone and the sonic screwdriver into her pockets.

“Gear that I grabbed from my lab, we need everything we can get.”

As they climbed up, three men in uniforms marked with UNIT patches and wearing red hats rushed up to them. Her father opened the door of the SUV and she grabbed the smallest box. The men grabbed the others after a quick word with her father. Rose turned and looked at the plane as a woman with a young boy climbed up the small flight of steps and onto the plane. The boy was crying and screaming and Rose wondered briefly if that helped.

“Come along miss,” one of the soldiers said quickly. “We have to take off soon, you’re the last arrivals.”

Unsure of what to say, Rose nodded and followed the soldier to the plane. She set the box down on a small conveyer belt that led up to the cargo hold of the plane and walked over to the steps. Her father met her there and placed a hand on her back, pushing her forward. With a deep breath and resisting e urge to look back, Rose climbed the stairs and stepped into the small plane.

Her father found them a pair of seats and gently pushed Rose down into the window seat. He sat down a moment later and put on his seatbelt as the soldiers boarded the plane. One of them knocked on the door to the cockpit and then reached for a speaker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle up. We will be leaving immediately for Mount Snowden. I know that a lot has happened in a very short span of time, but please try to remain calm.”

Rose stared down at her hands, they were shaking softly no matter how still she tried to hold them. Behind her, she could hear the others crying and sobbing. No one was talking, no one was trying to say anything or explain anything. She swallowed thickly, unable to fully process what had just happened. The plan began to move and Rose leaned back in her chair, gazing blankly at the ceiling as they took off.

Turning, Rose looked over at her father. His face was buried in one of his hands and he wasn’t moving, wasn’t crying and wasn’t even looking at the PDA in his other hand. There was so much she wanted to say to him, wanted to ask him, but her mouth was dry now.

“What’s Mount Snowden?” she finally managed to ask.

“Yes, there is a UNIT base there. I’ve been in contact with them for the last few months. They know the plane and we have permission to land at their airstrip.”

“What?” Rose heard herself ask, the name UNIT making her heart jump painfully. “Who are they?”

“They’re alien experts,” her father replied sadly. “Just after that thing with the shop window dummies, myself and a few other inventors were contacted by UNIT due to the rise of alien activity across the globe. We’ve been trying to create new weapons to stop them.”

“But… but you’re a business man,” Rose whispered in confusion.

Her father chuckled and waved off the pilot who quietly returned to the cockpit. “I started out as a lucky inventor Rose, but that was years ago. My company hasn’t stayed at the top out of luck alone. I may not have any fancy degrees, but over the years your old man has learned his way about advanced gadgets and knows a thing or two about turning one thing into another.”

“And that’s why they contacted you.”

“I got the impression at the time that they had just lost someone important and were scrambling for new talent,” her father answered with a shrug. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you or your mother, but it was top secret and I wasn’t sure that your mother could handle the idea.” His expression turned sad as soon as he said the words and he swallowed thickly.

“So what happens now?” Rose asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“When we get there, you’ll be protected and I’ll see what, if anything I can do to help,” her father said with sigh. He gave her a small forced smile, “In the meantime sweetheart, try to get some rest.”

Rose nodded, unsure of what else to do. She leaned her head back against the soft fabric of the seat and looked out the window. All around the plane were soft clouds and she could catch only glimpses of the ground below. It looked normal with green fields and cities dotted all over, but Rose shivered, knowing that down below the world as she had known it was already gone.

Chapter Thirty-One

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